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Innovations & Good Work Done




Launching of girder for FOB at Jasidih station: During LOCKDOWN period all 04 Nos Girder (30.5m x 6.10m) for Ramp has been launched successfully at Jasidih station over UP & DN main line  on 01.05.2020 with help of only one 140 T Railway crane.  During working, all Covid precautions were  maintained such as proper social distancing, wearing mask & gloves, use of sanitizer for all labour and officials.


Conversion of bridge girder into twin box RCC bridge in JSME-BDME section:  On 26.05.2020, during COVID-19 LOCKDOWN-4Br.No.13 between Jasidih – Baidyanathdham at  Km.05/15-16 has been converted from 20’ steel girder to twin RCC Box by using 140 BD crane.


Dismantling of dilapidated J. K. Ropeway : 60 yrs old dilapidated J.K. Ropeway protection bridge 02 Nos between Andal – Sonachara block section in UDL-TOP-STN section which was used by ECL for carrying sand has been dismantled with the help of 140 Ton BD crane on 16.05.2020.    Each structure has length of about 21M length and 8M width with a weight of 10 MT.   This work was pending for more than 05 yrs and dismantled successfully during lockdown period.


Dismantling of dilapidated J. K. Ropeway: On 7.6.2020, more than 60 years old & dilapidated two J K ROPEWAY Protection Bridges (used by ECL) at Baktarnagar between Andal-Raniganj on Rajdhani route have been dismantled with the help of Rail Crane by Engg/S&T/Mech(P) Deptts of Asansol Divn. Each Structure of 52 X 10 mtr has weight of 35 MT.


Rebuilding of Bridge no 436 for 25T Axle load on Raj Routes between Andal – Durgapur on quadruple section: It was taken as a challenge to complete the bridge in Covid-19 unlock-1 period  taking all safety and COVID-19 related precautions and successfully completed without hampering traffic movement.

Following are long term benefits that will be achieved in due course:  

(1) Removal of existing temporary speed restriction of 75 kmph (due to inadequate transition length of curve) after realignment of curve.

(2) Annual saving of Rs. 15 lacs for maintaining of channel sleeper fittings.

(3) Saving of Rs. 50 lacs which is required for painting and repairing of steel girders every three years.

(4) now track stretch is fit for 25T loading standard. 


ECO park besides DRM Building : As a step towards environment protection and reduce the effect of global warming, a mega tree plantation programme was organised on 05.06.2020 (World Environment Day)  at Eco Park of DRM’s Office.  Beside this Eco-Park, Eco-Centre was inaugurated by the lady staff of DRM office and a Eco-Zone was inaugurated by the staff of control office, DRM building. Eco-Park is spread over 2310 sq.mts area with Paver Block Pathway, Decorative LED Lighting system, Surrounding Music System, Sitting arrangement under shady tree made with released scrap materials by Mech/C&W, Mech/Dsl and Elect/TRS Deptts.  Approx. 1000 fruits bearing trees like Mango, Jamun, Jackfruits, Lemon, Guava, Chikku (Sabada),Pomegranate etc, 200 nos. of Medicinal Plants were planted at these Eco-points. In this Eco-park, Staff can enjoy  fresh breath and have a round of walk through the pathway of the Park to keep themselves fit during their off time.


Launching of girder of FOB at Narganjo:On 30/06/2020, during Covid-19 period (Lockdown-5), Engg. and  bridge  team  achieved a target of launching of 03 nos 21.5 m girder of FOB at Narganjoo in STN-JAJ section by using Road crane during traffic cum power block period of 15.00 – 17.00.


Launching of girder of FOB at Madankatta:On 16/6/2020, during covid-19 period, Engg. and  bridge  team  achieved a target of launching of 03 nos 21.5 m girder of FOB at Madankatta in STN-JAJ section by using Road crane during traffic cum power block period of 13:30- 16:30.


Launching of girder of FOB at Telwa : On 19/6/2020, during covid-19 period, Engg. and bridge  team  achieved a target of launching of 03 nos 21.5 m girder of FOB at Telwa in STN-JAJ section by using Road crane during traffic cum power block period of 14.35 - 16:00.


Rehabilitation of  FOB at Waria station: The FOB at Waria station has been executed on 14.06.2020 & 28.06.2020 in Mega Block by Team Asansol. The rehabilitation work was pending since 2011.  FOB is having a width of 2.44 mtr spanning over UP & DN Rajdhani Line of total length 16.10 mtr and also over DNII & DN loop line having total length of 13.0 m


Inauguration of two Rest Rooms for Ladies Staff at Asansol Station: Inauguration of two Rest Rooms for Ladies Staff at Asansol Station was done on 15.08.2020. It is fully equipped with modern toilet fittings and facilities related to women like sanitary napkin vending machine, benches etc.


Inauguration of Renovated VIP Room : Inauguration of Renovated VIP Room attached with SM's Chamber at Asansol Station was done on 15.08.2020.


Inauguration of Renovated Vivekananda Park: Inauguration of Renovated Vivekananda Park in Durand Colony and Nilkantha Park in Traffic Colony have been done on 15.8.2020. The various items have been provided for kids, fountain, scrap to art, all round pathway for walking etc.


Speed Raising in Pandaveshwar – Sainthia section: Raising of maximum permissible speed from 90 Kmph to 100 Kmph have been implemented between Pandaveshwar - Sainthia (Km.20.34-70.56 from Andal) both UP & DN line during Oct. 


Thorough renovation of Washable Apron at ASN Station at Platform No.4:The work of thorough repair of washable apron was sanctioned in 2017–18 at a cost of 2.44 Cr of PF-4 at Asansol station. Using the COVID -19 Lockdown period due to lesser frequency of passenger trains, traffic block was sanctioned over a period of 30 days from 05.09.20 to 04.10.20 in between km 211/31 – 212/23.  The speed of trains passing over this newly constructed washable apron will be 30 kmph against 10 kmph permitted on the traditional apron.

