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Name: Shri Pankaj Yadav, IRTS
Designation: Divisional Operations Manager(IC)/Asansol
Tel(O): 0341-2304615     email:



ASANSOL DIVISION is one of the premier divisions not only in ER but also in Indian Railways. This division was established in 1925. This division is very important from operations point of view, both freight and passenger traffic. The division is at the cross road of the Grand Chord Route via Gaya and the Main line route via Patna and is rightly referred as the heart of the operations.

The department is headed by DIVL. OPERATIONS MANAGER(IC) assisted by the following officers :



The territorial boundary of the division extends from the distant signal of Khana Jn in the east to distant signal of Jhajha station in the west on Main line. On the Grand Chord line, the boundary extends upto the distant signal of Pradhankhanta station. The territorial jurisdiction of the division also extends over branch lines such as Andal - Sainthia, Madhupur - Giridih, Jasidih- Baidyanathdham, Jasidih-Dumka, Jasidih-Banka, Andal-Topsi-Baraboni-Sitarampur and Bhimgara-Palasthali

The division has a unique distinction in operations of various kinds. These are - a quadruple electrified section between Khana to Sitarampur with MACL signalling, a double line automatic signalling territory between Sitarampur to Chotoambona, Main line section between Sitarampur - Jhajha with electrified branch single line between Jasidih - Baidyanathdham sectionhaving one train only system and branch single line between Madhupur-Giridih, a twin single line working on electrified section between Andal-Pandabeswar and thereafter double line from Pandabeswar to Sainthia on Andal-Sainthia section and single line non-electrified between Jasidih-Dumka and Jasidih-Banka sections with MACL signalling system.

 The interchange points for the purpose of freight operations over Asansol division are as under:-

  • Ø Pradhankhanta with Dhanbad division of E.C. Railway.
  • Ø Jhajha with Danapur division of E.C. Railway.
  • Ø Mohishila and Burnpur with Adra division of S.E.Railway.
  • Ø Khana, Jhaptardhal, Sainthia and Shikaripara with Howrah division of Eastern Railway.
  • Ø Barapalashi and Banka with Malda division of Eastern Railway.

Operating department is responsible for planning of transport services, running of trains and continuous watch on safety, economy and efficiency in transport services. Basically two types of operations are carried out viz. Passenger train operation and Goods train operation

Passenger train operation  :- 113 pair of Mail/Express train and 141 no. of Passenger trains including -116- MEMUs per day are run over Asansol division territory in Up and Down direction. Apart from these regular trains some special train services are also planned & executed every year during “SHRAVANI MELA” at Baidyanathdham, CHAT Puja, DURGA Puja, HOLI etc. to cater to people at large.

Goods train operation :-  Operating department  of Asansol division has a prime role in Goods operation of Eastern Railway. The total loading of Asansol division up to March 2021 is  39.32  MT. The major contribution in loading is of coal, which contributes  76.64% of total loading with 30.13 MT.


The traffic pattern over Asansol division for freight operation may be classified into followings:-

A)THROUGH PASSING TRAFFIC:-Asansol division is the carrier of the through passing traffic like trains received from DHN division of E.C. Rly., carrying traffic from Northern, Central and Western part of India for various destinations over Eastern & North Eastern India. The traffic mainly includes food grains, Cement, Salt and other essential commodities. Trains are also received from Adra division of South Eastern Railway for through passing. Coal loaded rakes are also carried over the system to make over to the various power houses and industries in Eastern India. The traffic originating in the down country divisions like Howrah and Sealdah are being run out towards Northern, North Eastern and South Eastern Railways. Through passing traffic Ex. Dhanbad and Adra Division of ECR and SER respectively meant for N.F. Railway and Malda division of E.Rly. has a peculiarity of requiring reversal of traction at Andal. The requirement of reversal of traction at Andal is a constraint for the division from the point of availability of free lines for shunting and gives rise to the average detention of wagons.

