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      Model Question Bank
            JE P.Way SET-2

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JE P.Way SET-2




1.As a PWI (not- in-charge), foot inspection of his entire jurisdiction should be carried out once in ______



a) 1b) 6c) 12 d) 4


As a PWI ( in-charge), push trolley inspection of his entire jurisdiction with PSC sleeper should be carried out


once in

________ months. a) 1b) 6c) 12 d) 4


In case of a CST/9 sleeper track, key man has to attend ______ No. of T.Ps thoroughly every day.


A) 2

b) 5

c) a & b d) none of the above


Curve is inspected once in ___ months in A route with PSC sleeper by JE/SE/P.Way in rotation.


A) 4

B) 2

c) 6 d) 4

5.Schedule of inspection of monsoon patrolling by train is once in ________ for JE/II/P.Way. a) fortnight b) a month c) a week d) daily

6.ERC in _______ number of PSC sleepers have to be greased during key man’s daily inspection when his


entire length is with PSC sleeper a) 80b) 20c) 10 d) 30

7.Tools and equipment with gang has to be inspected once in _____ by JE/P.way

a)fortnightb) a monthc) a week d) daily


8.Points and crossing on non running line has to be inspected once in ________ months by JE/SE on rotation

a)6b) 3c) 1 d) 4


9.The SE / P.way has to inspect the small track machines once in ______ .

a) month b) fortnightc) weekd) daily

10.Minimum level of supervision for mass lubrication of rail joints is ________.


(a) key man (b) G.mate,(c) PWId) AEN


11.Gang mate has to perform the key man patrolling once a ______. A) fortnight b) week c) month d) daily

12.If prima facie cause of accident is rail fracture, the fractured rail pieces are sent to ______

a) CMT/PERb) RDSOc) Rly Boardd) PCE



13.Chamfering of rail holes reduces stress concentration by ________ %


a) 14b) 24c) 4 If flame cutting of rail is unavoidable


15.In need based system of USFD testing of rails, the interval between successive tests in the field will be after


the passage of ____ subject to a maximum interval of 24 months. A) 5

b) 8






, preheating of ____ mm on either side has to be done before cutting



a) 500

b) 100

c) 300d) 400











Second coat in the anticorrosive treatment of rails will be given with _____ emulsion.








b) bituminousc) IS – 158 d)is it122



c) 0








Combination joints are provided with _______mm gap

a) 6

b) 10

d) 0.5







___ is used for using wornout fish plates in the track

a) shim

b) saddle plate

c) half moon washer



Rail with rolling mark 60 880 SAIL 0 XI / 2002 indicates _________ grade rail a) 60

b) 880





_________ route inRailway is classified asE special a) HWH-BDCb) BDC-BWNc) SHE-GOGTd) BDC-KWAE


Rail of 13 m length should be transported by ____numbers of dip lorries. (a) 1

(b) 2


(c) 3

d) 4




Maximum permissible vertical wear for 60kg rail section ___ mm (a)12



d) 8





‘E’ route BG Track with annual GMT of more than 20 should have minimum rail section of _____ kg




a) 52 kg 880 grade b) 60 kgc) 52 kg 710 grade

d) 90R










____ route in Eastern Railway is classified as 'A' route






IMR defective rails shall be replaced with in _______ days.

A. 1




d) Once in month



DFW welds secured with joggled fish plates and clamps shall be replaced with in _____ days.





A. 3

b. 15

c. 3 monthsd) one month






A. 2 b.3 c.4d. 5



The frequency of SKV weld testing in sections having 40 GMT is once in

______ years.




The frequency of rail testing in sections having 48 GMT is once in _______ months.

A. )1.5 b.)2c) 3 d) 4


The double rail tester of USFD machine is having ________ No. of probes.A.4b. 5

c.10 d.15



Grooved rubber pad used on 60 kg PSC sleeper is T-___.A) 3706b) 3703c) 3711 d) 3099


32.T 3707 GFN liners are used at __________ side when 52 kg rail is fixed on T2496 PSC sleepers in track circuited area a) gauge b) non gauge c)a &b d) not applicable


Size of auger used for drilling of rail screw holes in hard wood sleepers is _______mm.

a) 18b) 20c) 22 d) 24


In toe load testing of ERC if 20% of sample size or more records less than 600kg of toe load, then double the


_____________ . A) frequency of inspectionb) sample size

c) both a & b

d) none ofthem


Saddled plates are used for ___________ sleeper

a) CST 9 b) steelc) wooden d) PRCC


Sleeper density of 1660 nos/km has a sleeper spacing of _________ cma) 55

b) 60c) 65


PSC sleeper is having ______ scrap value

a. 0

b) less

c) more

d) lessin amount


_______mm is the nominal gauge for new BG PSC sleepers a) 1673 b) 1676

c) 1679d) 1750


GFN liner used for fixing 52 kg rail on T2495 PSC sleeper is _____



a) T3702

b) T3706 (GF)

c) T3707 (GF) & T3708 (NGF)

T3885 NGF


Greasing of ERC is carried out once in ___________ months for normal area. A) 6b) 12c) 24d) 36

41.Steel keys are driven in opposite direction in alternate sleepers in _________ section

(a) double line (b) single line (c) any lined) narrow gauge line


Sleeper spacing on curved track marked on ____ rail (a) inner

(b) outer(c) a & b d) none of these


Mass lubrication of ERCs is carried out by keeping ____ sleepers on either side intact

