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 No. E.182/O/Vol.III

Diploma Courses offered by various institutions-regarding 

No. E 637/O/Pt.IV dated 18.11.2013  CPO's Serial No. 122/2013

Regularisation of unauthorised absence beyond 5 years

No. E 637/O/Pt.IV dated 27.02.2014

Regularisation of unauthorised absence beyond 5 years

No. E 393/O/3/SRRS/Pt.I dated 15.06.2015.

Clarification regarding operating of Scheme of LARSGESS

No. E.368/O/ACP/Pt.II(Loose) dated 07.07.2015

Curtailment of the prescribed training period applicable to posts in exigency of service - Effect thereof on consideration for grant of financial upgradation under MACPS - Clarification reg.

No.E 685/O/Pt.IX dated 27.08.2015.

Provision of emergency railway medical facilities to Railway beneficiaries

No. E 182/O/Vol.III dated 14.10.2015

Recruitment to Non-gazetted posts on the Railways - Adherence to prescribed qualification in recruitment from open market - Clarification regarding

No.CPO/SC/SAS/Pol/Pt.II dated 11.11.2015

Recognition of State Kabaddi Association in West Bengal - Confirmation thereof


Provision in respect of the Contract Woekers on IR

No. E.250/O/Vol.III

Implementation of Social Sectors Schemes

No.E.800/Gaz./Med/MCA/Pt.III dated.23.11.2015

Grant of Transport Allowance @Rs.7000 p.m.+DA thereon to the IRMS officers, drawing grade pay of Rs.10000/- under DACP scheme - clarification regarding

No.E 85/O/Pt.XIII

Problems faced by the Loco and Traffic Running Staff while performing running duties - PNM/NFIR Item No. 34/2015




 E.250/O/Vol.III dated 20.11.2015.

Provision in respect of the Contract Workers on IR




 No. E 472/O/3/Vol.III dated 07.01.2016

Holiday List for the year 2016

No.AE.4142/O/3/Vol.XIII dated 17.03.2016

Schedule for General Election to the legislative Assembly of West Bengal, 2016 - Model Code of Conduct

No.AE 4142/O/3/Vol.XIII dated 05.04.2016.

General Election to the Legislative Assembly of West Bengal, 2016 - Declaration of public holiday

No.E 1023/O/Pt.IX dated 02.06.2016.

Procedure for corresponding with Railway Board

No.AE 4107(Policy)/Pt.I dated 17.06.2016.

Early leaving of office for Muslim employees who are observing fast during the Holy month of Ramzan

No.E 975/2/MD/RB Ref/Contractual dated 29.06.2016.

Extension of the scheme of hiring of Para Medical categories in Group C on contract basis

No. E 368/O/ACP/Pt.V dated 05.08.2016.

Timely disposal of MACP scheme benefits - clarifications reg.

No. E 368/O/ACP/Pt.V dated 22.08.2016.

MACP scheme - Clarifications reg.

No.E890/O/1/R&R/Policy/Pt.XVIII dated 24.10.2016.

Communication of " REASONS FOR UNFITNESS" to unfit(medical) candidate

No. E 487/O/Vol.IV dated 02.12.2016.

Recommendations of High Power Committee to review the duty hours of running staff - Decisions thereof

No.AE.4142/O/3/Vol.XIII dated 13.12.2016.

Hon'ble Delhi High Court's order dated 07.07.2016 in W.P.(C) No.8363/2010-Election Commission of India directions regarding


 Letter No. and Date


 E 472/O/3/Vol.III(List) dated 11.01.2017.

National Holiday List for the year 2017 for Line Staff attached to HQ

 E/PC-VII/2016/Policy dated 27.01.2017.

Clarification regarding payment of dual charge allowance under 7th CPC

 E.85/O/Pt.XIII dated 30.01.2017.

Pay element relating to Running staff after recommendations of Seventh CPC

CPO/SC/SA/POL/Pt.X dated 10.02.2017.

Appointment on Compassionate Ground - verification of educational qualification certificate thereof

E.296/O/Haj/Pt.II dated 15.02.2017.