Apart from speed advantage, its durability, longevity, ease of maintenance and improvement in track geometry will also be beneficial.  Moreover, with the use of wider base sleepers, it has ensured the safe and smooth movement over this apron to cater the increased traffic load


Rehabilitation of  FOB at Waria station: The rehabilitation work was pending since 2011.  FOB is having a width of 2.44 mtr spanning over UP & DN Rajdhani Line of total length 16.10 mtr and also over DN II & DN loop line having total length of 13.0 m. The work has been completed


Launching of girder of FOB at Rajla: On 15/07/2020, during Covid-19 period (Lockdown-5), Engg. and  bridge  team  achieved a target of launching of 03 nos 21.5 m girder of FOB at Rajla in STN-JAJ section by using Road crane during traffic cum power block period of 13:35- 15.05.


New Ladies Staff Rest Room at DRM officeNew Ladies Rest Room has been constructed and inaugurated by DRM/ASN on 14.08.2020 at DRM office compound for ladies staff. Ladies Rest Room is spread over 50 Sq Mtr area. It includes one Rest Room, one Changing Room, one Napkin vending/destroyer room, one bathroom, one urinal, two toilets having all western fittings for easy use by elderly lady staff. Health faucet, soap tray, cloth hook, towel rail, big mirror, steel shelves have been provided.


Development of Sitarampur Station: Development of Sitarampur Station Building with Façade, Circulating Area, Welcome gate, New VIP Room, Toilet complex including renovation of waiting hall have been done during Sept.


Utilization of scrap PSC sleepers at VidyasagarReleased scrap PSC sleepers have been utilized for construction of road (80m) and   development of ground of SSE/PW/VDS store (950m2) by providing 4000 Nos scrap PSC sleepers.


Inauguration of Ladies toilet at DRM Officer: 01 No new Ladies Toilet of 100 Sq. ft. with all modern fittings on 1st floor of DRM’s Office has been commissioned and inaugurated on 16.10.2020


Closer of MLC Gate No. 107/C/E: Manned LC gate no. 107//C/E at Km 159/19-21between PAN-RBH in Khana-Andal section has been permanently closed to road traffic w.e.f 15.11.2020. The road traffic is diverted through LC gate no. 106/B1/E at km. 158/15-17.


Replacement of Stone Slabs by RCC Slabs of Br No. 72: Replacement of Stone slabs by RCC Slabs of Br. No.72: During mega block in Andal-Sainthia section, stone slabs were replaced by new RCC bridge slabs of Br.No.72 at Km.38/9-11 on 27.12.2020.


Raising of Speed on Turnout:  Raising of maximum speed limit from 15 Kmph to 30 Kmph for passenger/goods trains on first passenger loop line and connecting turnout/crossover to Main line in UP & DN direction over Deoghar – Banka (Excl.) (SL) line section at Deoghar, Chandan, Katuria and Kharjhousa stations from Km.0.0 to Km.49.66 have done during Nov’20.


Closure of MLC Gate No. 97/C/E: Manned LC Gate No.97/C/E at Km.148/13-15 between Mankar – Panagarh in Khana – Andal section permanently closed w.e.f. 31.01.2021. The road traffic is diverted through LC Gate No.96/Spl/E at Km.147/19-21.


Closure of MCL Gate No. 8/C/E: Manned LC Gate No.8/C/E at Km.18/23-25 between Ukhara – Pandabeshwar  in Andal – Sainthia section has been closed during Jan’21.


Relaxation of PSR: Relaxation of Permanent Speed Restrictions from 100 Kmph to 115 Kmph on UPI between Waria - Andal (Km.182/31 – 183/25) was completed in January, 2021.


Inauguration of Waste Management System and Plastic Shredder:AGM/E. Rly. in presence of DRM/Asansol and other Officers/Staff inaugurated Waste Management System & Plastic Shredder Machine at Asansol station on 24.8.2020. These are very environment-friendly measures and will go a long way in producing positive results in connection with environment protection and cleanliness.


Renovation of RUB No. 533: RUB No.533 near Asansol Good Shed has been renovated (one span) and dedicated to Asansol citizens by Shri Babul Supriyo, Hon'ble Minister of State for Environment, Forest & Climate Change on 11.01.2021.


Renovation of Rest House at Officers Club: Renovation of Rest House at Railway Officers’ Club at Asansol: Officers’ Rest house at Railway Officers’ club at Asansol have been renovated and inaugurated by DRM/ASN on 26.01.2021.


Provision of Bus Stand: Provision of small Bus Stand near DRM office: 03 nos small Bus Stand have been provided at both side entry of DRM office for the staff of DRM office during Nov’20.


Conversion of GS coaches to COVID 19 Isolation coaches: Asansol Division has converted 25 ICF coaches (23-GS & 2-WGSCN) to Isolation coach with all prescribed facilities to cater to COVID-19 infected patients. Middle berths have been removed for making the cabins spacious in WGSCN coaches. One cabin has been converted to paramedic area, one toilet has been converted to bathroom. Transparent curtains are installed in aisle area, Good quality mosquito net is provided on windows to avoid entry of mosquito inside and have proper ventilation too.


Manufacturing of Hospital Beds and Stretchers: Mechanical C&W Deptt. has manufactured 10 beds and 02 stretchers by released berths from Isolation coaches. Middle berths removed from isolation coaches have been modified as stretchers (L 72”xW22”x H35”) by providing caster wheel on a metallic fabricated structure. This can be manoeuvred on smooth surface by a single person during transportation of patients, similar to other stretchers in hospitals. In addition, 25 IV Saline Stand and 21 Trolleys for Medical Oxygen have also been made for use in Hospital and Isolation Coaches.


Manufacturing of Medical Oxygen Trolleys: Mechanical C&W Deptt. has manufactured 19 Trolleys for Medical Oxygen (cumulative-40 Trolleys) for use in Hospital and Isolation Coaches.


Solar powered Rolling-in Hut at Sitarampur Yard: New Rolling-in hut has been made at Sitarampur Yard (HWH End). LED lights used in this Rolling-in hut are powered from batteries, charged by Solar panels. This Rolling-in Hut at Sitarampur and similar Hut at Hirapur Yard have been made under EnHM Fund.


