Functions of the Commercial Department, 101. Chief Commercial, Superintendent, 102. Definitions, 103. Duties of commercial staff, 104. Conduct of commercial staff, 105. Discipline,106. Reporting for duty, 107. Hours of duty, 108. Appearance of staff, 109. Use of summer and winter uniforms, 110. Display of posters and notices, 111. Display of notices showing the hours of business, 112. Exhibition of time tables, fares lists, etc., 113. Books of reference, 114. Scrutiny of tariffs, books, rate advices and circulars, 115. Accessibility of rate and fare advices to the public, 116. Responsibility for ensuring that tariffs, etc. are correctly posted and assimilated, 117. Supply and use of postal stamps 118. Attention to correspondence, 119.



Description of tickets, 201. Card tickets, 202-203. Particulars on card tickets, 204. Tickets for different classes, 205. Colour of card tickets, 206, Numbering of tickets, 207. Child-cum-Concession tickets, 208. Reservation tickets, 209. Blank paper tickets, 210-211. Excess fare tickets, 212. Special ticket for accommodation arranged by special/ordinary trains, 213. Season tickets, 214. Journey extension tickets, 215. Circular journey tickets, 216. Coupon tickets, 217. Platform tickets, 218. Estimate of tickets, 219. Stock of tickets, 220. Method of ascertaining the number of tickets on hand/221. Preparation of indents, 222. Submission of indents, 223. Dates of submission of indents, 224-225. Emergent indents, 226. Receipt and examination of passenger card tickets and money value books, 227. Stock books, 228. Deficiency or loss of a ticket, 229. Custody and cleanliness of tickets, 230. Ticket cases and tubes, 231. Replenishing of tickets from stock, 232. Demand note for drawal of tickets from stock, 233. Check of tickets in stock and in tubes, 234. Check of ticket stock on relief, 235. Surplus, obsolete or damaged tickets and money value books, 236. Self printing machines, 237. Opening of booking offices, 238. Booking of passengers, 239. Booking of passengers in advance, 240. Dating machines, 241. Date stamping on non-suburban card tickets, 242. Date stamping on suburban tickets, 243. Date stamping when trains are running late, 244. Tickets stamped indistinctly, 245. Dating of tickets issued in advance, 246. Issue of printed card tickets, 247. Issue of platform tickets:, 248. Issue of tickets for attendants, 249-250. Route by which tickets are issued, 251. Booking of passengers for stations upto which trains do not run, 252. Issue of tickets to stations where trains do not stop, 253. Issue of tickets available partly by ordinary trains and partly by mail/express trains, 254. Issue of tickets between any two stations on a main line section where mail/express trains run, partly by mail/express trains and partly by ordinary trains, 255. Issue of tickets in one class for one part of the journey and in another class for the remainder of the journey, 256. 'Backing up' of tickets, 257. Tickets issued by slow train not to be made available by fast train, 258. Issue of blank paper tickets, 259. Corrections in paper tickets prohibited, 260. Passenger fare notebook for through traffic, 261. Tickets issued out of order, 262. Non-issued tickets, 263. Accountal and disposal of non-issued tickets and clerkage charges, 264. Issue of season tickets, 265-266. Advance issue of season tickets, 267. Accountal of season tickets, 268. Issue of circular journey tickets, 269. Sale of tickets by tourist agencies, 270. Rail travel coupons, 271. Advance issue of single journey tickets for journeys commencing from outstations but terminating at the station of booking, 272. Issue of tickets for journeys commencing from and terminating at other than the booking station, 273. Accountal of blank paper tickets, 274. Train halts, 275. Identity Card-cum-Railway Passes for Members of Parliament, 276. Ind. Rail Pass 277. Computer Printed Ticket 278.