Temporary deputation of Coordinator/Assistant Haj Officer/Haj Assistant to Consulate General of Indioa, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2017 - regarding

E.839/O/1/Pt.VI dated 22.03.2017

Method of fixation of pay under Rule FR 22 in VII PC - Cases of promotions

CPO/SC/SAS/Pol/Pt.II dated 17.05.2017

1/2 day spare from Office on Sports Account

E.740/O/7th CPC/Clarification dated 19.05.2017

Clarification on payment of allowances  under  revised pay structure under 7th CPC

No.AE 4107(Policy)/Pt.I dated 31.05.2017

Early leaving of Office for Muslim employees who are observing fast during the holy month of Ramzan

No.CPO/SC/SAS/Pol./Pt.II dated 17.05.2017

1/2 day spare from office on Sports account

No.E.889/O/1/Pt.VI dated 13.06.2017

References for policy clarification-Instructions regarding procedure to be followed

No.E.800/Gaz/Med/Contract/Policy/Pt.III dated 30.06.2017

Engagement of Contract Medical Practitioner(CMPs) - Revised terms and conditions

No.E.800/Gaz/Med/Contract/Policy/Pt.III dated 30.06.2017

Engagement of Medical Practitioner on contract basis(CMPs) - Revision of rate of remuneration

E.368/O/ACP/Pt.V dated 28.07.2017.

Modified Assured Career Progression Scheme for the Railway employees - clarification regarding

No.E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 01.08.2017

Meeting with representatives of Ministry of Railways for expediting reference to the Commission in the matter of Disciplinary Proceedings

No.ERSA/Increment/Pt.II dated 11.08.2017.

Granting of additional increments to sports persons for their sports achievements before 2010 who were due for additional increments but were not given when they were due for the same

No.E.1023/0/Classification/Pt.I dated 12/09/2017

Constitution of the Committee for the purpose of promotion to posts carrying grade pay Rs.4200 and above in merged grades as per modified selection procedure - clarifications reg.

No.E.838/Genl.Admn./Cl-I/Pt.VII dated 07.11.2017

Delegation of powers of DRMs

No.E.740/Gaz./Misc./Pt.VIII dated 16.11.2017

Administrative arrangement/Empowerment for efficient functioning of Station Directors in JAG/SG(A1 class stations)

No. E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 04.12.2017

Procedure for dealing with DAR cases against Group C and D staff arising out of Vigilance investigation

No. E.GAZ/Misc./Policy dated 01.09.2017.

Regarding promotion in the gazetted cadre - Declaration from the Railway employees/Officers


 Letter No. and Date


No.E.838/Genl.Admn./CI-I/Pt.VII dated 16.01.2018

Delegation of Powers to GMs regarding establishment matters

 No.AC.275/Misc./2017-18 dated 10.01.2018

Submission of details/data

No.E.472/0/3/VOL.III(LIST) dated 08.01.2018

List of Holidays for the year 2018

No.E/PC-VII/2016/Policy(Vol.II) dated 29.01.2018

Drawal of Dearness Allowance of Charge Allowance - Clarifications regarding

No.E.66/0/Pt.I dated 02.02.2018

Provision for grant of Transport Allowance to employees with stipulated disabilities - Clarification reg. eligibility conditions

E.1056/0/Vol.VI dated 28.02.2017

Model Schedule of Powers(SOP) document for Zonal Railways - Revision/.Modification thereof in respect of Part F/Establishment Matters

No.E 740/0/Safety/Position dated 14.03.2018

Standardization on designation - Porter

No.E.740/OS(G)/PCPO/AC/2018 dated 12.04.2018.

Provision of Newspaper facility to the officers of the Zonal Railways and Production Units

No.E.246/0/1/Pt.IV dated 20.04.2018

Maintenance and preparation of Annual Appraisal Performance Reports for Non-gazetted employees - Instructions reg.

No.SP/GAZ/Panel/Pt.VI dated 19.04.2018

Authorisation to write APARs by officers looking after the duties of PHOD/CHOD etc.