Digitised Optical based Remote Monitoring system for Rolling Stock In & Out Examination at Up Yard: A Digitized Optical Based remote monitoring system for Freight rakes Rolling in & out has been installed at strategically important 02 locations at Up-Yard Andal, covering 100% rakes movement to and from the Yard. This system is fully automated Rolling-in system; with axle box temperature recording ensures minimal human interference and eliminates chances of human error. This system is capable of providing web based monitoring facility. This system has been inaugurated By DRM/ASN on 11.06.2020.


Website dedicated for monitoring and digitization of Training Schools:New website dedicated for monitoring and digitization of Training Schools of Mechanical C&W department at Asansol Division has been launched in June 2020. This cloud based website is made to ensure 100% training of C&W technical Staff. This web portal digitizes the whole training records and training system. This website provides complete information about Mechanical (C&W) Department/Asansol. It has been inaugurated By DRM/ASN on 11.06.2020


Mechanised Laundry: Mechanised Laundry of capacity 0.5ton per shift has been commissioned on 15.07.2020.


Digitised Optical based Remote Monitoring system for Rolling-in  Examination at WDD Yard and DSEY: A Digitized Optical Based remote monitoring system for Freight rakes Rolling in examination has been installed at strategically important location at West Down Departure Yard and Durgapur Steel Exchange Yard/Andal, covering rakes movement to the Yard. This system is fully automated Rolling-in system; with axle box temperature recording ensures minimal human interference and eliminates chances of human error. This system is capable of providing web based monitoring facility.


Upgradation as Smart Yard :New Pathway at Up Yard, Andal: Under upgradation as Smart Yard, new Pathway between Line No. 2BN and 3BN has been made in August. This pathway is 5 mtrs wide with proper illumination. This pathway is provided with Runway light posts also, which gives proper visibility to under gear components. This will enable very fast movement of Man and Material and proper examination of rakes even during night.


Innovative Trolley for handling Centre Buffer Coupler:Centre Buffer Coupler used in wagons is very heavy component, weighing more than 167Kg. Handling of one Centre Buffer Coupler usually requires at least 5 persons.  Moving it at distant location become very tiresome activity. Handling of CBC even requires use of Fork Lifter and EOT Crane in few conditions. An innovative trolley has been developed at Up Sick Line/Andal, which is quite simple but very useful. Movement of Centre Buffer Coupler from one location to another using this Trolley has become very easy and comfortable.  Only one person is now able to handle and shift Centre Buffer Coupler from one location to another location. A time calculation has been made and it is seen that a single person can shift 14 to 16 CBC at a distance of 100 metres using this Trolley in one hour


Innovative Trolley for handling SpringsFor material handling like bolster spring of ICF trolley, an innovative trolley has been prepared at UP SICK LINE/ANDAL. This is a very light weight trolley with small wheel and special hook arrangement for fastening bolster spring. The operation and material handling is so easy that even women employee can easily tackle it


ISO Certification : BOXN ROH Depot, Andal has been certified with ISO 50001:2018 & ISO 3834-2:2005; Up Sick Line, Andal certified with ISO 3834-2:2005 in September 2020, valid for 03 years


Highest ever ROH Out-turn: Asansol Division has carried out highest ever ROH of wagons in a month. ROH of total 532 wagons (420- BOXN ROH Depot, 112- Up Sick Line, Andal) has been carried out in January 2021 against average ROH out-turn of 470.3 wagons in 2020-21. This performance has been achieved in two consecutive months (ROH of 531 wagons in December 2020).


Highest ever Examination in a month: Highest number of Freight Rakes examination has been done in January 2021. Total 649 Freight rakes have been examined (CC- 31, Premium- 76, End to End- 542) in this month, which is highest ever examination carried out in a month in Asansol Division.


Highest ever Door closing in a month: Highest number of Door closing has been done in January 2021. Door closing of total 344 BOBRN rakes have been done in this month.


DV Test Bench at BOXN ROH Depot: New automatic SCADA based DV Test Bench has been procured and installed at BOXN ROH Depot in January 2021. This will replace existing Analogue DV Test Bench. This new DV Test Bench is very accurate and precise in time and pressure measurements, which will improve repair quality and reliability of DVs. This system is operated by single person


Sanitizing chamber: A sanitizing chamber has been made in Diesel Shed premises for sanitization of staff and others. A compressed air of 5 kg is being used to operate the shower


Luggage sanitizer dispensing machine: Andal Diesel Shed has developed a luggage sanitizer dispensing machine. This machine is installed at Asansol Junction Railway Station in July 2020.


On-board pneumatic sanitizing system: designed and prepared indigenously by Andal Diesel Shed for the purpose of sanitization of Station areas. Since, compressed air generated by the diesel locomotive itself is being used to operate this system, so no separate power system is needed to operate it. It is provided with a 200 lts.(approx) reservoir, so a huge area can be sanitized at one go simultaneously by slowly moving the locomotive. Maximum area can be covered by using long delivery pipe.


SENSOR BASED CAB LIGHT: In Loco No. 40503/WDP4D Andal Diesel Shed has fitted 02 nos.of Sensors in the cab room of the locomotive. It is fitted just at the top of the entrance of the gate of cab room. During night time when loco pilot opens the door of cab room, sensor senses the movement of the person or door and activates the cab light to glow automatically. This will enable the loco pilot to check the presence of reptiles without switching on any cab room light. After opening the door the cab light will glow for duration of 01 minute, if loco pilot does not move any object in front of the sensor, the sensor based cab light will get de-activated.


CHHAYA NEER:- The beautiful landscape garden spread over an area of approx.4200 Sq.ft. at the entry of the Diesel shed is a natural garden planned and designed to work with nature. It is made up with plant species which are natural to environment, long lived and easier to maintain. The planned water reservoir with its aquatic variables and selected trees makes the garden sustainable and aesthetics.


ISO Certification : Andal Diesel shed received ISO 5001:2018  certification during Sept.


