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02.11.2018117GST Tax Deducted at Source filling of GSTR-7-instructions thereof..
17.10.2018113GST-Annual Return Form GSTR9 for the FY 2017-18 notified by CBIC..
12.10.2018112Guidelines for GST TDS to be deducted by Railway Customers (Govt. entities/PSUs etc) on invoices of Railways for Revenue Earnings..
12.10.2018111Guidelines for GST TDS to be deducted by Railway Customers (Govt. entities/PSUs etc) on invoices of Railways for Sales..

GST Document
29.09.2018107Clarification on Deduction of TDS @ 2% on IGST Transactions also, effective from October 1, 2018..
2014/TG-1/23/PRS Terminal/Pt.225.09.2018CC-56Applicability of GST on Annual System Access Charges, Annual License Fees of YTSK and Penalties imposed upon YTSKLs..
2018/AC-II/1/4624.09.2018104GST Tax Deducted at Source Registration-instructions thereof..
2017/AC-II/1/6/Main/Vol. II21.09.2018103Data Entry-GST Output Tax/Input Tax..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST21.09.2018102Modification of GST Invoice in Manual Web Portal..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST21.09.2018101Pending GST Issues..
2018/AC-II/1/4619.09.2018100Accounting of deduction and deposits of GST TDS by the Railways..
2018/AC-II/1/4617.09.201898GST Tax Deducted at Source on transactions-instructions thereof..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST14.09.201897GST-TDS Notification reg..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST11.09.201895GST-Instructions regarding actions to be taken to ensure compliance with certain provisions before 30th September, 2018..
2017/TC-III/15/227.08.2018--Implementation of Goods & Service Tax (GST) on auction of unclaimed and unconnected items..
TC-II/2910/2017/GST/224.08.2018--Implementation of Goods & Service (GST) on transportation of passenger by Rail..
TCR/1078/2017/1921.08.2018--Guidelines for implementation of GST exemption (as applicable) for "Transit Cargo" to/from Nepal and Bhutan..
2018/AC-II/1/3917.08.201889Training for trainers in GST Rules..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST14.08.201887GST-Instruction regarding actions to be taken to ensure compliance with certain provisions before September,2018-Reg..
2018/AC-II/1/3910.08.201884GST Training/Handholding Sessions..
2017/AC-III/6/Main/Vol.II06.08.201880Data Entry-GST Output Tax/Input Tax.
2017/AC-II1/6/Main/Vol.II26.06.201870Data Entry - GST Output Tax/Input Tax.
2012/TG.III/631/209.04.2018CC-21Incidence of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on provision of Catering Services over IR.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST03.04.201838GST Rate for Catering Service.
2017/AC-II/01/11/GST/reference31.03.201835Serial Number of Tax Invoice under GST.
2017/AC-II/01/11/GST/reference21.03.201826Issues relating to GST - Action by 31.03.2018
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST10.03.201816GST Data
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST26.02.201813GST Data
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST(PART)22.02.201812GST Zone-wise/State-wise Data
2017/AC-II/1/12/GST/E.way Bills05.02.201807E-Way Bill procedure
2017/AC-II/1/302.02.201806GST on renting of immovable property
2017/AC-II/1/12/GST/E-Way Bill30.01.201805Procedure to be followed by all ZRs/PUs for complying the provisions relating to generation of E-way Bill contemplated in CGST Rules, 2017 as a transporter of goods by Rail
2016/ACII/01/Misc./GST16.01.201803Extension of Time Limit for furnishing the details of outward supplies in form GSTR-I
2014/TG-I/23/PRS Terminal/Pt.216.01.2018CC-05Implementation of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Yatri Ticket Suvidha Kendra (YTSK).
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST08.01.201801GST Data
2017/ACII/1/6/Main (Vol.II)26.12.2017181GST Matters.
2016/ACII/01/Misc./GST15.12.2017176Corrections of Manual Data of July'2017.
GST Circular No 79/201712.12.2017--Filing of Form TRAN-I to avail Input Tax Credit.
2017/AC-II/1/6/Main(Vol.II)05.12.2017172Transitional Guidelines.
2012/TG.III/631/201.12.2017CC-79Applicability of GST of static Catering Services.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST27.11.2017168GST Data
2008/RS(G)/777/122.11.2017--Invoicing in GST regime for sale of Scrap by Indian Railways.
2016/ACII/01/Misc./GST21.11.2017165Problems faced in uploading of data in GSTN portal.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc.GST20.11.2017164Change in Rate for Catering Service.
2017/AC-II(CC)/GST/37/1310.11.2017160Issue of Invoices to Railways etc.
2016/AC-II/1/6/VOL.II01.11.2017158Extension of timelines.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc./GST 30.10.2017156Last date for filing of GSTR3B Return.
2008/RS(G)/777/130.10.2017--GST on Sale of Scrap by Indian Railways
2017/CE-I/CT/7/GST27.10.2017--Impact of GST on Existing Works Contracts
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queries23.10.2017152GST on Sale of Scrap.