No.E.1216/0/Disable Act dated 09.05.2018

Re-medical examination of disabled Railway employees - reg.

No.E1140/0/Pt.III dated 18.05.2018

Recommendation of Placement Committee for Transfer/Posting of Non-gazetted employees of Head Quarters

No.AE 4107(Policy)/Pt.I dated 23.05.2018

Early leaving of office for Muslim employees who are observing fast during the Holy month of Ramzan

No. E.740/0/7th CPC/Clarification dated 26.06.2018

Clarification regarding exercise of option for switching over to 7th CPC from the date of promotion falling after the date of notification i.e. 28.07.2016

No.E.1140/0/Pt.III dated 04.07.2018

Inter-Railway and Intra-Railway transfers on requested - Reg.

No.E 77/0/Vol.VIII dated 05.07.2018

Process Reform - Comprehensive Housing Policy

No. E 1049/0/Pt.I dated 11.07.2018

Change in name/surname - Procedure thereof

No. E 838/Genl.Admn./CI-I/Pt.VII dated 23.07.2018

Delegation of powers to DRMs and ADRMs

No.CPO/SC/SA/POL/Pt.X dated 13.09.2018

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds - Checklist

No. E.886/0/Vol.IX dated 19.09.2018

Unauthorised occupation of Railway Accommodation

No.CPO/SC/SA/POL/Pt.XI dated 23.10.2018

Appointment on Compassionate grounds-verification of educational document thereof

No.E/PC-VII/2016/Policy(Vol.II) dated 07.11.2018

Clarification on admissibility of Charge Allowance on Indian Railways

No. E.250/0/Vol.III dated 04.12.2018

Special conditions of contract for mandatory updation of Labour Data on Railway's Shramik Kalyan Portal by Contractor

No.E.685/0/Vol.VI/1 dated 12.12.2018

Issue of Medical ID Card to retiring employees

No.E.740/0/Railway Act dated 12.12.2018

Grant of compensation to the dependents of the victims who die or victims who become permanently disabled resulting solely or directly from any unintended and unforeseen injuries occurance caused at Railway premises during the maintenance, operation and provisioning of any public services undertaken by Ministry of Railways

No.E.Gaz./Misc./Nodal Transformation dated 12.11.2018

Nodal Transformation Officers to facilitate deliverance in the Divisions

No.E/Gaz/Misc./Trg./2018 dated 26.12.2018

Revision of Training fee for Foreign Nationals over IR Establishments under Government of India(GOI) sponsored programmes

No.E.66/0/Pt.I dated 13.11.2018

Grant of Transport Allowance at double the normal rates to deaf & dumb and hearing impaired employees in terms of RBE No. 14/2017 circulated under this office serial circular No. 19/2017- Clarification regarding date of effect thereof


 Letter No. and Date


E.367/2/Misc./MD/Vol.I dated 04.01.2019

Temporary deputation of Paramedics to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia for Haj-2019, regarding

E.296/0/Haj/Pt.II dated 04.01.2019

Temporary deputation of Co-ordinator/Assistant Haj Officer/Haj Assistant to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudia Arabia for Haj-2019, regarding

E.1140/0/Pt.III dated 08.01.2019

Inter-Railway/Inter-Divisional Transfer - Checklist

E.368/0/Re-engagement dated 31.01.2019

Re-engagement of retired railway employees in exigencies of service - procedure to be adopted for assessment of suitability/competency of the retired employees to be re-engaged - reg.

No. E.615/0/1/X dated 31.01.2019

Counting of the period of service of casual labour as qualifying service for pension - clarification reg.

