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3. Innovation & Achievements: -

3.1 ISO 9001 certificate of running room under Elect. (OP)/HWH : -

Running Rooms of BWN under Elect. (OP)/HWH has been awarded by ISO 9001:2015 certification for proper maintaining & crew management as per ISO standard.  


3.2 Initiative for knowledge enhancement of Crew : -

  1. An app developed in Mar-19 (by in-house effort) for knowledge enhancement of crew on different topics. V4.0 launched in Mar-21.


pastedGraphic_1.png pastedGraphic_2.png pastedGraphic_3.png

  1. Signal chart diagram in pictorial form of HWH division is distributed amongst all LPs, ALPs& LPSs to improve Learning Road, which will beneficial for safe train operation.


    1. Initiative for System Improvement 

Bio-gas plant has been installed at Running Room/BWN on 05.10.2019. Bio-gas is a green source of energy in form of heat.  Bio-gas generation has been started from 14.10.2019 from food waste products of Running Room/BWN. 


3.4 Provision of Air Conditioners at Running Rooms at BWN & TAK: -

In compliance of instructions of Railway Board and to provide better resting facilities to the running staff at running rooms, air conditioners have been provided in the running room at BWN and TAK.  

    1. Provision of Running Room Management Booking system through APP.

One app namely “ Howrah 2nd Home Boking System” has been developed for Running Room Management system, through which crew can book their bed and food on line, at the same time different reports can be seen online.

pastedGraphic_7.png  pastedGraphic_8.png   pastedGraphic_9.png

3.6 Meditation room: -

  1. Yoga Meditation Room inaugurated at HWH Crew Lobby on 18.09.2019 for Crew to reduce stress and keep them fit to work hard and strenuous job.


3.7 Project  Saksham - Training of running staff and maintenance staff: -

a)In compliance of Railway Board’s instructions, Project Saksham has been started. Under above project, training to running staff is being given to all running staff.

b)One desktop Simulator has been installed at HWH Crew Lobby for On-hand training of Loco Pilots on WAP7/WAG9 Locomotives. Desktop Simulator inaugurated by GM/ER on 04.03.2020.



pastedGraphic_13.png pastedGraphic_14.png pastedGraphic_15.png

3.8.1 Safety Seminars :

  1. Regular Safety Seminars organised at different lobbies under Elect.(OP)/HWH. This improves performance of crew. 

  pastedGraphic_16.png  pastedGraphic_17.png

       3.8.2.   International Yoga Day Celebrated at Running Room/BWN.


  1. A Safety seminar on  Interaction with family member of the Crew to bring awareness about their role in Safety Improvement has been organized by Elect. (OP) on 07.11.2019 at Riviera, Howrah in which 32 nos. family members of Loco Pilots participated. DRM/HWH, ADRM(OP)/HWH, Sr.DME(P)/HWH, Sr.DSO/HWH, Sr.DEE(OP)/HWH, Sr. DMO/SDAH AME(P)/HWH and AEE(OP)/HWH attended the seminar.


3.9 Reporting and Feedback of Abnormalities by LPs through CMS: -

In compliance of instructions of CRIS, procedure order for feeding abnormalities in CMS by crew and their disposal including their feedback and closing by concerned department has been prepared. All the crews have been counselled to feed the abnormalities in the CMS. Mobile numbers of all concerned departments have been updated in CMS to given feedback and closing the abnormalities. Monitoring of abnormalities for feedback and closing is being done closely.    

3.10 Installation of CCTV Cameras at crew lobbies: -

CCTV cameras had been installed at all the crew lobbies under Elect. (OP)/HWH. Display monitor for CCTV cameras is provided with CC/Lobby. It records audio & video activities on the lobby and stores data for last 15 days.

3.11 Introduction of GPS based “Fogsafe/Fogpass” devices: -

Provision of GPS based “fogsafe/fogpass” devices on all trains plying in highly fog prone sections of ER & ECR is another endeavor of the division for ensuring safe running of trains during foggy weather.

3.12 Intensive monitoring of compliance of maximum permissible speed limits & speed restrictions: -

In order to ensure safe train operation, intensive monitoring of compliance of maximum permissible speed limits & speed restrictions (permanent & temporary) by LPs in sections, loop lines, yards, loco outpits is being done at officers’ & supervisors’ level. For this, speedographs of a large number of mail/express, goods, EMU/MEMU trains and Light Engines, worked by crew of different divisions, are being downloaded and analyzed. A summary of such speedographs downloaded and analyzed, during the year, of different types of trains & Light Engines, worked by crew of different divisions, is furnished as under:-



2021 – 22 (Upto Jun.)

No. of speed charts download




No. of LPs found at fault




Crew of HWH division & their nominated CLIs have been counselled and their further performance is also being monitored.

3.13 Monitoring and counselling of running staff:  -

In order to check the alertness of LPs & ALPs, intensive monitoring,  footplating and counseling of running staff on safety aspects are being done by CLIs. 

Surprise checks conducted for checking alertness of LPs, unauthorized traveling in cabs, use of mobile phones, whistling habits of LPs, Speed monitoring through Speed Guns. 

Ambush checks at L-Xing gates, automatic signals, yards, outpits conducted on regular basis to ensure safe train operations. 

