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140T Crane Specification

ItemOld (1986) design - 1WDHNew (1997) design - 3WDH
RDSO Document reference numberMP-MISC-118 (Rev-0.00)MP-MISC-119 (Rev-0.00)
Track gauge1676 mm1676 mm
No. of vehicles in running orderCrane with two 3 - axle bogies + Match truck with two 2 - axle bogiesCrane with two 3 - axle bogies + Match truck with two 2 - axle bogies
Length of crane over buffers13300 mm13300 mm
Length of match truck over buffers15970 mm16000 mm
Overall length29270 mm29300 mm
Width of crane3000 mm3100 mm
Width of match truck3000 mm3000 mm
Min track curvature174 m radius174 m radius
Max height of crane from RL3950 mm3900 mm
Overall weight200t200t
Axle load in running order20t20t
Tail radius5.5 m5.5m, 6.5m
Counterweight:4 pieces: 5.2T, 6T, 14T, 18T 3 pieces: 8T, 15T, 24T
std duty29.2t (5.2 + 6 + 18)47t (24 + 15 + 8) at 5.5m
heavy duty43.2t (29.2 + 14)47t (24 + 15 + 8) at 6.5m
OutriggersSwing out type, 4 nos.Swing out type, 4 nos.
Propping base6m, 2.7m6m, 5m, 2.9m
Jib/Boom 18 m long Box section (octagonal) 18.75 m long Box section (rectangular)
Suspension craneHelical & disc springHelical & disc spring
Suspension match truckCoil springCoil spring
Wheel dia crane915 (new), 860 (cond)920 (new), 840 (cond)
Wheel dia match truck
  • 915 (new), 860 (cond)

  • crane no 143005 to 143010 - 1000 (new), 906 (cond)

1000 (new), 906 (cond)
Safe load indicatorPAT, Germany/ Amrita Lakshami Electronics, Mechanica SystemsPAT, Germany
Hauling winch capacity5 t5 t
Lifting beam capacity2 nos. - 140T & 70T2 nos. - 140T & 70T
  • Main (Ramshorn) - 140t
  • Auxiliary - 25t

  • Main (Ramshorn) - 140t
  • Auxiliary - 25t

Working radius Main hoist
  • Maximum - 16 m
  • Minimum - 5.5 m
  • Maximum - 17 m
  • Minimum - 5.5 m
Working radius aux hoist
  • Maximum - 17 m
  • Minimum - 6.5 m
  • Maximum - 18 m
  • Minimum - 6.5 m
Range of Lift Main hoist
  • Above rail level - 16.5 m
  • Below rail level - 4 m
  • Above rail level - 17 m
  • Below rail level - 4 m
Range of Lift aux hoist
  • Above rail level - 17.8 m
  • Below rail level - 3 m
  • Above rail level - 18 m
  • Below rail level - 3 m
Max capacity for full propped and full cwt.140 T at 8 m radius, 360 degree slewing141 T at 8 m radius, 360 degree slewing. Load moment calculations and load charts are different.
Crane Motion and Speeds:
Derricking1 min from max to min radius165 sec from max to min radius
Slewing1 RPM1 RPM
Main hoist lifting2.5 m/min4 m/min
Main hoist rapid lowering5 m/min8 m/min
Auxiliary hoist lifting15 m/min15 m/min
Auxiliary hoist rapid lowering30 m/min30 m/min
Self travel speed:
travel with load6 km/h6 km/h
travel without load12 km/h20 km/h
Hauling speed:100 kmph (after high speed modification)100 kmph (after high speed modification)

Main Diesel Engine:

TypeNT 855 - R4 NTA 855 - P
MountingHorizontal Vertical
Horse power285 (224 kw)263 (205 kw)
No of cylynder66
Bore & stroke (mm)140 X 152140 X 152
Compression ratio14.1:114.1:1
Lub oil sump capacity28.2 liters43 liters
Fuel tank capacity1000 liters900 liters

Main Diesel Engine:

TypeTA 2HA 294
Horse power14 (10.5 kw)23 (16.9 KW)

Auxiliary compressor

SAB WABCO, axle mounted, reciprocating, mounted outside, driven by belt drive- 7.2 bar. SAB WABCO, axle mounted, reciprocating, fitted inside the bogie, driven by pinion meshed with the bull gear - 7 bar

Brakes crane

Air brake, Vacuum brake & Parking brake (disc type)Air brake, Vacuum brake & Parking brake (disc type)

Brakes match truck

  • Air brake, Parking brake (disc type)
  • Air brake, Parking brake (clasp type) in crane numbers 142038 to 142043 & 143001 to 143010
Air brake, Parking brake (clasp type)


'A' frameavailableIn place of 'A' frame, gallows and bigger bridle of the old design a single frame for suspending cwt has been designed.
Gallowsfixed cwt. radiuspermit the counterweight assembly to be placed at 5.5 or 6.5 m radius
Slewing arrangementRoller bearing type slewing ring with internal spur gear3 - stage planetary hoist with spring loaded multi-disc brake roller slewing ring with external teething
Hydraulic oil tankone single tank fitted in the rear portion of the superstructuretwo internally connected tanks just behind the cab
Fuel tankannular shaped tank above the slewing ringbox shaped tank in the rear portion of the superstructure
No. of pulleys in main hoist89
Max capacity for full propped and full cwt.140T at 8m radius, 360 degree slewing141T at 8m radius, 360 degree slewing
Counterweightall control in cab, single lever operationall controls in the rear of the crane, three levers for control.
Hoistsseparate lever for main and auxiliary hoistssingle joystick for main and auxiliary hoists
Rapid motion switchfoot operatedswitch on the top of joystick for hoist operation


Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 30-09-2011  

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