No.E.800/Gaz/Med/CMP/Policy-III dated 01.02.2019

Engagement of Contract Medical Practitioners(CMPs) - Terms and conditions applicable to Contract Medical Practitioners - Revision of daily allowance

No.E.472/0/3/Vol.III(List) dated 15.01.2019

List of additional holidays for  line staff 

No.E.685/0/Pt.VI/1 dated 08.02.2019

Process simplification - Referral of patients for treatment, Investigation, Physiotherapy etc. to the private empanelled and other Govt. Hospitals

No.E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XVII dated 25.02.2019

Reservations for Economically Weaker Sections(EWSs) in Civil posts and services in the Government of India (Ministry of Railways)- Appointment of Grievance Redressal Officer and Liasion Officer

No.E.368/0/Re-engagement dated 07.03.2019

Hiring of ex-Army personnel to wrk as AC Coach Attendants

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy) dated 07.03.2019

Nomination of "Occupier" as in Factories Act, 1948

No.E.240/0/1/Rule 3C/Vol.I dated 12.03.2019

Composition of Internal Complaints Committee, Eastern Railway, Hd.Qrs. for prohibition of sexual harassment on working women at work place

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XI dated 07/05/2019

Screening/Suitability test for Compassionate Ground Appointment to Group-C posts

No.E 368/0/ACP/Pt.V dated 14.05.2019

Regulation of MACPS in case of employees who seek unilateral transfer on own request - clarification reg.

No.E 393/0/2/Confdl./Vol.III dated 12.03.2019

Strengthening of Administration - Pre-mature retirement of non-gazetted Railway servants - periodical review under rule 1802(a)/1804(a) -R II , 1987 edition-regarding

No. E 308/0/Vol.XX dated 06.06.2019

Discussion on status of D&AR cases by Board on 15.05.2019 - Directions of Board

No.E.771/0 dated 22.05.2019

Issue of a "No Objection Certificate"(NOC) and an "Identity Certificate"(IC) for grant of ordinary passport - Procedure reg.

No. E.771/0 dated 07.06.2019

Guidelines for grant of Ex-India Leave and taking prior permission on tour/travel abroad in respect of officers and staff

No. E.839/0/1/Pt.VI dated 13.06.2019

Fixation of pay of employees who seek transfer to a lower post under FR 15(A) [Rule 227(2) of R-I] - Clarification reg.

No. E.685/0/Pt.VI/1 dated 12.06.2019

Decisions taken in Board Meeting on March 06, 2018

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol./Pt.XI dated 26.06.2019

Procedure for dealing Compassionate Ground Appointment Cases

No.E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XVII dated 17.07.2019

Facilities granted to All Indian SC/ST Railway Employees Association and All India OBC Railway Employees Federation/Association

No. E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 30.07.2019

Checklist for processing Disciplinary cases up to Revisionary stage under RS(D&A) Rules, 1968

No.E.11/0/Pt.V dated 31.07.2019

Checklist for surrender of post and creation of post

No. E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XVII dated 27.08.2019

SC and ST status of Tanti and Lohar caste candidates respectively

No. E 787/5/PEN/Settlement/Payment dated 30.08.2019.

Check List for processing Pension and other Retirement benefits (Non-NPS cases)

No. E.240/0/1/Rule 3-C/Vol.I dated 20.09.2019

Composition of Internal Complaints Committee, Eastern Railway Hqrs. for prohibition of sexual harassment on working women at work place

No.E 95/0/Vol.VIII dated 24.09.2019

Revised rates of Road Mileage Allowance for journeys by Taxis and buses in West Bengal

No. E 40/0/Vol.VII dated 24.09.2019.

Claiming of 2.5% rebate in interest on House Building Advance

No. E 1140/0/Pt.III dated 11.09.2019

Implementation of Hon'ble Supreme Court's judgement dated 31.10.2013 in WP(C) 82/2011 - Postings/Transfers on Railways

No. E4142/0/3/Vol.XIII dated 11.10.2019

Application of Model Code of Conduct - reg.

No. E 740/0/7th CPC/Clarification dated 11.10.2019

Issuance of orders on Establishment matters by other departments

No.E 308/0/Vol.XX dated 19.11.2019

Expeditious finalisation of pending CVC cases

No. E 4142/0/3/Vol.XIII dated 20.11.2019

Application of Model Code of Conduct - Bye-Election to the State Legislative Assemblies of Uttarakhand and West Bengal, 2019

No. E 740/0/Misc.(Policy) dated 19.11.2019

Maintenance of Office File

No.E.296/0/Haj/Pt.II dated 04.12.2019.