(a) 15 (b) 10 (c) 30 d) 45


Minimum ballast cushion for 22.1T axle load route is _________mm. a) 250

b) 300c) 350 d) 150


The sieve opening

used for size & gradation of ballast is ___mm.



a) 85X85 b) 40 x 40 c) 10 x 10d) 15X 15



Maximum height of

ballast stack is _______m a) 1

b) 0.5

c) 2d) 2.5



Measured ballast stack are identified by ______





a) Sprinkling cement mortarb) sprinkling lime

c)sprinkling sand

d) sprinkling stone

48.Ballast deficiency is assessed for deep screening work at 2-3 sleeper bay for every_______

a) kmb) hectometer c) 2 kmd) 4 km

49. ____ number of stacks can be collected in a Plot of a ballast depota) 4 b) 2c) 1d) 3

50.Unloading of ballast at centre of track and at shoulder is done by using ________ wagons. A) BKH b) BOB c) BOX d) BOY


Retention of ballast in sieve analysis is determined by _________


a) Weightb) Volume c) both a & b d) none of the these


Abrasion and impact value for ballast are tested for supply of ballast for every ______ cum


a) 1000

b) 2000

c) 5000d) 4000


The bridge is classified as _________ Bridge when total linear water way is 350m


a. minor

b. major

c. important d) all

54.Trolley refuges are provided for bridges having main spans less than 100m at every __________m a) 200 b) 100 c) 50 d) 80

55. ____ bearing plates can be used over girder bridges a) cantedb) Anti creepc) special size d) any size

56.Converging of guard rails for BG track over girder bridge is laid for a length of _____ mm. A) 3660 b) 4875 c) 1800 d) bridge size

57. Clear spacing of bridge timber on BG new track should not be more than ______mm

a) 450b) 51 c) 200 d) 250

58.Top of the gourd rail should not be lower than that of the running rail by more than. A) 20 b) 25 c) 30 d) 50

59. Hook bolts used for plate girder bridges are___ type

a)Sloping leg b) straight leg c) any of the above d)cant leg

60.Clear spacing of bridge timber at rail joints on BG track should not be more than __________ mm (a)500 (b)450 ( c) 200 d)250

61.The length of a BG bridge sleeper is outside to outside of girder flanges plus 305mm but not less than



a) 2440

b) 2750c) 3050 d) 4875






Minimum thickness of BG bridge sleeper excluding notching is _________ mm.

(a)150 (b)175(c)200 d) 225



As an alternative to wooden sleeper,__________ sleepers are used in railway steel girder bridges.



(a) steel trough

(b) steel channel (c) CST-9

d) aspecial size




The size of auger used for fixing rail in Bridge timber is _______ mm a) 18b) 20c) 22



The PSC sleeper to RDSO T- 4088-4097 are used at the

_______ of bridges.



A. center

b. end

c. approaches d.all of these

b) 5




Retarring of bridge timber is to be done once in ___ yearsa) 3

c) 10d)12



The danger mark is painted in ____ colour in bridges

a) yellow

b) red

c) white d) green



TBTR is done in

___________ bridges a) ballasted

b) girder

c) both a & b d) none of these


69. Ballast penetration profiles should be obtained at ____________ intervals.


A) every TP b) every kmc) every hectometer


70.As per five step method increasing the ballast cushion even up to _________ mm by raising the track. A) 250 b) 350 c) 450 d) 550

71.The sand piles are so arranged that the cross section area of the sand piles should be about __________ %


of the formation area (excluding cess portion). A) 10

b) 20

c) 5

d) 25







The minimum thickness of blanket is ___________ mm in ordinary clay soil. a) 300

b) 500

c) 800 d) 1000



The recommended formation width for BG double line embankment is __________ mm.





a) 11550

b) 12150

c) 6850d) 4500










The catch water drain should be provided _________ meter away from the edge of cutting.

A) 2b) 3c) 5 d)8



The bank side slope should be __________ for good formation soil. A) 2:1

b) 1:2

c) 1:1

d) 1.5:1



The slope of top of formation should be ______. a) 1 in 20 b) 1 in 60

c) 1 in 40

d) 1 in 50



Soil should be filled in layers of __________ cm thickness before consolidation. a) 15


b) 30c) 45 d)60



Service tolerance of gauge is ________ mm for 500m radius curved BG track







a) -6 to +6 b) -6 to +15c) Up to + 20d) +2 to -2



b) reversing





Accuracy of T square can be checked by ________ its position

a) tilting

c) both a & b d) none



A ramp of 1 in ____ has to be ensured during major lifting of track before allowing the train over the work



spot a) 100b) 200

c) 500 d) 700










Distance pieces to platform lines are provided for every __________m a) 30

b) 100

c) 50




Max. Permissible creep in IR is ____________ a) 50

b) 150 c) 250

d) 300






The Gauge is measured ___ mm below rail top in the track a) 13 b) 0

c) 19 d) 12






Grease and k.oil are mixed in ________ proportion to form stiff paste for lubricating fishplate




a) 3 :2

b) 4:7 c) 1:1 d) 1.5:2







b) 100c) 0 d) 2



_______ m length of track can be left unscreened in a day’s (deep, screening) work

A) 13


86.Shallow screening of crib ballast is carried out up to ____mm below bottom of sleeper in machine maintained section a) 50-75 b) 25 - 50 c) 75-100 d) 100-125

87.The screen is inclined at an angle not less than ______ ˚ to vertical in deep screening work.