Admission to station platforms, 301-302. Passengers crossing station lines, 303. Removal of beggars or other unauthorized persons from platforms, 304. Accommodation of passengers, 305. Passengers refusing to vacate seats, berths or compartments already reserved for other passengers, 306. Passengers obstructing the entry of others into compartments, 307. Passengers not permitted to travel in higher class than that for which fares have been paid, 308. Reserved accommodation for females, 309-310. Military Personnel entering compartments reserved for females, 311. Travelling on footboards and on the roofs of the trains, 312. Precautions before starting a train carrying passengers, 313. Passengers not allowed too close to the edge of platforms, 314. Overcrowding, 315. No room in train, 316. Passengers unable to find accommodation in a train, 317. Soldiers left behind, 318. Action to cope with unusual movement of passengers in large numbers, 319. Tickets left behind, 320. Entry inside the booking offices prohibited, 321.-Complaints by passengers of being wrongly charged, 322. Refund of fares to passengers unable to use their tickets, 323. Procedure to be observed in granting refund of fares on unused and partially used tickets, 324. Season ticket holders travelling in a lower class, 325. Guard's certificate of permission to travel, 326. Procedure to be followed in issuing certificates, 327. Collection of charges by Guards/Conductors not permitted, 328. Responsibility to recover charges due from passengers issued with certificates of permission to travel, 329. Submission of certificate of permission to travel to the Traffic Accounts Office, 330. Certificate to be issued from printed certificate books, 331. Carriage of passengers suffering from infectious diseases, 332. Passengers suffering from infectious or contagious diseases detected in trains, 333. Disinfection of carriages, 334. Helpless sick passengers without attendants, 335. Prevention of traffic in consequence of outbreak of an epidemic, 336. Carriage of passengers in brake vans of passengers and goods trains, 337. Break of journey, 338. Acceptance of cheques from Members of Parliament towards payment of fares, 339. Loaded fire arms, 340. Exhibition of certain timings and Tables of fares at stations,341. Supply of tickets on payment of fares,342. Provision of use in which ticket is issued'for class or train not having accommodation for additional passengers, 343. Cancellation of tickets and refund,344. Prohibition against transfer of certain tickets,345. Exhibition and surrender of passes and tickets, 346. Prohibition against travelling without pass or ticket,347. Power to refuse to carry passengers suffering from infectious or contagious diseases, 348. Maximum number of passengers for each compartment 349. Earmarking of compartments etc. for ladies,35O. Communications between passengers and Railway servant in charge of train,351. Needlessly interfering with means of communication in a train,352. Prohibition on hawking etc. and begging^353. Drunkenness or nuisance,354. Obstructing railway servant in his duties,355. Trespassing and refusal to desist from trespass,356. Entering into a compartment reserved or resisting entry into a compartment not reserved,357. Travelling on roof, steps or engine of a train,358. Altering or defacing pass or ticket, 359. Entering Carriage or other place reserved for females,360. Unlawfully bringing dangerous goods on a railway/361. Unlawfully bringing offensive goods on a railway,362. Defacing public notices,363. Smokingr364. Arrest for offences under certain sections,365. Arrest of persons likely to abscond etc. 366.



Military warrants, 401. Booking of traffic on warrants, 402. Issue of soldier's tickets in exchange of warrant forms B (IAFT. 1707) and C (IAFT. 1707 A), 403. Examination of entries in warrants before issue of soldier's tickets, 404. Particulars of warrants to be filled in soldier's ticket, 405-407. Issue of return tickets on warrants, 408. Entries on soldier's ticket, 409. Reservation slip for military personnel travelling on warrants, 410. Free allowance of baggage on military warrants, 411. Military warrant and ticket form (IAFT. 1752), 412. Correct calculation of fares, 413. Military certificate forms, 414-415. Military concession forms, 416. Issue of tickets in exchange of military concession forms, 417-419. Military personnel found travelling on unexchanged warrants, 420. Military personnel found travelling with unexchanged certificates and concession forms, 421. Military personnel travelling with unexchanged warrant on Guard's certificate, 422. Military personnel travelling with unexchanged concession form IAFT. 1720A, IAFT. 1728 or IAFT. 1736 with Guard's certificate, 423. Disposal of unexchanged warrants collected by checking staff, 424. Military personnel travelling on unexchanged warrants or other forms refusing or unable to pay fares and excess charge, 425. Permission to commence journey after date of issue of ticket (IAFT. 1720B), 426. Misuse of military warrants, certificates and concession forms, 427. High Official Requisitions, 428. Police warrants and Jail requisitions, 429. Police and jail officials found travelling on unexchanged police warrants/jail requisitions, 430. Privilege ticket orders, 431. Issue of tickets in exchange of privilege ticket orders, 432. Exchange of privilege ticket orders for tickets of a class/other than that shown in the order, 433-435. Travelling on unexchanged privilege ticket orders, 436. Privilege ticket orders not transferable, 437. Concession orders, 438. Acknowledgement for tickets issued at concessional fares on the authority of concession orders, 439. Return tickets at concessional fares on the authority of concession orders, 440. Issue of concession certificates to students, 441. Exchanging of student concession certificates for tickets, 442. Recording of particulars of concession orders on blank paper tickets, luggage tickets, etc., 443. Endorsement on card tickets issued in exchange of certificates and concession forms, etc., 444. Defective warrants, certificates, concession forms etc., 445%. Return of concession orders issued, 446. Free passes, 447. Metal passes, 448. Card passes, 449. Cheque passes, 450. Luggage on passes, 451. Issue of privilege passes and privilege ticket orders to Government Railway Police, 452. Emergent police passes, 453. Requisition for issue of emergent police passes on home line, 454. Grant of free conveyance or otherwise to complainants or witnesses or accused in railway cases, 455. Responsibility for the correct issue of the emergent police passes, 456-457. Issue of emergent police passes to railway police over other railways, 458. Requisition for an emergent police pass on another railway, 459. Continuation of journey from one railway to another, 460. Check of emergent police passes at ticket checking stations, 461. Realisation of charges for emergent police passes, 462. Accountal of emergent police passes, 463. Daily submission of collected passes, 464. Emergent passengers' pass, 465.