Temporary deputation of Co-ordinators(Admin)/Assistant Haj Officer/Haj Assistants to Consulate General of India,Jeddah,Saudi Arabia for Haj-2020 - regarding

No.E.472/2/W/IX/Holiday List/Pt.II dated 20.11.2019 and Corrigendum dated 27.11.2019

Holiday List 2020

No.E.890/0/1/R&R/Policy/Pt.XIX dated 10.12.2019

Recruitment of persons with disabilities - formation of panel of scribes - reg.

No.E.890/0/1/R&R/Policy/Pt.XIX dated 17.12.2019

Recruitment on Railways - Advisory on forged/fake letters

No.CPO/SC/SA/POL/Pt.XI dated 29.11.2019

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds - interim order passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP(Civil) Diary No(s) 36277/2019 (arising out of impugned final judgement and order dated 08.02.2019 in WPCT No.6/2019 passed by the High Court at Calcutta) in a case UOI & Anr. vs Samar Kr. Das

No.E.PC-VII/2016/Policy/Vol.II dated 20.12.2019

Clarification on restriction of Officiating Pay under FR-35 (Rule 1329 IREC Vol.II) in the context of RS(RP) rules

No.E.890/0/1/R&R/Policy/Pt.XIX dated 14.01.2020

Considering cases of those MD category PwBD candidates with minimum cut-off score who have filled in/opted inadvertently only against single Disability of LD, VI or HI in the CEN 02/18 Level-1 recruitment


 Letter No. and Date


E.1140/0/Pt.IV dated 01.01.2020.

Placement Committee for transfer/posting of Group C staff at Head Quarters level

 E.472/0/Vol.III(LIST) dated 16.01.2020

List of National Holidays for the year 2020

CPO/SCSA/POL./Pt.XI dated 31.01.2020

Appointment on Compassionate Grounds - interim order passed by the Hon'ble Supreme Court in SLP(Civil) Diary No.(s) 36277/2019 (arising out of impugned final judgement and order dated 08.02.2019 in WPCT No. 06/2019 passed by the High Court at Calcutta) in a case UOI & Oths. -vs- Samar Kumar Das

 No.E 740/G/PCPO/Coronavirus.COVID-19 dated 01.05.2020

Effective use of "Aarogya Setu" App for breaking the chain of transmission of COVID-19
No. E.368/0/ACP/Pt.IV  dated 26.05.2020

Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACP Scheme - Checklist

No.E.787/5/PEN/Settlement/Payment dated 27.05.2020

Payment of Retirement Benefits of staff covered under NPS - Checklist

No.E.740/O/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 04.06.2020

References on Policy Matters - procedure reg.

No.E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XVII dated 09.06.2020

Online pre selection training to SC/ST candidates for selections held for promotion to Gr.B posts

No. E.800/GAZ/MED/CMP/Policy-III dated 14.07.2020

Engagement of Medical Practitioners on Contract basis (CMPs) over and above the vacancy to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic

No. E.890/2/31/TRG./Misc./Pt.I dated 03.08.2020

Standard Operating Procedures(SOP) for functioning/re-opening of Multi Disciplinary Zonal Training Institutes(MDZTI) and Specialised Training Institutes after Covid-19

No.E.1023/0/Pt.X dated 06.08.2020

Promotion - Checklist

No.E.740/0/Misc(Policy)/Pt.I dated 08.09.2020

Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees hose selection for appointment was finalised before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 01.01.2004.

No.ER-HQOPERS(BILL)/2/2020 dated 28.09.2020

Measures to reduce cost and improve savings - Preview of cost of Over Time Allowance(OTA) and Travelling Allowance(TA)

No.E.890/2/31/TRG/Misc./Pt.I dated 05.11.2020

Online Training at IR Training Institutes - Fee Reg.