a) 30b) 45

c) 60 d)75






Serial number of sleepers begin at every _______. a) p.way section b) kmc) gang length d) AEN section


Sighting of rail for lifting track is done by viewing ____ a) Top of rail table on gauge face side b) top of rail


table on non gauge face sidec) bottom of rail table on non gauge face side

d) all of above


Rails are identified as LH/RH along the ________ in case of single line section



a) traffic

b) increasing km

c) decreasing

d) both a & b



______ joints are not lubricated.a) insulated b) combination c) fish plated d) both a & b


Each gang chart is meant for ___________ months

a) 3

b) 6c) 12 d) 24


93.Pre tamping works are to be done by ___ in 3 tier system of maintenance a) OMU b) MMU c) sectional gangs d) all of above

94. ____ activity is not carried by TTM during tamping work a) packing b) aligningc) boxing d) gauging


95.____________are used to find out crack in bottom of rail a) Mirror b) Magnifying glass c) Both a & b d) None of above

96.In Deep screening process, the screen of size _____ mm is used for manual deep screening. a) 50 x 50 b) 30 x 30 c) 45 x 45 d) 60X30

97. ___ ballast is not screened in shallow screening a) cribb) shoulder c) cushion d) all


98. Deep screening of plain track is carried out once in ____ years a) 10 b) 3 c) 2 d) 4


99. Gang chart to be marked with ____





a) work done by gangb) weatherc) both a & b d) none of these



______is used to check packing of wooden sleeper

in the track







a) Canna-a Boule b) hammer

c) wooden rammer

d) all of above



One of the functions of MMU – II of three-tier maintenance system is _______.




A) reconditioning of crossing

b) SKV welding

c) Destressing

d) Boxing



The curve shall be realigned within _____ from the date of measurement.





a) a week

b) fortnight

c) a monthd) there are no such criteria





The curve is measured with versine to an accuracy of ____mma) 2 b) 1c) 5 d) 1.5



The curve in BG A route track shall be measured on ____ m chord.A) 10b) 20c) 6 d) 3



While using SPEED ON CURVE software for curve design, password to be entered ____.












Minimum radius of a turn in curve in BG is ___m

a) 165

b) 220

c) 350 d) 400




Cant gradient of 0.25% induces inbuilt twist of _________ mm/m a) 0.25 b) 2.5 c) 5 d) 3.5




Super elevation difference between two consecutive stations on a BG curved track should not exceed


________ mm without CE’s approval. a) 14b) 28c) 35 d)45




__________ type junction of gradients leads to bunching of vehicles.



A) sag b) summitc) both a & b d) none of these



Minimum radius of a vertical curve on Gr. D route is _________ m. a) 2500

b) 3000

c) 4000 d) 3500


New track laid over a BG curve of 6 degree shall have gauge up to ______mm



a) +10b) +15 c) +20 d) -6



On curves,_______ rail is taken as reference for longitudinal level. a) outer

b) any

c) inner d) check

113.Reverse curve on BG high speed route should have a minimum straight of ______m between curves. a) 30 b) 50 c) 10 d) 15

114.Speed of goods train on T/O on 1 in 8 ½ of straight switch layout is ____kmph a)10 (b) 15 (c) 30 d) 45

115.Maximum degree of BG curve is _______. (a) 15 (b) 10 (c) 5 d)20

116.___________ is provided on curve to balance the centrifugal force. A) cantb) shiftc) cant excess d) cant deficiency

117.If a 1 in 12 turn out with curved switch takes off from the outside of BG curve of 350 m radius, the type of turn out will be ________ . A) similar flexure b) contra flexure c) symmetrical split d) reverse split

118.1 in 8.5 Turn outs should not normally take off from ________ curve.

A) inside b) outsidec) any side d) all of them

119.Equilibrium cant for minimum sectional speed + ________ = Actual cant. a)cant deficiency (b)cant excess (c) rate of change of cant d)minimum radius

120. In IR, transition curve shape is _________ (a)cubical parabola (b)spiral (c)clothoidal d) triangular

121.Mid stagger joints are provided on BG 13 m rail curved track of radius ___.

(a)less than 400m(b)more than 400m(c)more than 600m d) all are correct

122.Maximum permissible cant on BG Group D route is ______ mm a) 165b) 140c) 100 d) 160

123.If versine of 100 mm is measured over 20 m chord on the circular curve, radius of the curve is designated as ________ m. (a)500 (b)1000 (c) 1500 d) 2000


Versine in cm measured on ___ m chord of curve gives te degree of curve.a) 20b) 6c) 11.8 d) 3.6


Virtual transition length on BG is _______ma) 14.6b) 13.7c) 20 d) 13.6

126.In Indian Railways, setting of circular curve is done by ______ method. a) Rankine's b) string lining c) offset d) theodilight


_______ mm/sec is the maximum rate of change of cant

permissible on BG routes. A) 35b) 55c) 25 d)65



____ Authority will be given by the gateman after closing and locking the LC gate against road traffic



a) PN b) LBc) look out caution d) PB





In an unmanned LC, ______ board for road users should be provided in the road approaches at 5m from



the centre of nearest track. a) Stopb) cautionc) speed d) height gauge




Census at LC shall be taken by ____ department only.

A. enggb. personnel

c. commercial d) none


131.W/L Indicator has to be provided at ___m from unmanned LC with clear visibility on Single line a) 600 b) 350 c) 1200 d) 1600

132.In case of an obstruction at LC, banner flag should be displayed at a distance of 5 m from ___________.

