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Outstanding Achievements (April’21 to November’21)

ØEnhancement of sectional speed - Maximum Permissible speed from 105KMPH to 110KMPH in KAN-BDAG Section, From 100 KMPH to 110 KMPH in BDC-SKG Section,From 60KMPH to 80KMPH in AZ-NHT Section (UP Line) & 50KMPH to 70KMPH in SKIP-DUMK Section, increased during this period. Further relaxation of Sectional Speed From Existing sanctioned by CRS to Normal Sectional Speed increased in following section i)DBP-RSLR new UP Line From 90KMPH to 100KMPH ,MUG-KHN new UP Line From 90KMPH to 100KMPH,BLY-DKAE new DN Line From 90KMPH to 110KMPH, CWLE-KNSN new UP Line From 90KMPH to 100KMPH,GGLE-KWAE new DN Line From 90KMPH to 100KMPH This will help in mobility improvement.


ØEnhancement of speed on first loop line - Speed raised from 15 KMPH to 30 KMPH in the section of BDC(ex) to SKG(ex), BWN(ex) to KWAE(ex) and in the Section KWAE(ex)-AMP(ex) on first loop lines during this FY.


ØRemoval of PSR - 5 nos. 3 Nos PSRs in BB Loop have been removed & 2 Nos PSRs in HWH-BLY Main Line have been relaxed during this period. This will help in throughout enhancement and mobility improvement.


ØRemoval of Long Pending TSR: 2 Nos. long pending TSR have been removed in DKAE-BRPA New 4th Line during this period.


ØCommissioning of New line: New passenger line has been commissioned in between Katwa (KWAE) & Gangatikuri (GGLE) (New DN line from Km 104.700 to Km 115.021= 10.321 KM) , in between Karnasubarna (KNSN) & Chowrigacha (CWLE) (New DN line from Km 152.040 to Km 142.670= 9.370 KM) in Bandel-Katwa-Azimganj BB Loop and in between Bhattanagar (BTNG) & Baltikuri(BLTR) (New UP line from Km 5.93 from DKAE to Km 8.63 from DKAE=2.70 KM). This has increased line capacity in the division.


ØBridge work- Regirdering of Bridge No. 77 (12x18.30m) with new girder along with H-Beam sleeper in SBG Loop has been done during this period.


ØBridge work- Strengthening of Br no 56 in SBG Loop by Boulder crate and Br no 113 in BDC-SKG section by jacketing has been done during this period.