No.E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 02.12.2020

Procedure for Non-CVC Vigilance cases pertaining to Group C and Group D employees

No.E.368/0/ACP/Pt.IV dated 07.12.2020

Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACPS to Station Masters - reg.

No.E.368/0/ACP/Pt.IV dated 07.12.2020

Grant of Financial Upgradation under MACPS to Station Masters - reg.

2021 & 2022

 Letter No. and Date


No.E.472/0/Vol.III(LIST) dated 05.01.2021

List of National Holidays for the year 2021

No.E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 07.01.2021

Procedures to be followed in DAR cases arising out of Vigilance advice

No.E.1023/0/Pt.X dated 15.01.2021

Selection Procedure - Reg.

No.PCPO/PB/Guidelines/2020 dated 14.01.2021

Payment of remuneraton to Para-medical categories in Group C engaged on contract basis - reg.

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XI dated 22.01.2021

Systematic changes in procedure of Compassionate Appointment Cases

No.E.296/0/Haj/Pt.II dated 27.01.2021

Temporary deputation of Co-ordinators (Admn.)/ Assistant Haj Officer/Haj Assistant to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2021 - reg.

No.E.740/G/PCPO/Coronavirus/COVID-19 dated 25.02.2021

Preventive measure to contain the spread of COVID-19 - Attendance of Central Govt. Officials - reg.

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XI dated 09.03.2021

Systemic Improvement for reducing delay and streamlining the extant procedure in Compassionate Ground Appointment

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 17.03.2021

Joining time from date of issue of "Offer of Appointment" - reg.

No.AE.4142/0/3/Vol.XIV dated 18.03.2021

Immediate action to be taken for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct and application of Model Code of Conduct after announcement of (i) General Elections to the Legislative Assemblies of Assam, Kerala, Tamil Nadu, West Bengal and Puducherry, 2021 and (ii) Bye Elections to the Parliamentary constituencies of Malapuram, Kerala State and Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu.

No.E.308/0/Vol.XX dated 13.04.2021

Inordinate delay in recording of entries of punishment in service records of delinquent officials

No.E.740/G/PCPO/Coronavirus/COVID-19 dated 05.05.2021

Regularisation of absence during COVID-19 pandemic - reg.

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 29.06.2021

Scheme of optional "All India Leave Travel Concession"(AILTC) facility, once in block of four years i.e. 2018-2021 onwards on surrender of privilege passes(PP) - clarification on various points of doubts and Procedure order for processing the claims thereof

No.E.246/0/1/Pt.IV dated 09.08.2021

Maintenance and preparation of Annual Performance Appraisal Reports - Communication of all entries for fairness and transparency in Public Administration - Implementation of extant instructions - regarding

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 09.08.2021

Payment of Leave Salary to Running Staff - Clarification reg.

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 25.03.2021

References for policy clarification - Instructions regarding procedure to be followed

No.E.740/G/PCPO/Coronavirus/COVID-19 dated 17.08.2021

Preventive measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 - reg.

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XI dated 26.08.2021

Appointment in Ministerial Cadre on Compassionate Ground - reg.

No.E.637/0/Pt.V(Encashment of LAP) dated 20.09.2021

Encashment of Leave on Average Pay (LAP) while available Pass/PTO - Clarification reg.

No.AE.4171/SC/Pt.IV dated 30.09.2021

Periodical Transfer of Staff - clarification reg.

No.E.182/0/Vol.IV dated 25.10.2021

Clarification regarding recognition of Jharkhand State Open School for employment in Railways

No.CPO/SC/SA/Comp/POL/Pt.XI dated 02.12.2021

Appointment on Compassionate Ground -  cases pertaining to Store Depots

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 08.12.2021

Coverage under Railway Services(Pension) Rules,1993, in place of National Pension System, of those Railway employees whose selection for appointment was finalised before 01/01/2004 but who joined Railway service on or after 01/01/2004 - clarification reg.