 (B)ORIGINATING TRAFFIC:- This division is serving Thermal Power Stations of various states of the country like West Bengal, Bihar, Tamilnadu, Uttarpradesh, Delhi etc. and various industries like Brick, Glass, Paper etc. by loading coal from various coal loading belts of the division. Coal of Raniganj area is very precious having high calorific value.

Apart from the coal loading, various other commodities are also loaded by this division which are Pig Iron and Finished steel products, Hard Coke/Coke fraction, Cement, Granulated slag, POL products, Concrete sleeper, Food grains etc.

New commodities like Sand, Fly ash and Stone Chips are being loaded from Asansol, Topsi, Mathurapur, Vidyasagar, Barachak Suri and Dumka goods sheds. The loading is also done in Asansol Division for intra-division destinations.

 (C)SHUNTING TRAINS:-Piecemeal traffic from North Frontier Rly., South Eastern Rly, East Central Rly. and adjoining divisions of Eastern Railway is received at Andal yard. The loads are formed after segregating the received traffic and run out in various directions. The mixed loads are formed as juggler for various destinations like JAT, TKD, GHZ, NJP, NBQ, NH & CP etc.

(D)TERMINATING TRAFFIC:-Asansol division has 07 important terminals/goods sheds at Durgapur, Raniganj, Asansol, Jasidih, Topsi, Suri and Dumka. The inward terminating traffic is received for these terminals are food grains, salt, cement, iron ore, manganese ore, chrome ore, pig iron etc. This traffic caters to the industrial belts of Durgapur-Raniganj and Topsi-Ikhra areas.

Apart from inward terminating traffic for goods shed, raw materials like coal, iron ore, manganese ore, lime stone, dolomite, clinker etc. is received for various plants/industries like Durgapur Steel Plant, SAIL-ISP, Durgapur Projects Ltd., L&T cement plant, Durgapur Coke-oven plant, Durgapur Cement Works and Emami Cement Ltd.The traffic for and ex Panagarh military base is also handled by Asansol division.

 Mobility enhancement Works completed in current financial year(2020-21)

1.05 additional shunt signals have been provided at VIDYASAGAR during July’20. Earlier shunting movements of loco, material van, track machine  and tower  wagon  were carried out from Up line to Dn line/Hot axle siding or vice versa after clamp and padlocking of related  points.

The above-mentioned shunting movements used to consume 40—45 minutes of time with resultant blockadeofmovementsonalllinesatthisstationaswellasonSTN—JAJsectionduetocascadingeffect. Safety was compromised to a great extent as shunting movements were done depending on thevigilance of on duty staff without the supportof technology.

Advantages achieved after completion of work:

On an average of 25—30 minutes of time per shunting movement can be saved due to signaling movement. Due to signaling movements, safety can also be ensured to greater extent.

2.Dumka 2nd DD line (GSDD) : Dumka 2ndDD line (GSDD) has been notified w.e.f 24.2.21 and opened for coal & stone traffic on 12.3.21 to attract additional coal and stone traffic from Jharkhand area.

3. Loading at Hazratpur Siding: Hazratpur Siding in Bhimgarh-Palasthali section of Asansol Divn was closed since 2002. After a month of untiring effort by Business Development Unit & Team Asansol, the track of Bhimgarh-Hazratpur section & the siding were made Engg & Comml. fit in a record time of about 40 days. 1st rake loading of sand was done on 07.09.2020. 

4.New Goods Shed at Baktarnagar station:  A new Goods Shed has been commissioned at Baktarnagar station and sand rake loading has been inaugurated on 19.02.2021. This Goods Shed will decongest Raniganj Goods Shed & boost up Divl. Goods loading.

5.Line no. 6 of Kunuri was operational w.e.f Sept’20.  

6.Sonepur Bazari project of ECL served by PAW station opened on 18.03.2021 with modification of PAW station yard to handle the incremental traffic.

7.Madhupur – Giridih Electrification completed on Oct’2020. Running of MEMU service have been started over the section from June’21 to eliminate loco reversal.


Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 20-06-2024  

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