2016/AC-II/GST 18.10.2017151Notification
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queries16.10.2017150Applicability of GST relating to expenditure through imprest.
2008/RS(G)/777/113.10.2017--Clarification on GST implementation in scrap disposal
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II05.10.2017--Corrigendum to RBA-100-GST and PAN Details of IRFC.
2017/AC-II/01/18/GST Queries04.10.2017140Applicability of GST relating to expenditure through imprest.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST04.10.2017138Last date for filling of GSTR 38 return.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST22.09.2017132Checking of GST related data.
2016/AC-II(CC)/IPAS/37(ZR)22.09.2017131Development of Module for Imprest bill passing in IPAS (GST enabled).
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST22.09.2017129Registration for deduction of TDS.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST22.09.2017128Last date for filing of GSTR3B Return.
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST(Non RBA)14.09.2017--Information regarding consultancy in respect of GST..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc/GST12.09.2017125Processing of Manual Data for upload in GST..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc.GST06.09.2017123System based reconciliation of information furnished in form GSTR-1 and Form GSTR-2 with form GSTR-3 B-reg.
2008/RS(G)/777/105.09.2017--Evaluation of offers under GST regime..
2016/AC-II/01/Misc.GST04.09.2017-Upload of data relating to GSTR1 for July, 2017.
2017/AC-II/2/529.08.2017122Schedule on GST in monthly Account Current.
2017/AC-II/1/6(CRIS)28.08.2017120GST Related Data Entry and Modification of Data.
2017/AC-II/1/6/GST/Main/Vol.II07.08.2017110Transitional Credits.
2017/AC-II/1/6/Vol.II03.08.2017107GST in IR - Claiming of Input Tax Credit (ITC).
2006/TG.I/20/P/LTC pt.02.08.2017CC-56Levy of GST on charges for verification of journey details.
2017/AC-II/01/6/Cab.Sec02.08.2017106GST Implementation Issues.
2017/AC-II/1/18/GST-Queries14.07.201793GST interpretation-Transitional situations.
2017/AC-II/1/6/Vol.II11.07.2017-GST Exemption for Railway equipment and materials moved by Indian Railways for its own consumption across various states.
2017/AC-II/1/6/Vol.II07.07.2017-GST on IR- Input of Offline Data.
2017/CE-I/CT/4/GST/1/6/Vol.II05.07.201789Amendment in Clause 46-A Part-II of Indian Railways Standard General Conditions of Contract, July 2014-Price Variation Clause.
2017/Track-1(P)/GST30.06.201786Invoicing for supply of Rails from SAIL under GST Regime.
2012/TG.III/631/930.06.2017CC48Applicabality of GST on Standard Items..
TCR/1078/2017/1930.06.2017RC-19Levy of Goods and Service Tax (GST) on Transportation of Goods by Rail..
TC-II/2910/2017/GST/229.06.201796Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on Transportation of Passenger by Rail..
TC-II/2046/2017/GST/Parcel29.06.201795Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on Transportation of Parcel Traffic (leased or non-leased) by Rail..
2016/CE-I/CT/12/GST/Pt.I29.06.201783Implementation of GST Act, 2017- Procedure for payment of Contractual bill.
2016/AC-II/01/06/CRIS references29.06.201781Format for GST related Manual Data Entry.
2017/CE-I/CT/4/GST23.06.201780Compliance with the GST Act, 2017 - Change in para (a) of Clouse 6. Part-I of Indian Railways Standard General Conditions of Contract, July 2014.
2017/CE-I/CT/4/GST23.06.201780Compliance with the GST Act, 2017 - Change in para (a) of Clouse 6. Part-I of Indian Railways Standard General Conditions of Contract, July 2014.
TC-II/2910/2017/GST/223.06.2017CC41Implementation of Goods & Services Tax (GST) on transportation of passenger by rail.
2017/AC-II/1/621.06.201776GST Registration
2017/RS(G)/779/220.06.2017-Utility and input form for feeding GST data of manual transaction on Railways
2017/RS(G)/779/220.06.2017-Notification of GST Rates on Good and Service
TC-II/2910/GST/209.06.201772The detailed approach paper for implementation of GST on the subject of Traffic Commercial Directorate.
2017/C&IS/Project/GST/Module/6 Pt09.06.2017-Provision of PCs & Internet connection for implementation of GST
2008/RS(G)/777/129.05.2017-Migration to GST regime- Special Tender Conditions
2017/AC-II/1/625.05.201761GST Registration
2017/AC-II/GST23.05.201760Preparing for compliance with GST Tax Act 2017
2017/AC-II/1/619.05.201759Implementation of GST-Transitional Guidelines
2017/AC-II/1/619.05.201758GST- Registration
2017/AC-II/1/612.05.201755Implementation of GST
2017/AC-II/1/612.05.201754GST on IR: Software Changes in PUs
2016/AC-II/01/603.05.201751Implementation of GST
2016/AC-II/1/608/03/201730Implementation of GST.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 08-11-2018  

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