No.E.1056/0/Vol.VII dated 10.12.2021

Delegation of Powers to General Managers - Revision of Annexure-II to Chapter V, Indian Railways Financial Code, Vol.I

No.E.472/0/Vol.III(List) dated 15.12.2021

List of Holidays for the year 2022

No.E.296/0Haj/Pt.II dated 02.02.2022

Temporary deputation of Co-ordinators(Admn.)/Asstt.Haj Officer/Haj Assistant to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia for Haj 2021 - regarding

No.E.511/0/Pt.I dated 08.02.2022

Grant of notional increment (as due on 1st July) for the pensionary benefits to those employees who had retired on 30th June before drawing the same - reg.

No.E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XIX dated 08.02.2022

Reiteration of instructions relating to reservation in temporary appointments

No.E.95/0/Vol.VIII dated 09.02.2022

Admissibility of TA/DA for performing duties in connections with examinations conducted by RRB/RRCs - Clarification reg.

No.E.1140/0/Pt.IV dated 25.02.2022

Placement Committee for Transfer/Posting of Gr.C staff at Headquarters' level

No.E.685/0/Pt.X dated 15.03.2022

Admissibility for extending medical facilities to a unmarried dependent sister of the ex-Railway employees under RELHS-97 whose father is not alive - reg.

No.E.1140/0/Pt.IV dated 17.05.2022

Placement Committee for transfer/posting of Gr.C staff at Head Quarters level

No.E.240/0/Vol.IX dated 15.06.2022

Strict compliance of the provisions under Rule 18 of the Railway Services(Conduct) Rules, 1966

No.E.182/0/Vol.III dated 16.06.2022

Acceptance of qualification obtained from distance education mode - Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu - reg.

No.E.368/0/ACP/Pt.IV dated 06.07.2022

Grant of Grade Pay Rs.6600/-(PB-3) To Nursing Personnel under 3rd MACP

No.E.975/2/MD/RB Ref/Contractual/I dated 01.07.2022

Engagement of retired para-medical staff (in group C) and hiring of para medical staff (in Group C) on contract basis

No.E.1140/0/Pt.IV dated 24.08.2022

Transfer on Mutual Exchange - Clarification regarding "Corresponding Cadre" - reg.

No.E.308/CC/Sharing of Information/Pt.I dated 26.08.2022

Sharing of Information regarding favorable judgement in CA No. 1053 of 2022 arising out of SLP(C) No. 19475 of 2019 in the matter of SECR and Oths vs. Smt. Swapna Chatterjee

No.CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XI dated 16.09.2022

Appointment in Ministerial Category on Compassionate Grounds - reg.

No.E.II/0/Pt.VI dated 22.09.2022

Redistribution of non gazetted posts

No.SBF/Meeting/I/Pt.XI dated 30.09.2022

Revised charges of Holiday Homes under the aegis of CSBF

No.CPO/SC/SA/POL/Pt.XI dated 01.11.2022

Appointment on Compassionate Ground - submission of fake certificate - reg.

No.E.886/0/Vol.VI/.Agglomeration dated 09.12.2022

Policy on agglomeration of Railway Quarters - delegation of powers thereof.

No.E.472/2/W/IX/Holiday List/Pt.II dated 14.12.2022

List of holidays for the year 2023

No.E.1140/0/Corresponding dated 04.01.2023

Comprehensive Transfer Policy - eligibility service condition for Non-Gazetted employees on Inter Railway Request Transfers (IRRT)

No.E.685/0/Pt.X dated 15.12.2022

Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance(FMA) to Railway Pensioners/Family Pensioners - clarification reg.


 Letter No. and Date


No.E.472/0/3/Vol.II dated 06.01.2023

List of National Holidays for the year 2023

 No.E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XIX dated 01.02.2023

Reservation in promotion to persons with Benchmark Disabilities(PwBD)- Relaxation of standard of suitability-reg.

No.E.740/2/Misc./Pt.IX dated 14.02.2023

Refresher and safety courses for Running Staff - Online/Offline Mode

 No.E.691/0/Pt.IV dated 22.02.2023

Medical Examination of Candidates - reg.