(a) end of LC (b) end of check rail (c) end of gate lodge d) none of these


Cleaning of flange way of check rails is done by ___

in UM LC






a) gang mateb) GKc) key man d) Trackman







LC having TVU > 50000 is classified as ____ categorya) B1

b) A

c) Special


d) C



____ gradient shall be provided on road surface within gates in LC





a) Nob) 1 in 30 c) 1 in 40 d) 1 in 50





The census is taken fonce in ___ years a) 1b) 3

c) 5




c) 8 d) 6



Heigth gauge is provided at a distance of ___m from the gate in LCa) 3

b) 5



Hot weather patrolling is introduced when the prevailing rail temperature falls above Td ____ 0C.



A) +10b) -20c) +25 d) +30









Manual packing in LWR track should be done, when the prevailing rail temperature

is between ____0C



(a) td + 20 and td – 30(b) td + 10 and td – 30

(c) td + 20 and td – 20

d) tm to td+20



Destressing temperature range for 52 kg rail section LWR is ____0C







a) tm + 5 to tm + 15(b) tm + 5 to tm + 10( c ) tm to tm + 10

d) tm to tm+5



Glued joints used in LWR should be _________ type

a) G3S

b) G3L

c) both a & b

d) none of the these



The gradient shall not be steeper than 1 in ___ for laying LWR

a) 50

b) 100

c) 25

d) 75


143.The other thermometer is checked for accuracy with ___ type thermometer

a)dialb) embeddedc) pen d) all


144.Temporary destressing is not required for deep screening when prevailing rail temprature is < Td +____ 0C

a)+10b) +20c) +30 d) +35


Rollers shall be placed at every __ sleepers during destressinga) 25b) 15c) 50 d)60


The shoulder ballast shall be heaped over ___ mm above top of sleeper for LWR track


a) 50b) 100c)150 d) 200



Minimum level of supervision of renewing fastenings in LWR track with lifting is ___




a) key man

b) gang matec) PWI d) AEN





c) security d)hot weather



_________ Patrolling is introduced during civil disturbance.a) monsoon

b) emergency



Emergency patrol can be introduced by _______ of gang. a) key man

b) gang mate

c) track man d) any one



Beat length of each patrol man should not exceed _________ km. a) 5

b) 10

c) 15

d) 25



The maximum walking speed ofmonsoon patrol man is _________ kmph

a) 5

b) 8

c) 3 d) 6



Tapered washers are used in ___________




a) built up crossing b) CMS crossing c) obtuse crossing

d) none of these



______ mm is deducted from measured wear of 52 kg CMS Xing to get actual wear of Xing.



a) 2b) 2.5

c) 0 d) 1.5








Before reconditioning, ______crossing is preheated. a) built up

b) CMS

c) obtuse

d) scissors


155.Turn out curvature starts from actual toe of switch for _______switches a) straight b) curved c) both a & b d) none

156.___________ heel type of switch is most preferable. a) loose b) fixedc) two fit d) none

157.The sleeper spacing of 1 in 12 fan shaped layout is marked on ____ rails only a) main line b) turn out rails c) lead rails d) tongue rail

158.Diamond crossing with double slip has _______ number of leading stretcher bar. A) 1 b) 2c) 4 d) 6

159.The groove is made at _________ rail seat on bearing plate beyond heel of switch. a) switch b) stock c) tongue d) any


_____type of electrodes are used for reconditioning of curved switches





a) H3 b) H3A c) both a & bd) none of these





The end bend of wing rail is called as ___________ a) flareb) toec) heel

d) flange




Z clamp is used in ______ portion to reduce the creep a) crossing

b) switch

c) lead rail d) toe



LH tongue rail of RH curved switch BG turnout shall be ________





a) curved b) straight c) partly curved d) all of three





Interlocked points are attended in presence of _______________ staff.





A) TRD b) mechanical c) signal d) Operating





Turn in curve is measured on ____ m chords at ___ m interval. A) 6 & 3

b) 3 & 6c) 20 & 10

d) 10& 20



The gauge at 150 mm behind nose of CMS Xing in fan shaped layout is ____ .





A) 1676 b) 1673 c) 1679 d)1750





________is used to secure point setting during passage of train in spring loaded points.





A) cotter b) locking boltc) both a & b d) none


c) 0






The gap between lead rail and toe of CMS crossing is ___ mm. a) 6

b) 4

d) 2.5





MS bracket of TWS are connected to ____rail




(a) web of tongue (b) foot of tongue (c) foot of stock (d) top of tongue



Spherical washers are used at _____ side of heel block on IRS straight switches





a) LH (b) both (c) RH d) inside




171.Gauge variation at the entry /exist of turn out is eased out at the rate of 1 mm per ___m a) 1 (b) 3 (c) 5 d) 6


Obtuse crossing check rail is raised by____ mm over rail top table a) 13(b) 39(c) 25 d)45


Letter ‘RE’ on top of sleeper of LH fan shaped layout is laid on ____ side of turnout


(a) any(b) right(c) left d) none


Heel divergence is ______ mm for BG 1 in 8 ½ curved switch turnout. A) 136b) 175c) 182.5 d) 195

175.Tongue rail table is ______ mm higher than stock rail table at heel of switch for thick web switch a) 6 b) 0 c) 12 d) 16


The gauge in ATS is ________ mm for 1 in 12 PSC fanshaped layout a) 1673 b) 1676 c) 1679 d) 1750