BY-PASSING OF HEAD LIGHT CONVERTER IN HEAD LIGHT SYSTEM OF 3100 HP DIESEL ELECTRIC ALCO LOCOMOTIVES: In Diesel Electric locomotive, 02 nos. of Twin filament halogen bulbs are used in each side which is operated by 25.5 Volt DC Source. At present a DC-DC Converter (Model no D-500/T-72) is used to convert Control Voltage 72 Volt DC to 25.5 Volt DC. To overcome line failure of converter tapping is made from 03 nos. of loco battery which will provide approximately 26 Volt DC output. The output of three nos. of battery is passed through a sealed 30Amp Emergency Head Light circuit breaker and finally connected to both side head light assembly. If head light converter fails to work on line then loco pilot will have to break the seal and put ON Emergency head light Circuit breaker. As the engine will be running during failure, in one hand battery will be charged from Auxiliary generator and in other hand head light will be glow from taking supply voltage from battery. By implementing this on line failure of DC-DC Converters will be arrested.


Talk-Back system in DEMU in Nov’20: This system is for end to end communication in DEMU between the drivers of driving end and non-driving end (trailing end). In present system i.e. guard bell / walkie-talkie, sound clarity is very noisy and not clear. It is dependent on a particular battery life and so it may stop functioning any time. In this new TALK BACK system, the sound clarity is very good and noiseless. It is powered through loco cab and so there is no limitation of battery life. There is no interference of outside system noises


Provision of food to underprivileged people during lockdown period: In view of imposition of national lockdown to contain spread of COVID-19 pandemic, Asansol Division putting its unflinching efforts to feed hungry and poor people across Railway stations. RPF in collaboration with other departments and NGOs, are working intensely to provide food & food items to underprivileged people who are struggling to earn livelihood at this juncture.


Provision of RPF room at the entrance of DRM Office: On 15.9.2020, new RPF Room along with provision of Toilet and extended shed at the entrance of DRM's Office campus was inaugurated. Due to COVID19, RPF Contingent is giving untiring service for thermal and security checking. For their proper shelter the Unit has been made.


"ASAN AROGYA" App: Asansol Division launched Hospital Management Information System App named "ASAN AROGYA" on 3.7.2020, which is available in Google Play Store. It is Android based mobile app for Booking Doctor's appointment, Obtaining Lab Reports, Cancel / Re-Scheduling doctor's appointment etc.


Rest Room for Safaiwalas:  Inauguration of Rest Room for Safaiwalas working in Asansol Station near recently built Oxygen Park was done on 15.08.2020. Plantation was also done of fruits bearing plants.


Renovated Canteen at Divl. Rly. Hospital/ASN: Inauguration of Renovated Canteen at Divl. Rly. Hospital/Asansol has been done on 15.8.2020 as a Staff Amenity Item for the Railway staff and their family members visiting Divl. Rly. Hospital, Asansol which is equipped with modular kitchen, new chair/table, Doctors' Corner etc.


Oxygen Pipeline System : Inauguration of Oxygen Pipeline System has been done on 15.8.2020 as a Staff Amenity Item for the benefit of indoor patients of Railway officers/staff and their family members undertaking treatment at Divl. Rly. Hospital, Asansol.


Rest Room for patient’s party: Inauguration of OT Patients' Party Rest Room in Divl. Rly. Hospital, Asansol  has been done on 15.8.2020 which is equipped with OT Patient's Current Status Monitoring Board & other facilities. This facility can avail free of cost for relatives of patients undertaking surgeries in OT.


Renovated Conference Room: Inauguration of Renovated Conference Room in Divl. Rly. Hospital, Asansol was done on 15.8.2020.  CMEs, Major Health Check Ups and Discussion on current medical topics with renowned local Doctors / Associations can be organised in this Auditorium.


Automatic Mask and Sanitizer Vending Machine: On 20.7.2020, Automatic Mask and Sanitizer Vending Machine has been installed and commissioned at Asansol station. This has been done under NINFRIS Scheme with the collaboration of M/S Ascensive Edu Skill Foundation at Asansol Railway Station for the benefit of railway passengers coming to and from Asansol station.  Through this machine, passengers can get the required COVID-19 preventive materials like Masks, Sanitizers, PPE Kit etc. through kiosk-based operation with requisite payment, if they found that they have not taken the same during commencement of their journey.  This facility will be very helpful for the passengers with the rising cases of COVID-19 in India purely for their protection purpose.  This machine will work round the clock.  Rates have been properly displayed on the screen of the machine for the awareness of the passengers.


ISO Certification: On 9.9.2020, Asansol Divn received ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 45001:2018 certifications for Durgapur, Madhupur & Jasidih Stn. From M/S AQC Middle East FZE. These Stn. Already received ISO 14001:2015 in Nov’19. Thus, all 4 major Stations of Asansol Divn are certified with  ISO 9001, 14001& 45001


Station Centre at Asansol station: Asansol Divn has opened “Station Centre" at Asansol station, similar to that of "City Centre" in metros, beside station, as food & entertainment park. Inside Station Centre one can taste food at two Restaurants on Wheels, fruit juice at Juice Parlour, rollicking Ice cream at Ice cream parlour. Open stage has been created using scrap OHE mast, 2nd hand bricks, debris from Engg site for live performance. Exquisite Scrap to Art models giving rich heritage look. This will give addl NFR earning of approx Rs.14 lac/year excluding Restaurant on Wheels.


Arjun Naagar Halt: Arjun Nagar Halt was inaugurated by Hon'ble MP/Godda, Dr Nishikant Dubey virtually (through video conferencing) on 30.11.2020, DRM/Asansol and other senior railway officers were connected from Divisional Office, Asansol.


Ultra Violet Sanitization Chamber: A portable Ultra Violet Sanitization Chamber has been developed in-house at Electric Loco Shed; Asansol in July 2020.


Solar Power Generation System: AGM/E. Rly. in presence of DRM/Asansol and other Officers/Staff of Asansol Division inaugurated Solar Power Generation System in New Building of MEMU Car Shed in Electric TRS Shed/Asansol on 24.8.2020. A unit of 3 KW solar power generation systems installed to meet up electric supply of this building. This project will save approx. 23 KWH per day, i.e. 8395 KWH per year. The system is capable to cater to total energy consumption of the building.   Approximate saving Rs. 67,000 /- per year. Total cost of the solar power generation system is Rs. 4,05,650 /-. The total amount for the system will reimburse with cost of energy saving in approx. 6 years.