No.E.406/0/Pt.I dated 01.03.2023

Grant of Honorarium to the Inquiry Officer for conducting departmental inquiries against a Railway servant - reg.

No.E.685/0/Pt.X dated 21.03.2023

Grant of Fixed Medical Allowance to Railway Pensioners/Family Pensioners - reg.

No.E.787/0/PEN/Pt.XXX dated 27.03.2023

Coverage under Railway Services(Pension) Rules, 1993, in place of National Pension System of those Railway Employees whose selection for appointment was finalised before 01.01.2004 but who joined Railway Services on or after 01.01.2004

No.E.1056/0/Vol.II dated 21.04.2023

Delegation of Powers of General Managers

No.E.740/0/Misc.(Policy)/Pt.I dated 21.04.2023

Procedure for correspondence with Railway Board

No.E. 1056/0/Vol.II dated 19.05.2023

Delegation of powers of Divisional Railway Managers (DRMs)

No. E.11/0/Pt-VI dated 23.06.2023

Outsourcing of activities/manpower in railways

No. CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XII dated 30.06.2023

Appointment of Wards/Spouse of ex-RPF/RPSF personnel and Wards/Spouse of other than RPF/RPSF personnel for posting in RPF/RPSF on compassionate grounds

No. E.11/0/Bench Marking/Pt.-V dated 03.07.2023

Revision of Yardsticks of Telecom Department

No. CPO/SC/SA/Pol/Pt.XII dated 10.10.2023

Procedure for appointment on compassionate grounds - suitability test thereof

No. E1001/O/S/Pt.IV dated 04.12.2023

Preference to wards of Railway officials who are working/have worked onNF Railway (NFR) for admission in Oak Grove School (OGS), Jharipani

No.E.472/0/Vol.III(List) dated 20.12.2023

National Holiday List for the year 2024

No.E.296/0/Haj/Pt.II dated 27.12.2023.

Temporary Deputation of Medical Professionals/Paramedics to Consulate General of India, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia  for Haj-2024-regarding


 Letter No. and Date


No. CPO/CC/Centralize APAR Position/21 dated 24.01.2024

Extension of timelines for completion of APARs for the year 2022-23

No. CPO/CC/Centralize APAR Position/21 dated 19.02.2024

Opening of e-APAR window in HRMS for completion of hierarchy mapping and generation of APAR forms for the year 2023-24

No. E.787/0/PEN/Pt.XXX dated 07.03.2024

Absorption of the Course Completed Act Apprentices in Eastern Railway - Coverage under Old Pension Scheme

No. AE. 4142/0/3/Vol.XIV dated 21.03.2024

Immediate action to be taken for enforcement of Model Code of Conduct after announcement of General Elections to House of the People (Lok Sabha), 2024 & State Legislative Assemblies in the States of Andhra Pradesh, Arunachal Pradesh, Odisha & Sikkim and certain bye-elections 

No. E.787/0/PEN/Pt.XXX dated 05.04.2024

Coverage under Railway Services (Pension) Rule, 1993 in place of National Pension System in case of those Railway employees who were recruited against the posts/vacancies advertised/notified on or before 22.12.2023

No. E.771/0 dated 09.04.2024

Issuance of Ordinary Passport to employees - Procedure

No. AE. 4142/0/3/Vol.XIV dated 09.04.2024

General Elections to the House of People, 2024 (Parliamentary Elections, 2024) - Declaration of public holiday

No. E.220/0/2/RR/Pt.XIX dated 08.05.2024

Modification/revision in instructions regarding authorities competent to issue Caste/Tribe/Community Certificates in respect of SC/ST/OBC and Income & Asset Certificate in respect of EWS

No. CPO/CC/Centralize APAR Position/21 dated 15.05.2024

Timelines for completion of APAR for the year 2023-24

No. E.839/LP/CLI/Court case dated 20.05.2024

Fixation of Pay of running staff on promotion to the General Posts - case of Chief Loco Inspectors (CLIs) - Clarification reg.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 21-05-2024  

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