Stretcher bar is assembled by keeping ____the throw of switch a) fullb) half c) quarter d) onethird


In the 1 in 8.5 scissors cross over, the Xing number of Diamond is 1 in ___. A) 6b) 8.5c) 4.25 d) 6.5

179.The limiting vertical wear of 60 kg tongue rail is ______ mm of 1 in 12 fan shaped layout. A) 8 b) 13 c) 10 d) 6

180.The minimum gap between top of leading stretcher bar and bottom of stock rail of a new point shall be


___mm a) 5b) 1.5c) 0d) 2.5

181.In Indian Railways, Diamond Xing number is restricted to 1 in ____ a) 12 b) 6c) 8.5 d) 16

182.Lubrication of rail joints comes under work of ___________

(a) short duration (b) long duration (c) line block d) All of the above


183.Rail renewal is carried out with ________ protection

(a) short duration (b) long duration (c) line block (d) none of three



At night, BD Special shall leave the station within ___ minutes form the time of siren



a) 15 b) 30c) 45 d) 60



RAW means _______


a) Rain affecting worksb) Railway affecting waterc) Railway affecting works d) Railway arranging works


If sabotage is suspected to be cause of accident then, _____ clearance is required before working at


accident site.a) magistrateb) GM

c) police d) Sectional DEN



The accident due to failure of ______ is classified under K category.



a) P.Wayb) signal c) mechanical d) traffic


188.Speed indicator is provided at __m from work spot when one speed restriction is in force a) 600 b) 5 c) 30d) 45


Stop indicator will be provided in the LC road approaches at 5m from the ___



a) gateb) centre of nearest trackc) centre of road

d) centre of two lines



Flare signal emits bright red flame for ________ minutes

a) 10b) 7c) 5 d) 6


191.Size of stop indicator used in work of long duration is

a) 1400 x 300mm b) 1400x400mm c) 1000x400mm d) 1400 X 250


Dip lorry may be worked during day time clear weather with ___________protection




(a) line block (b) caution order (c) whistle d) banner flag



Deep screening comes under work of ___________



a) short duration b) long duration c) line block d) none of above



Speed indicator will be erected at a height of _______ m from rail level

a) 1.65

b) 2.5

c) 2 d) 3



Termination indicator will be erected at a height of _______ m from rail level (a) 2.25 (b) 1.65 (c) 2.0 d) 3



EMU trains can be allowed to run when water level above rail level is ____mm a) 230

b) 450c) 0 d) 300



Caution indicator is provided at a distance of ___m from BG work spot.

a) 600b) 30

c) 1200 d) 300



Minimum level of supervision for rail dolley working is _____




a) PWI b) Gang mate c) Key man d) Trackman




Detonators can be used in main line for ___ years.

a) 5

b) 17c) 3




Size of banner flag for BG track is ___ x ____m. a) 1.5 x 0.5

c) 1.676

x 0.69c) 1.93 x 0.69 d) 2.5X .5



The caution indicator is provided at ___ m height above rail level. A) 1

b) 1.5

c) 2





Engineering indicators are used for work of _____ duration. A) long

b) short

c) both a & b d) none


203.The minimum distance from the center of BG track to the platform coping is ___ mm a) 1576 (b) 1670 (c)1626 d) 1450


Minimum check rail clearance of 52 kg CMS Xing used for PSC layout is _____ mm.


a) 41b) 44c) 51 d) 57


The minimum Check rail clearance at LC is ____ mm (a) 47

(b) 51

(c) 67 m d) 41


The Permissible throw of switch in new BG turnout is _____


a) 115b) 100c) 95 d) 85


_________ is the extra clearance required on the outside due to curvature.


A. end throwb. over throwc. lean d) all of above



208.Min. height of FOB at the centre of a BG track in electrified sections is ________mm. a.5870 b. 6100 c.6250 d) 1650


Min. height of a BG high level passenger platform from rail level is _____mm


a) 760b) 840c) 1035 d)1670


Check rail clearance of BG wooden turnout is between _____mm.


a) 41 - 45b) 44-48 c) 51 – 57 d) 37-42

211.Min. height of ROB at the centre of a BG track in electrified sections is ________mm. a.5870 b.6100 c.6250 d.4660

212.SWR can be continued over bridge upto a span of _______ m for unsymmetrical condition.


A) 13.3b) 6.1c) 30.5 d) N11.8

213.SWR shall not be laid over curved PSC sleeper track with Radius less than _____ metre

a) 500 b) 440c) 875 d) 175


214.Regular maintenance of 1000 m Radius BG SWR track can be carried out with out any restrictions when rail temperature is up to _______ 0C a) Tm + 10 b) Tm + 15 c) Tm + 25 d) Tm+30

215.Deep Screening in BG SWR track can be carried out when rail temperature is up to _______ 0C a) Tm + 10 b) Tm + 15 c) Tm + 25

216.Gap Survey is conducted once in ______ a) a monthb) a yearc) fortnight d) week

217.The fish plated joints of SWR track at level crossing shall not be located with in ____ m from end of LC. A) 3 b) 0 c) 6 d) 5

218.Gap survey shall be carried out when the rail temperature is in _____ trend only.


