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         Signal and Telecom

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Signal and Telecom


Signal and Telecom Department

Eastern Railway, Sealdah


Modern Signalling System in Sealdah Division

1. Electronic Interlocking (E.I.) – With a view to minimizing Signal failures due to Relay contact problems by largely reducing the numbers of Relay and ensuring easy maintenance of the Signalling system, Electronic Interlocking (E.I.) systems have been introduced in Sealdah Division. Presently47 Nos. of Block Stations of the division are provided with E.I. systems for running the Signalling systems.

2. Automatic Signalling – To increase sectional capacity, Sealdah Division has gone for introducing Automatic Signalling system. At present, there are 22 Nos. of Automatic Signalling Sections in this division, which are controlled by AC/ DC Track Circuits, AFTC, SSDAC, HASSDAC & MSDAC.

3. Axle Counter – Axle Counter is very advanced electronics equipment which is nowadays being used to detect the presence of a train in Absolute Block Section, Auto Section, and Point Zone area of a station and at L.C. Gate. Axle Counter has become indispensable for proving complete arrival of a train after passing a Block Section. Presently, there are 181 Set of Block Proving Axle Counters (BPAC) working in total 143 Block Line Sections of the division. At present, 306 Set of Single Section Digital Axle Counters (SSDAC), 107 Set of High Availability Single Section Digital Axle Counters (HASSDAC) and 194 Set of Multi Section Digital Axle Counters (MSDAC) are working at various places of the division. 

4. Data logger & Remote Terminal Unit (RTU) – Data logger & RTU are Microprocessor-based equipments for logging changes of events of the Signal Interlocking systems of Block Stations, Auto Sections, L.C. Gates. These play a very vital role in quick detection and rectification of Signal failures by analysis of failures and help in preventive maintenance of the concerned Signalling system. Presently, 148 Nos. of Data loggers and 12 Nos. of RTUs are working at various Block Stations, Auto Sections and L.C. Gates of the division.

5. Integrated Power Supply (IPS) – IPS is the most essential and reliable equipment for power supply arrangement as it reduces the maintenance hazards of a huge number of batteries meant for various purposes as well as eliminates the possibility of Blanking of Signal in face of an approaching train. Currently, there are 171 Nos. of IPS systems in this division.

6. Electrically-operated Lifting Barrier (ELB) – With a view to making operation of Level Crossing (L.C.) Gate easier and ensuring easy maintenance and quick restoration of L.C. Gate system, Sealdah Division has gone for introducing Electrically-operated Lifting Barrier (ELB) system in lieu of conventional Mechanical Lifting Barrier system. Presently, total 207 Nos. of Interlocked L.C. Gates of the division are provided with ELBs. 

7. Universal Fail Safe Block Interface (UFSBI) – With a view to minimizing Block Instrument Failures and thereby improving Block Signalling system, Electronics-based equipment Universal Fail Safe Block Surface Interface (UFSBI) has been introduced in Sealdah Division in lieu of conventional Block Instruments like DLBI, TLBI & TBI. Currently, there are 51 Set UFSBIworking in this division.


Providing basic telecommunications facilities for the Railways vast transport system is the responsibility of the Signal & Telecom Department. The telecommunications facilities provided in the Railways are broadly categorized into three areas of applications.

Telecommunication for train operation :

Control Communication system gives controller information for efficient train control and monitoring. Omnibus circuits exist for control operation connected with central control at SEALDAH.

Optical Fibre Communication:

Optical Fibre communication system is the backbone of telecommunication network. The short –haul STM-1 equipments of 155 mbps capacity is provided at 121 stations along with fibre network. The Short –haul STM-1 network is protected by long –haul STM-1 self healing ring network provided in sections of control. The fibre network carries VOICE, DATA, & MULTIMEDIA services for various applications. Also IP MPLS Routers are installed from DDJ to RHA for better bandwidth availability and utilization in circuits like VSS, Scada, Wi Fi system etc

Optical fibre communication is available in the following sections:



226.88 KMS.



44.67 KMS.






109.45 KMS.



53.30 KMS.



21.44 KMS.



18.40 KMS.



14.53 KMS.



59.50 KMS.



29.69 KMS



84.28 KMS



4.78 KMS



5.05 KMS


· Public Address System: This setup is used to provide information regarding train movements, arrival departure and late running of trains if any. There are total 165 stations in Sealdah Division where public address system is provided.

· Integrated Passenger Information System (IPIS): System that provide train related information using alphanumeric display units suitably interconnected and controlled from central data controller. There are total 66 stations where IPIS is provided.

· Wi-Fi: The Wi-Fi facility is provided at 116 stations in Sealdah Division.

· CCTV: The CCTV facility is provided at 08 stations i.e. Sealdah, Majerhat, Ballygunge, Naihati, Kolkata Terminal, Bidhannagar Road, Dum Dum Jn. and Berhampore Court.


Provides telephone Exchanges for Railway internal communication requirements. In Sealdah division there are 13 IP based Electronic Exchanges provided at different location, connected with 2MB link.


Data communication circuits available for computerized passengers reservation system (PRS), Unreservered Ticketing system (UTS), Freight operation and Information system (FOIS) Crew Management system (CMS).

Cable Route Plan

* S&T Model Question Bank.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed : 22-02-2024  

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