ISO Certification: ELS/ASN & MEMU shed received ISO 5001:2018 & ISO 3834:2005 Certifications during Sept. Now, all major certifications are available at ELS/ASN & MEMU Shed


Parivesh MEMU: On the occasion of 151st Birth Anniversary of Bapuji, one "Parivesh MEMU has been developed with renovated hygienic toilet and attractive ambience for awareness of passengers on "Green India Clean India" theme. Coach inside panels painted with Environment Awareness paintings. 3 trailer coaches provided with bio toilets. Toilets upgraded with soap stand, liquid soap dispenser, health faucet, PTMT push cock etc. Mobile charging points with mobile tray, energy efficient LED tube lights have been provided. LED based destination board for increasing visibility has been also provided. The rake was upgraded at MEMU Shed /Asansol & put in service on 2.10.2020.


Day Light harvesting: ELS/ASN has commissioned solar pipe lights as a part of Day light harvesting. This is the 1st time in Eastern Railway “Day Light Harvesting” has been introduced. Roof of pneumatic section & machine section have been installed with the same. A huge difference in illumination during day time has been noticed in the areas where the said light has already been commissioned. The same has not only increased illumination level in working place but also reduced energy consumption. Energy saving – 28.8 KWH / Day i.e. a total saving of 10512 KWH / Yr. which is a neat saving of Rs.73584/-


Renovation of inspection pit No.7 at TRS Loco shed, Asansol:  Inspection Pit No.7 of 58m length at Electric Loco Shed, Asansol have been thoroughly renovated and commissioned during Nov’20.


Condemnation of Locomotives: ELS/ASN has condemned 02 nos. over aged WAG-5 Locomotives ( Loco Nos. 23075 & 23079 / WAG-5)during the month on age-cum condition basis. This is the 1st time any Loco has been condemned from ELS/ASN; previously it was being done through KPA Workshop.


EIG Sanction: EIG sanction for newly constructed Switching Post at Nimcha has been received and energisation and commissioning been done in July 2020. Nimcha/SS is now feeding 25 kV OHE supply in newly electrified 1st Down Colliery Siding with Down Avoiding Line at Nimcha, through Circuit Breaker to avoid main line trippings in case of OHE failures/ breakdowns in this siding.


Mobile based surveillance system in Tower Wagons: Mobile Based surveillance system has been installed in 04 Nos. Tower wagons in Asansol division: Surveillance system of Tower wagon has been created by installation of IP based 6 MP CCTV Cameras with 128 GB storage capacity on roofs 04 Nos. Tower wagons of this division for remote monitoring of OHE maintenance work and breakdown restoration from Mobile /desktop by TRD officers & Traction Power Control Room, Asansol. These cameras enable live online checking and video recording of OHE condition and profile during movement of Tower wagon. Total cost for the surveillance system in 04 Nos. Tower wagons are approx. Rs. 1.2 Lakhs only


Provision of 8-wheeler Tower Wagon: One new DMW/PTA make DETC type 8-wheeler Tower wagon (OHE Inspection & Maintenance Car) has been received in Asansol division and inaugurated by DRM/ASN on the occasion of Independence Day. Commissioning of this Tower wagon has also been completed and deployed in OHE maintenance work.


Provision of BFR mounted 5-Tonne Rail Crane: One BFR mounted 5-Tonne Rail Crane has also been received by Electrical/TRD department of this division and inaugurated on the occasion of Independence Day. Addition of this Rail crane will facilitate this department in various electrification works and important safety related works of removal of critically implanted OHE structures & leaning masts


Provision of Escalators at JSME: Two Escalators at Jasidih station were inaugurated by Hon'ble MP/Godda, DrNishikant Dubey virtually (through video conferencing) on 1.1.2021,. DRM/Asansol and other senior Railway officers were connected from Divisional Office, Asansol.


Train operation of newly electrified Madhupur-Giridih Section: Electric train operation started in newly electrified Madhupur – Giridih section after receiving of CRS sanction in October 2020. Staff shuttle train was run by electric locomotive on 01.11.2020.


Loading of Stone Boulder at CTDI/Durgapur: With continues effort by BDU/Asansol Divn, Stone Boulder rake loading started at CTDI/Durgapur for the first time on 25-09-2020. The first rake is being loaded for DSN/Bangladesh Rly


Loading at HAzratpur Siding: Hazratpur Siding in Bhimgarh-Palasthali section of Asansol Divn was closed since 2002. After a month of untiring effort by Business Development Unit & Team Asansol, the track of Bhimgarh-Hazratpur section & the siding were made Engg & Comml. fit in a record time of about 40 days. 1st rake loading of sand was done on 07.09.2020


Remote operated trolley: A novel remote-operated trolley has been developed by S&T Department, Asansol for carrying around food, water, medicines and other items to patients housed in COVID Isolation Ward in Divisional Railway Hospital, Asansol which minimizes the risk of infection by eliminating the need for health-care workers entering the ward and coming in close proximity of the patients. The trolley, aptly named ‘COVID Relief Express’, is made of a sturdy two-storey aluminum frame (3.5 ft. X 2 ft.) fixed on top of a battery operated remote controlled four-wheeled car and is fitted with a camera, microphone and speaker for communicating with patients remotely. The ‘COVID Express’ can be operated continuously for around 2 hrs. before the battery needs to be recharged. The trolley can be operated by a hand-held remote from a maximum distance of approx. 20 m. The entire assembly has been done departmentally at a total cost of approximately 32,000/-.


Interlocking of LC Gate: LC Gate No. 33/E ( TTN-LHB) has been interlocked and upgraded from ‘C’ class to A’ class with electrical lifting barrier and sliding boom.


Rajbhasha Pakhwara-2020:  Rajbhasha Pakhwara-2020 was organised by Rajbhasha Dept. Of Asansol Division from 14-9-2020 to 29-09-2020. On inauguration day digital edition of 31st issue of Rajbhasha magazine ‘Rail Rashmi was released, the Pakhwara was concluded with a colourful cultural program, Hasya Kavi Sammelan and Prize Distribution.