A) rising

b) falling

c) both a & b d) none


Profiling and distribution of ballast is carried out by ________ machine



___ number of insertions is given per sleeper by TTM when BG PSC sleeper track is lifted by 50 mm.


a) 1b) 2

c) 3

d) 4


Motorized trolleys in T-28 machine shall shift the loaded P&C to a maximum of ______ mm to avoid


infringements a) 450

b) 300c) 750d) 1000

222.In smoothening mode of TTM working with four point lining method, the residual error ratio is 1: ____. A) 3.14 b) 6.09c) 1 d) 4.5

223.The existing track shall be replaced with ____ m rails to carry out renewal with PQRS machines a) 39 b) 13 c) 26 d) 52

224.The machine that pack 3 sleepers at a time is _____ a) Unimatb) CSMc) Tamping Express

d) BCM

225.Generally, in BCM working, the machine can screen the ballast for a width of ____ mm a) 3400 b) 2750 c) 4100 d) 4500


_____ machine is used for track relayinga) PQRSb) TRTc) UTV d) both a & b


The tamping cycle for track having other than PSC sleeper is once in ______ years.A) 1b) 2c) 3 d) 4



The dynamic gauge of auxiliary track is ___ mm in PQRS work.



a) 1750 b) 1673 c) 3400 d) 1676



Crane wheels of PQRS machine moves on ___.a) road

b) rail

c) both a & b d) none

230.Alignment correction can be made when UNIMAT work on _____ track only. a) main line b) turnout c) any d) none of these

231.Design mode of working of Tamping machines cause _________ residual error.


A) 1: 3.14 b) 1: 6.09c) zero d) 1:1.5










TQI value of 30 indicates that block requires _____ attention.





A) planned b) urgentc) locald) need base






___ based method suitable for isolated attention in track monitoring


b) SD c) both a & b



a) peak b) SD c) chord d) both a & b





The BG track with section speed more than 110 kmph having > ___g location require attention




a) 0.15b) 0.2

c) 0.1 d) 3.0



b) B







The track with A5

category has 5 peaks more than ___ limit a) C

c) A






Alignment is given with weightage factor of ___ in calculation of TGI

a) 1

b) 2c) 6

d) 4




OMS inspection for track with 100 kmph

is once in ___ months

a) 1

b) 2

c) 4

d) 3




Ride index > 3.5

require ___ attention








a) planned

b) urgent

c) immediate


d) need base




Minimum height of a 52 kg rail section for AT welding of rail joints is ____mm





a) 150 b) 156 c) 153 d) 160






Minimum head width of a 60kg rail section for AT welding of rail joints is ___ mm





a) 72 b) 69 c) 66 d) 70





AT welding of rail joints should be adopted for _____

a) Conversion of 13 m track into LWR ,


b) Conversion of SWR track into LWR , c) Conversion of 13 m track into SWR d) none of above


242._____ fuel is adopted for AT welding of rail joints. (a) Air - petrol (b) LPG-OXY (C) both a & b d) none

243.If 880 grade rail has to be welded with 710 grade rail in unavoidable circumstances, welding portion to be used should be ________ grade. a) 1000 b) 710 c) 880 d) all of above

244.During AT welding of rail joints using second hand rails , old AT weld and ____ mm length on either side should be removed.(a)85 (b) 100 (c) 150 d) 200

245.Gap for SKV type of AT weld is ___ mm (a) 20± 1(b) 25± 1(c) 30 ± 1 d)35±1

246.Fastenings of at least ___ sleepers on either side should be made free before welding in the track.

(a) 2 (b) 4 (c) 5 d) 6


247.At least _____ no. of supports should be provided on either side for cess welding

(a) 5 (b) 2 (c) 10 d) 15

248.___ powder is used in crucible for insulating the reaction process from tapping hole.


A. aluminumb. iron

c. asbestosd) all of above


While fixing mould for AT welding, centre of mould to coincide with _______


a) centre of rail gap

b) centre of cruciblec) a & bd) none of the above


Test weld rail length should be ___ m for sending to CMT for weld test. A) 0.50b) 1c) 1.5 d) 2.0


The sample test joint shall be made once for every ______ No. of joints.


A. 100b.200c. 1000 d. 500

252.The tolerance for the finished welds of lateral alignment is ______ mm on 10 cm straight edge. A.+/- 1 b.+/- 0.5 c.+/- 0.3 d.+/- 4







a) oddb) evenc) alld.none



In Measurement book, ____ pages to be machine numbered.










254. Heel divergence is:

(A)Always less than flange-way clearance (B)Equal to flange-way clearance

(C)Always greater than flange-way clearance (D)Sometimes greater than flange-way clearance 254.Stretcher bar is provided

(A)To permit lateral movement of the tongue rail

(B) To maintain the two tongue rails at the exact distance

(C)To ensure exact gauge at the toe of the switch as well as the nose of crossing

(D)To prevent any vertical movement between the wing rail and nose of crossing

255.Cant deficiency occurs when a vehicle travels around a curve at

(A)Equilibrium speedB) Speeds higher than equilibrium speed

(C)Speeds lower than equilibrium speed (D)Booked speed

256.Staggered joints are generally provided

(A)On curves (B)On straight track (C)When two different rail sections are required to be joined (D)None of the

257.Creep is the

(A) Longitudinal movement of rail

(B) Lateral movement of rail

(C) Vertical movement of rail

(D) Difference in level of two rails

258.Due to battering action of wheels over the end of the rails, the rails get bent down and are deflected at ends. These rails are called