The details of footplate, counseling, surprise & ambush checks conducted during the current year by CLIs are furnished as under:- 


Inspections conducted by CLIs


2021 - 22


Footplate inspections

 (Upto June)








Using of mobile phone on run




Packing of belongings at the time of entering destination station




Application of BP 0.5 Kg/Sq. cm 



Brake Feel & Brake Power test



VCD function checking



Calling of Signal with hand gesture



Unauthorised travelling in cab






Use of Walkie talkie for information from station staff



3.14 Push-pull train Operation :  -

COCR trial run of Push-pull operation of 22 LHB AC coaches Rajdhani Ex. Of ER with WAP-7/HWH at front and rear of rake at 130 KMPH over HWH – NDLS – HWH section commenced from HWH PF-9 on 19.11.19 and successfully completed on 25.11.2019 under guidance of RDSO/LKO inaugurated by PCEE/ER/KKK. Push-pull operation provides faster Acceleration & deceleration for which run time between HWH – NDLS – HWH of Rajdhani Exp. will saved by 90 minutes in each direction. 

pastedGraphic_20.png   pastedGraphic_21.png 

3.15 Trial Run with above 140 Kmph Speed :  -

One Speed trial has been conducted over DKAE – BRPA section over HWH Division with 146 Kmph Speed on 4th Line. Another Speed trial conducted over HWH – KAN – HWH section over HWH Division with 145 Kmph on 30.01.2020.

3.16 Trial Run of One Dual traction OJAS & WAG12 :  -

Trial Run of One Dual Traction Loco ‘OJAS’ (useful for shunting of trains in non OHE section) and    One with 12000 HP WAG12 loco has been conducted over HWH Division. 

pastedGraphic_22.png pastedGraphic_23.png

3.17 Introduction of Goods train in Closed Circuit in Push-pull Mode :  -

Running of Goods train in Closed circuit of PKR- NHT-MGLE/SDI-PKR has been introduced in Push- pull mode, without Brake Van & Guard. This is reducing M/Line detention time and increase loading. Upto Jun. 2021 total 859 Nos. train run over this section by Electric traction. Net saving of Rs. 4.3 Cr. (Approx.) by running the train by Electric Traction in place of Diesel Traction.


3.18      Eastern Railway’s first “Kisan Rail” started from TAK to Dimapur with Electric Traction on 29.01.2021:  -



3.19.     RO Water purifier Dispenser with Cooling facilities installed at Crew Lobby/BDC & Crew Lobby/PKR. 


3.20.   One Head Massager provided at Running Room/BWN to reduce tension and strain of Running Staff. 


A.Good work done as prevention of spreading of Corona Virus

1.All crew lobbies are sanitized and provided with hand sanitizer, hand wash, thermal scanner etc. to prevent spreading of Corona Virus.

      pastedGraphic_28.png pastedGraphic_29.png

2.EMU Patrolling special for staff run by Electric Crew, daily 8 pairs over HWH – BWN Chord section and 9 pairs HWH – BWN Main section, 2 pairs HWH – BDC section and 03 pairs over KWAE – BDC section & 03 pairs over HWH - AMBG section. Also 4 pairs over RPH – BHW – RPH , 3 pairs over RPH – BWN – RPH & 2 pairs over RPH – AZ – RPH section.

3.Posters regarding Do’s & Don’ts have been depicted at Crew Lobbies for awareness of staff. Staffs are being counseled in the lobby to take precaution to prevent COVID -19. Footplate Inspection are being done regularly to motivate the crew. 


4.Running Rooms are sanitized with sanitizer, lyzol, etc & thermal scanning is being done to prevent spreading of Corona Virus.

           pastedGraphic_31.png   pastedGraphic_32.png

  1. Fresh additional two nos. of Bed sheets are provided to each occupants of the Running Room while occupying the room. All rooms including bathroom and beds are being sanitized with sanitizer, lyzol etc. after using of each occupants.

  pastedGraphic_33.png    pastedGraphic_34.png     

6.Sufficient distances are maintained between two beds to prevent spreading of Corona Virus. 

7.Raw food materials are kept in Running Room for cooking and given to the crew on paid basis.

8.Sanitizers and lyzol distributed amongst staff to prevent spreading of Corona Virus .

9.Officers and Supervisors are regularly keeping interacting with all 1514 staff/supervisor under Elect. (OP)/HWH regarding health condition of them along with their families.

10. UV Sanitizer Box and Sanitizer stand provided in each Crew Lobby and Running Room for sanitization of personal belongings & Hand Sanitization before Sign ON/OFF.

pastedGraphic_35.png   pastedGraphic_36.png

11. Electric Bowl and Utensil Sterilization Machine installed at Running Room/BWN & TAK for sterilizing Utensils to be used at running room for hygiene. 

  pastedGraphic_37.png    pastedGraphic_38.png

      10. One compact hand sanitiser cum infrared body temperature measurement machine has been installed at all Crew Lobbies & Running Rooms under Elect. (OP)/HWH.


11.Total 1843 Nos. PPE kits prepared and distributed amongst staff, for protection from COVID – 19, while train working.

     pastedGraphic_41.png      pastedGraphic_42.png

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 01-07-2021  

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