Renovation of DRM Office Staff Canteen: On 15.9.2020, renovated DRM Office Staff Canteen with all modern facilities, front façade renovated with ACP & stainless steel railing was inaugurated. Inside renovated with vitrified tiles, doors/windows with powder coated Aluminum Glaze Panel. False ceiling with Warm light, Courtyard covered with Fiber Reinforcement Plastic (FRP). Service counter, Kitchen & all rooms were thoroughly renovated. Premium wash basins with big mirror were provided. Water purifier, fly catcher & surround music system have been installed.


Apps for transfer application status and RRC/RRB & other Recruitment Window: Two Apps, STATUS: Smart Transfer Application Tracking Utility System & ARROW: Asansol Divn. RRC/RRB & Other Recruitment Window, developed by Personnel Deptt, were inaugurated on 13.11.2020. ARROW app will help new recruits to view Current Status of their recruitment. By STATUS app employee will be able to view current status of his transfer application.


Mock Drill with NDRF: A Full Scale Mock Drill with NDRF was successfully conducted at satellite Siding, Asansol on 28.11.2020. In the Mock Drill, NDRF Staff along with Railway staff from different departments of the division took part for successful completion of programme. DRM, ADRM, Sr. DSO and other BOs also attended the programme.


In-house production of Hands free paddle operated Taps & Soap dispensers:Taps are major point of concerned of infection spreading as multiple people touches the taps during washing their hands. Hence, Mech(C&W) & Diesel shed, Andal taken initiative to install/Convert hands free paddle operated taps & soap dispensers at Andal BOXN Depot, Up yard, Asansol Coaching Complex, Madhupur Depots of C&W, Diesel shed/UDL. 


Flagging off of relief materials for Amphan affected people: On 10.7.2020, DRM/Asansol flagged off four trucks loaded with relief materials (60 items per family in a jute bag) for the people in Amphan affected areas. Officers & staff of Asansol Divn contributed voluntarily a total amount of 11.5 lac. Whole Relief Operation has been carried out by Bharat Scouts & Guides of Asansol Division.


Flagging off of Fit India Freedom Run: AGM/E. Rly. along with DRM/Asansol flagged off FIT INDIA FREEDOM RUN on 24.08.2020 starting from Asansol station & continued upto Electric TRS Shed. Staff, Players of DSA/ASN, RPF took part in this run. They were urged to keep themselves fit.


Cleanliness Drive under Swachhata Pakhwada: A 15 days long cleanliness drive under Swachhata Pakhwara covering all stations was launched & completed over the division from 16.9.2020 to 30.9.2020. Report along with photographs were sent to Hd. Qrs. On daily basis and also uploaded on Eastern Railways & swachhbharatmission website


Swachchta Mission: To commemorate 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi and under "Swacchta Mission", a Toilet Complex beside Saloon Siding for ladies & gents staff of Mech. & Elect. Deptt was inaugurated. This has been a long standing demand of recognized union which has been acceded


Renovation of Old Conference Room-Chanakya: On the occasion of 72nd Republic Day, the renovated Old Conference Room named Chanakya was inaugurated. Photo Gallery of Heritage Establishments of Asansol Division and DRMs from the year 2000 onward have been displayed.


Best Practices




Asansol Division is one of the pioneer in recycling of unserviceable PRC sleeper for construction of road at pathway at Panagarh using 10,000 nos of sleepers, approach road surface of LC gate no. 21 / Spl, platform surface at newly constructed Sirsa Nunthar and Dhanpatdih halts, 5 km pathway at Andal Examination UP Receiving yard , mini nursery at Asansol etc. Also, all new platform raising works are being done using these unserviceable sleepers.In this way, twin benefits of cost savings and reuse of un serviceable sleepers has been achieved during the year.


14 nos of water bodies have been created in Asansol Division at between KHANA-ISHANCHANDI- 3 Nos., STN -1 No., ASN (DOMOHANI COLONY)-1 No., ASN LOCO TANK – 1 No., in between PAJ-MAN- 3 Nos., MOGMA -2 Nos., between MNAE-PAN-1 No., PAN-1 No., GLI-1 No. and have been let out for fish farming which is generating an approx. earning of Rs. 3 lacsfor the Division. Additional 10 Nos water bodies shall be created in the remaining months of this financial year which is expected to generate an additional earning of Rs. 2.5 lacs approx.


Electric Loco Shed, Asansol and Diesel Shed, Andal have manufactured automatic sand filling machine out of unserviceable materials in Sept’19, with dual advantage of eliminating manual loading sand in locos and total cost savings of approx. 17 lacs.


Electrical (operation), Asansol has implemented anAndroid based application named “ RunningRoom Management System (RRMS)”in August’19 for e - registration, booking of rooms, effective on line monitoring of condition of running room related parameters by administration, online grievance redressal mechanism etc.


ELTC/ASN has developed Computer Based Test (CBT) system in oct’19 for trainees of refreshers courses to avoided delay in result (same day). Advantages of the CBT are online Examination reduces hassles of assessing the answers given by the candidate manually, being an integrated online examination system reduces paper work, random generation of test question in increases transparency , history stored online.


Division has developed an Android based App for Railway Quarter Management System in Oct’19. This App can be used for registration of complaints related to Engg., Electrical or Sanitary. By this app concerned supervisors, officers can monitor the status of variouscomplaints registered by occupants. Any occupant can lodge complain from anywhere by using smart phone. This will help in easing of complaint registration without going to IOW/Electrical/Sanitary offices.This app also has predefined standard complain types, which eliminates typing by occupants. This app minimizes complaint solution time. Administration can also monitor complain of occupants, for its analysis, better solution and anynew works requirements.


Switching on / off the circulating area at ASN station lighting has been started through GPS clock timer. 4 high mast tower lights and street lights of circulating area has been connected.This has greatly reduced electrical energy consumption.


By using the scrap materials of different locomotive/coachcomponents / parts some excellent looking and eye catching models have been made by ELS/ASN, Diesel Shed/Andal & Coaching depot/Asansol. Using these models "Scrap to Art" gallery was made in front of Asansol station and inaugurated on 2.10.2019 by Shri Babul Supriyo, Hon'ble MP.