(A)Roaring rails(B) Hogged rails(C)Corrugated rails (D)Buckled rails

259.The main function of a fish plate is

(A)To join the two rails together(B) To join rails with the sleeper

(C)To allow rail to expand and contract freely(D) None of the above Answer

260.Two important constituents in the composition of steel used for rail are

(A)Carbon and silicon(B)Manganese and phosphorous

(C) Carbon and manganese(D)Carbon and sulphur

261.Flange-way clearance is the distance

(A) Between the adjoining faces of the running rail and the check rail near the crossing

(B) Between the gauge faces of the stock rail and the tongue rail

(C)Through which the tongue rail moves laterally at the toe of the switch

(D)None of the above

262.Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

(A) Sleepers hold the rails at proper gauge on straights

(B)Sleepers provide stability to the permanent way

(C)Sleepers act as an elastic cushion between rails and ballast

(D) None of these

263.On Indian Railways, number of a crossing is defined as

(A)Sine of angle of crossing(B)Cosine of angle of crossing

(C)Tangent of angle of crossing(D) Contingent of angle of crossing

264.Pandrol clips cannot be used with

(A) Wooden sleepers(B) Concrete sleepers

(C) CST-9 sleepers(D) Steel trough sleepers

265.Type of switch rails generally adopted for modern track, is

(A)Straight switch(B) Curved switch

(C)Loose heel switch(D) Bent switch

266.Lead of crossing is the distance from the

(A)Heel of the switch to the toe of the switch

(B) Heel of the switch to the theoretical nose of the crossing

(C)Toe of the switch to the theoretical nose of crossing

(D)Toe of the switch to the actual nose of crossing

267.The place where a railway line and a road cross each other at the same level, is known as

(A)Cross over (B)Railway junction (C)Road junction (D)Level crossing

268.The object of providing a point lock is

(A)To ensure that each switch is correctly set

(B)To ensure that the point may not be operated while the train is on it

(C)To detect any obstruction between and tongue rail

(D)None of the above

269.To avoid the damage of nose of crossing, the wing rails are ramped so that nose of crossing remains at a lower level by

(A)3 mm(B)4 mm (C)5 mm (D)6 mm


270.Wear of rails is maximum in weight of

(A)Tangent track (B) Sharp curve (C)Tunnels (D)Coastal area

271.Degree of a railway curve is defined as number of degrees subtended at the centre of a curve by an arc of (A)10 m (B)15 m (C)20 m (D)30.5 m

272.The rail is designated by its

(A)Length (B)Weight (C)Cross-section (D)Weight per unit length

273.A turn-in-curve is defined as

274.(A)A curve introduced between two straights

(B)A reverse curve

(C)A reverse curve introduced in continuity of a turn out

(D)A spiral transition curve


275.Ordinary rails are made of

(A)Mild steel (B)Cast iron (C)Wrought iron (D)High carbon steel

276.In India the rails are manufactured by

(A)Open hearth process(B) Duplex process

(C)Both (a) and(b)(D)Neither (a) nor (b)

277.The formation width for a railway track depends on the(i) Type of gauge(ii) Number of tracks to be laid side by side(iii) Slope of sides of embankment or cutting The correct answer is

(A)Only (i) (B)Both (i) and (ii) (C)Both (i) and (iii) (D)(i), (ii) and (iii)

278.Main disadvantage of steel sleepers, is:

(A)It gets rusted quickly (B)Its lugs sometimes get broken

(C)Its lugs sometimes get split (D)All the above

279.For a Broad Gauge route with (M + 7) sleeper density, number of sleepers per rail length is

(A)18 (B)19 (C)20(D)21

280.Switch angle is the angle between

(A)The gauge face of the stock rail and tongue rail

(B)The outer face of the stock rail and tongue rail

(C)The gauge face of the stock rail and outer face of the tongue rail

(D)The outer face of the stock rail and the gauge face of the tongue rail

281.Pick up the incorrect statement from the following:

(A)Sleepers transfer the load of moving locomotive to the girders of the bridges

(B)Sleepers act as a non-elastic medium between the rails and ballast

(C)Sleepers hold the rails at 1 in 20 tilt inward

(D)Sleepers hold the rails loose on curve

282.The main advantage of a cement concrete sleeper, is:

(A)Its heavy weight which improves the track modulus

(B)Its capacity to maintain gauge

(C)Its suitability for track circuiting

(D)All the above

283.Stock rails are

(A)Parts of crossing (B)Fitted against check rails (C)Fitted against tongue rails

(D)Laid between heel of switch and nose of crossing

284.Consider the following statements about concrete sleepers.

1. They improve the track modulus.2. They have good scrap value.

3. They render transportation easy.4. They maintain the gauge quite satisfactorily. Of these statements

(A)1 and 2 are correct (B)2 and 3 are correct (C)3 and 4 are correct (D)1 and 4 are correct


285.The arrangement of rails which permit trains to cross another track and also to divert to the other track, is called

(A)Diamond crossing (B)Diamond crossing with single slip

(C)Diamond crossing with double slip (D)Cross over

286.Pick up the correct statement from the following:

(A)Length of tongue rail should be greater than rigid wheel base of vehicle

(B)Stock rail should be longer than tongue rail

(C)Length of stock rail ahead of the toe should be a minimum of 1.65 m

(D)All the above

287.The sleepers resting directly on girder are fastened to the top flange of girder by

(A)Hook bolts (B)Dog spikes (C)Fang bolts (D)Rail screws

288.Coning of wheels is provided

(A)To check lateral movement of wheels (B)To avoid damage to inner faces of rails

(C)To avoid discomfort to passengers (D)All the above

289.The grade compensation on B.G. tracks on Indian Railways, is

(A)0.02 % (B)0.03 % (C)0.04 % (D)0.05 %

290.Wheels of a rolling stock are provided flanges on

(A)Outer side (B)Inner side (C)Both sides (D)Neither side

291.To design a cross-over between parallel tracks, the required components are:

(A)Two switch points, two acute angle crossings and two check rails

(B)Two switch points, two acute angle crossings and four check rails

(C)Two switch points, two acute angle crossings and six check rails

(D)None of these

292.The type of switch generally used for B.G. and M.G. tracks, is

(A)Articulated (B)Undercut (C)Over riding (D)Straight cut

293.If 'A' is the angle formed by two gauge faces, the crossing number will be

(A)tan A (B)cot A (C)sec A (D)A rad

294.Wing rails are provided

(A)Near tongue rails (B)Near check rails (C)Near stock rails (D)In crossing

Rail section first designed on Indian railways, was

(A)Double headed (B)Bull headed (C)Flat footed (D)(a) and (b) simultaneously

295.Question No. 128 For the purpose of track maintenance, the number of turn out equivalent to one track km is: (A)1 (B)2 (C)5 (D)10


296.Check rails are provided on inner side of inner rails if sharpness of a B.G. curve, is more than

(A)3° (B)5° (C)6° (D)

297.Packing of ballast is done

(A)Near the ends of sleepers (B)On the shoulders (C)Under sleepers (D)Between two rails

298.The total gap on both sides between the inside edges of wheel flanges and gauge faces of the rail is kept as (A)10 mm (B)13 mm (C)16 mm (D)19 mm

299.In a diamond crossing, numbers of noses are

(A)2 (B)3 (C)4 (D)6

300.The angle between the gauge faces of the stock rail and tongue rail, is called

(A)Switch angle (B)Angle of crossing (C)Angle of turnout (D)None of these

301.In permanent way, ballast

(A)Transfers load from sleepers to the formation (B)Provides an elastic bed to the track

(C)Provides a drainage of track (D)All the above

302.Which of the following devices is used to transfer the wagons or locomotives to and from parallel tracks without any necessity of shunting?

(A)Triangle (B)Turntable (C) Traverser(D)Scotch block

303.Sleeper density in India is normally kept as

(A)(M + 2) to (M + 7) (B)M to (M + 2) (C)(M + 5) to (M + 10) (D)M M

304.Head width of 52 kg rail section is

(A)61.9 mm (B)66.7 mm (C)67 mm (D)72.33 mm


305.The formation width for a double line Broad Gauge track in cutting (excluding drains) as adopted on

Indian Railways is

(A)6.10 m (B)8.84 m (C)10.21 m (D)10.82 m


306.Arrangement made to divert the trains from one track to another, is known as

(A)Railway point (B)Railway crossing (C)Turnout (D)Railway junction

307.The limiting value of cant excess for Broad Gauge is

(A)55 mm (B)65 mm (C)75 mm (D)100 mm

308.One degree of curve is equivalent to

(A)1600/R (B)1700/R (C)1750/R (D)1850/R R

309.Largest dimension of a rail is its

(A)Height (B)Foot width (C)Head width (D)Any of the above

310.According to Indian Railway Board, no diamond crossing should be flatter than

(A)1 in 6 (B)1 in 8½ (C)1 in 12 (D)1 in 16

311.Which of the following methods of designation of crossing is mostly used in India?

(A)Center line method (B)Right angle method (C)Isosceles angle method (D)None of the above

312.Yellow light-hand signal indicates

(A)Stop (B)Proceed (C)Proceed cautiously (D)None of the above

313.If α is switch angle and R is radius of the turnout, the length of the tongue rail, is

(A)R sin α(B)R tan α(C)R sin α /2 (D) R tan α /2

314.The shape of transition curve used by Indian Railways is

(A)Cubic parabola (B)Spiral (C)Sine curve (D)Lemniscates of Bernoulli

315.Gauge of a permanent way, is

(A)Minimum distance between running faces of rails (B)Minimum distance between outer faces of rails (C)Distance between centres of rails (D)Width of formation

316.At points and crossings, the total number of sleepers for 1 in 12 turnouts in Broad Gauge is

(A)51 (B)62 (C)70 (D)78

317.Number of switches provided on a Gaunt-letted track is

(A)1 (B)2 (C)3 (D)None of the above

318.Maximum cant deficiency prescribed on Indian Board Gauge Railways, is

(A)40 mm (B)50 mm (C)75 mm (D)100 mm

319.If G is gauge is metres, V is speed of trains in km/hour and R is radius of a curve in metres, the equilibrium super elevation is

(A)GV²/R (B)GV²/17R (C)GV²/127R(D)GV²/130R

320.Number of fish bolts per fish plate is

(A)2 (B)4 (C)5 (D)6

321.For flat bottom sleepers, maximum size of ballast, is

(A)50 mm (B)40 mm (C)33 mm (D)25 mm


322.The nominal size of ballast used for points and crossings is

(A)25 mm (B)40 mm (C)50 mm (D)10 mm


323.The overall length of a turn out is the distance between the end of stock rail and

(A)Heel of crossing (B)Actual nose of crossing (C)Throat of crossing (D)Toe of crossing


324.A mono-block sleeper has

(A)Square section (B)Rectangular section (C)Trapezoidal section (D)Semi-circular section


325.Boxing of ballast is done

(A)Under rails (B)At the rails (C)In between two rails (D)In between two sleepers


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