Diesel Shed, Andal have manufactured mica cutting machine using overaged lathe machine on Oct’19 thus getting better precision, eliminate human error and total cost savings of approx. Rs. 20 lacs/annum by saving manpower& Rs. 65 lacs by the cost of new machine.


A QR code based mobile app has been developed in Dec’19 for monitoring of maintenance of Point Machine.This QR Code based app with QR coding of point machine has been developed to record maintenance of individual point machines at site by logging in with individual ID & Password which can be viewed on smart phone from any location.This will eliminate paper work.The main advantage of this app is that Officer/Admin can remotely monitor the maintenance records of Point machine at filed.


Asansol Division has developed an Android Application “RETIRING ROOM REDRESSAL SYSTEM” for redressal of grievances related to Retiring Rooms and Dormitories. The App has been inaugurated by DRM, Asansol on 04.12.2019. Occupants of the Retiring Rooms/ Dormitories can lodge their grievance through this app. The mechanism for registration and redressal of grievance has been simplified as grievances can be registered in the app directly without any need to approach Station Master or any other office.


Loco Maintenance Software(LMS) has been designed and implemented by UDL Diesel shed in Dec’19. Such kind of software is first of it’s kind in Indian Railways.Advantages of this sofrwate is : 

·Savings in Man days-3500(Appx.) per Year ~Rs 60 Lakhs per Year(Appx.)

·Excellent analytical tool

·Customized report generation & Real time communication

·Improved planning

·Better inventory management


At interlocked LC gates sometimes Station Master forgets to provide information to close gate or sometimes gateman ignores the same. In both cases train looses punctuality.   Currently ASM and LC gateman talk and exchange information over megneto telephone. Whether SM informed about approching train to gateman or not is not recorded. An information exchange device “ASM-LC Communication system” has been designed and developed to resolve issue. The purpose of this device has to provide audio visual indication to both ASM and gateman. All information is stored in cloud, which can be easily monitored from any location & time. Both devices are connected through Internet via GPRS technology.  Whenever station master presses UP/DOWN line push button to provide information to LC's about incoming train, he’ll get same information in his device through visual indication. And same time all connected LC's will get notification about incoming train with Visual and audio indicators. After receiving information gateman will acknowledge the information by pressing acknowledge button, and visual and audio indication stops. Meanwhile ASM's unit Indicators will also extinguish after receiving acknowledgment receipt. This system was installed at  Shankarpur Station in Dec’19 ( In main line section under AEN/MDP.). Approx Cost of the device is Rs. 78000.00/-.


Height gauges are erected at LC gates to prevent entering of ODC which can damage the OHE and also harm road vehicles. Height gauge protection system has been developed to detect such ODC vehicles well in advance and set off a signal to stop. It also generates the alarm and visual signals when an oversized vehicle come nearer to the height gauge and alerts the vehicle driver as well as gateman that the vehicle is oversized and can not pass the height gauge. This device was installed at LC20 on main line under AEN/MDP in Dec’19. Approx Cost of the device is Rs. 98000.00/-.

(15) GATEMAN ALERTNESS SYSTEM :  Gatemans at LC gates should always be alert & attentive. Hence gate keepers are not attentive sometimes and many also sleep at night hours. The device named “Gateman Alertness System” has been developed which generates alarm at intervals (30 minutes) to alert gateman which have to be acknowledge by pushing a button by gateman. If the gateman fails to acknowledge beyond delay of 10 sec, alarm will stop and restart in 30 sec. If gate keeper pressed ackn button then ok and alarm will reset for next fix time duration. But if he again fail to press it, the device will automatically start calling respective Sectional PWI & In-charge PWI one by one and after all device will be reset itself. This system has also one more feature that any PWI or Officer can directly call to device to talk gatekeeper. This device was installed at LC20 in main line under AEN/MDP in Dec’19. Approx Cost of the device is Rs. 45000.00/-.

(16) Electrical operation department implemented “ e- lobby” wherein user can apply for leave / pass / PTO / Tools & submit with signature in“KIOSK”. The application is directly sent to OS ( office superintendent ) for checking and remarks & forward the same to CCCNL with signature. If CCCNL sanctions the leave / Pass / PTO with remark & signature then automatically SMS is sent to LP/ALP and also auto deducted from the leave particular of candidates. All such report can be easily generated. It will also help to monitor these issues online for early disposal.

(17)  To scrap the requirements of valve man for valve operation and to minimize the water loss through manual valve operation,  the concept of automatic valve operation system has been developed. In this system, sensor based valve are installed on each pipe going to specific railway colony and station which will be operated through app and opening/closing time of valve can also be fixed through app .Installation cost:-approx 3.5 lakh.It was Installed at Jamtara in Jan 2020.

(18) In the advent of COVID-19 and to ensure social distancing, regular classes in all Railway Schools over Asansol division have been suspended  since 18.03.2020. However, to ensure that students do not suffer because of the suspension of classes and nation-wide lockdown, online classes have been started in all Schools. This is the first time when such initiative has been taken by Railway Schools. It has been largely appreciated by students, parents and teachers.

(19) Two MEMU coaches after completed there codal life were converted into India's first “Restaurant on Wheels”. By this initiative NFR earning of Rs. 7 lacs is generated per year.  It has been highly appreciated by Hon’ble MR and many media houses and also attracted the attention of Railway commuters. Shri Babul Supriyo, Hon'ble MP and Hon’ble Minister of State, for Environment, Forest & Climate Change, Govt. of India inaugurated "Restaurant on Wheels" at Asansol station on 26.2.2020


1)Provision of 3 track side nurseries at ASN (Mega Nursery), MDP &PAN has been completed in Sept’19.

2)By using scrap materials of different locomotive/coach components / parts, excellent eye catching models have been made by ELS/ASN, Diesel Shed/Andal& Coaching depot/Asansol. Using these models "Scrap to Art" gallery was made in front of Asansol station and inaugurated on 2.10.2019 by Shri Babul Supriyo, Hon'ble MP

3)Work done by Asansol Division on 150th anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi on 2ndOct:

a.Photo gallery and Digital museum displaying the life and works of Mahatma Gandhi has been provided at Asansol station

b.Provision of Mahatma Gandhi Mural depicting DandiMarchatAsansol Station.

c.Release of Coffee table book  on Mahatma Gandhi.

d.Unveiling of Bapu Chariot (MEMU train) . Inside of all 12 coaches were decorated with posters depicting life and works of Mahatma Gandhi.

e.Inauguration of 100 ft. Monumental Flag at Asansol Station

4)Commissioning of Yatri Niwas for commercial useconsisting of 6 Ac & 6 non-AC rooms at Asansol Station on 02.10.2019.

5)Division has developed an Android based App for Railway Quarter Management System. This App can be used for registration of complaints related to Engg., Electrical or Sanitary. By this app concerned supervisors, officers can monitor the status of various complaints registered by occupants. This app minimizes complaint solution time. Administration can also monitor complain of occupants, for its analysis, better solution and any new works requirements.

6)Electrical (operation), Asansol has implemented anAndroid based application named “ Running Room Management System (RRMS)”  in August’19 for e - registration, booking of rooms, effective on line monitoring of condition of running room related parameters by administration, online grievance redressal mechanism etc.

7)ELTC/ASN has developed Computer BasedTest (CBT) system for trainees of refreshers courses to avoided delay in result (same day). Advantages of the CBT are online Examination reduces hassles of assessing the answers given by the candidate manually, being an integrated online examination system reduces paper work, random generation of test question in increases transparency , history stored online.

8)Electric Loco Shed, Asansol and Diesel Shed, Andal have manufactured automatic sand filling machine out of unserviceable materials thus getting a dual advantage of eliminating manual loading sand in locos and total cost savings of approx. 17 lacs.

9)Total 9 stations of Asansol Division, i.e. Asansol, Andal, Durgapur, Basukinath, Baidyanathdham, Jasidih, Madhupur, Raniganj and Deoghar have been awarded ISO 14001 as a mark of recognition of efforts towards Environment Management and over all cleanliness and for implementation of NGT directives. Passenger amenities, overall cleanliness, maintaining environment compatibility were the yardsticks of achieving the certification.

10)As a part of quality certification process, ELS/ASN has been certified with Integrated Management System (IMS) which includes (ISO 9001-2015 – Quality Management System, ISO 14001:2015 – Environment management system & ISO 45001:2018 – Occupational Health & Safety management system) in Oct’19.

11)Integrated Management System (IMS) certification comprising of ISO-9001-2015 (QMS), ISO-14001-2015 (EMS) & OHSAS 45001-2018 was awarded to MEMU Shed, Asansol in October 2019 by AQC Middle East FZE.

12)Avoiding detention of coaching trains for engine reversal at Durgapur: There was a system in vogue of detaching/attaching loco at DGR for 13417/18, 13425/26 at either end of the train for further movement. An initiative was taken for utilizing same loco on reversal basis. For this initiative, one passenger loco, one set of crew, light engine movement from ASN-DGR-ASN is saved. Punctuality loss & stoppage at UDL for caution is also avoided

13) Dr. Subhas Sarkar, Hon'ble MP Bankura inaugurated renovated Durgapur Station Building with Facade Lighting & Circulating Area, AC Premium Lounge, Heritage Wall depicting History of Durgapur Station & Botlle Crushing Machine on 30.11.2019.

14)  Health Check Up Kiosk were installed at Asansol & Jasidih station. This kiosk is extremely beneficial for checking various body parameters such as condition of Kidney, Blood Pressure, Obesity, Body water Analysis, Random Blood Sugar, weight etc. at a very nominal charge of Rs. 50/100 only. Report is generated within 02 minutes. It is first of its kind on Eastern Railway

15) Software based “ e- registration , Smart Classes, Computer based Test (CBT)” has been implemented at ETC/Asansol. Leave particulars, Hostel Leave, duration at ETC, ZRTI , Examiner, Result generated at the time of sparing of trainees has been fully digitized. During training the trainee will have access to interactive smart class where he can learn the technical courses through pictures, videos, internet etc. If he face any problem he can again access the past lessons and check his progress through class test from CBT. After training, trainee gets spare letter through e- registration system. Click here for details.

16) Combined Crew Running Room, Electric Training Centre at Asansol & Hostel have been ISO certified in Nov’19. Combined Crew Running Room was awarded ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015 and Electric Training Centre & Hostel at Asansol were awarded ISO 45001:2018, ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 14001:2015

17) 13509/13510 Asansol – Gonda Express was upgraded to UTKRISHT RAKE and inaugural journey started on 03.12.2019. It was upgraded at Asansol Coaching Depot by refurbishing old coaches with provision of bio-toilets in every coach, Dual flow flushing valves, provision of PVC tap & polished wash basin, ventury for odour free toilet, Mobile charging point in all compartment, Auto Genitor, Epoxy Flooring Stainless steel and PVC Dustbin etc

18) ISO 9001:2015, ISO 14001:2015 and ISO 45001:2018 has been awarded to Combined Crew Running Room, Andal& Combined Crew Lobby, Asansol on 26.12.2019

19) 12361/12362 Asansol – CSTM (Chhatrapati Shivaji Terminius)  Express  was upgraded as UTKRISHT RAKE and flagged off on 19/01/2020. Upgradation was done  at Asansol Coaching Depot by refurbishing old coaches. All coaches were provided with premium and better facilities to passengers. 

20) During Annual Inspection, on 10th January, 2020, GM/ER inaugurated Upper Class and 2nd class waiting room at Siuri, children park at Chinpai Railway colony, Renovated Combined Crew Lobby at Andal , E-lobby, renovated and upgraded rooms at Officers Rest House (ORH) and Oxygen Park at Asansol station. Scrap to Art models provided and IGBC approved plants planted at Oxygen park located at Howrah end of PF 2 at Asansol station.

21) Renovated Station building, New PRS building, renovated First class Waiting Hall (Ladies hall separate with baby feeding room), New 2nd class waiting hall, New Toilet Complex, New Dormitory and Retiring Room at Giridih Station have been inaugurated byMP, Sri Chandra Prakash Choudhary.

22) e-Office has been launched in Asansol Division on 18.02.2020 with a total 554 users. e-Office is a mission mode project (MMP) under the national e-governance programme of Govt. of India. This will help to reduce use of paper in day to day office works.

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