Object of check and collection of tickets, 501. Measures for combating ticketless travel and check of tickets, 502. Ticket nippers, 503. Provision offences and barricades at stations, 504-505. Checking and nipping of tickets at stations of commencement of journey, 506. Children's tickets, 507. Checking and nipping of platform tickets, 508-509. Collection of tickets, 510. Cancellation of collected tickets, 511-512. Register of collected tickets and Ticket Collector's report, 513-515. Custody of collected tickets, 516. Submission of collected tickets, passes, etc., and Ticket Collector's reports, 517. Submission of journey forms collected from Members of Parliament, 518-519. Check of student concession tickets, 520. Check of tickets at ticket checking stations, 521. Duties of Traveling Ticket Examiners, 522. Checking of unauthorised passengers traveling in compartments reserved for watermen, railway police, postal staff, pay clerks, etc., or Dining Cars, etc., 523. Checking of tickets of lady passengers traveling in compartments reserved for ladies exclusively, 524. Examination of paper tickets, 525. Return of paper tickets examined, 526. Passengers with short distance tickets found traveling in a coach reserved for long distance passengers, 527. Passengers with short distance tickets found traveling by restricted trains, 528. Persons traveling in postal vans, 529. Mendicants traveling without tickets, 530. Checking of tickets and passes of passengers traveling by goods train, 531. Powers to remove persons from railway carriages, 532. Railway servants authorized to remove passengers from railway carriages, 533. Fraudulently traveling or attempting to travel without proper pass or ticket, 534-536. Traveling without a pass or ticket, 537-539. Arrest of passengers under section 138 of the Railway Act, 540. Arrest of persons guilty of an offence under section 137 or persons who refuse or fail to pay the charges due under section 138, 541-543. Handing over memo, 544-546. Passengers to be made over at headquarter station of railway police, 547. Accountal of handing over memo, 548. Station staff to assist Traveling Ticket Examiners, 549. Excess fare ticket 550-551. Separate excess fare ticket books for local and through traffic, 552. Marking of passenger tickets, 553. Earnings of Ticket Collectors and Traveling Ticket Examiners, 554. Cancellation of excess fare tickets and their disposal, 555. Booking of Traveling Ticket Examiners with trains, 556. Traveling Ticket Examiner's movement diary, 557. Check of movement diaries, 558. Analysis of cases dealt with by Traveling Ticket Examiners and Ticket Collectors, 559. Surprise checks to combat ticket less traveling, 560.



Arrangements for reservations, 601. Procedure for reservation, 602. Reservation of air-conditioned AC sleeper and first class berths at the train starting stations, 603. 'Regret slip' to show turn for allotment of reserved accommodation, 604. Reservation staff to advise passengers of accommodation available by alternative trains, 605. Requisition forms to be supplied free of charge, 606. Numbering of requisition forms, 607. Number to be 'wait-listed' per train, 608. Availability of berths/seats to be exhibited, 609. Reservation of accommodation on telephone, 610. Members of Parliament to confirm telephonic request for reserved accommodation in writing, 611. Advance reservation for Members of Parliament and their families, 612. Accommodation not to be 'held' for party on request on telephone, 613. Reservation to be made by name, 614. Number of allotted seats to be shown on tickets, 615. Proper upkeep of reservation registers, 616. Quota under various heads to be shown on each page of reservation register, 617. Clearance of wait-listed passengers, 618. Changes in train composition to be advised to reservation offices, 619. Unutilized quota to revert to reservation controlling station, 620. Intimation to wait-listed passengers when accommodation becomes available before due date, 621. Quarterly review of quotas set aside for H.O.R., Defence, etc., 622. First class accommodation set apart for ladies, 623. Ladies accommodation in second class sleeper coaches, 624. Priority in allotment of air-conditioned AC sleeper and first class berths, 625. Display of reservation charts and allotment of berths/seats, 626. Reservation booths, 627. Test check of accommodation allotted on platform, 628. Test check of genuineness of reservations, 629. Provision of reserved boards, charts or labels, 630. Reservation of berths at intermediate stations, 631. Intermediate stations to obtain advance information regarding availability of upper class accommodation, 632. Reservation of berths for return journey, 633. Telegrams received from outstations to be registered, 634. Facilities to foreign tourists for reservation, 635. Release of H.O.R. quota in favour of foreign tourists, 636. Permission to entrain from stations other than those from which accommodation is reserved, 637. Reservation of accommodation for pass holders, 638. Changes in reservation by pass holders, 639. Penalties for pass holders who fail to cancel reservations, 640. Exemption from payment of reservation fee, 641. Recovery of cancellation fee, 642. Grant of refund when through service carriages are not attached, 643. Occupation of reserved accommodation beyond intermediate station, 644. Transfer of tickets on which reservation is made, 645. Penalty for transferring tickets for monetary gain, 646. Staff authorized to grant, permission to a passenger to occupy a seat/berth, 647. Reservation by connecting trains at junctions, 648. Validity of reservation tickets, 649. Defence personnel not to be allotted berths from general quota, 650. R.T.O. to submit statement of accommodation reserved, 651. Sleeping accommodation for second class passengers, 652. Compartments reserved for attendants, 653. Reserved accommodation for prisoners/insane persons, 654. Police escort, 655. Special trains, 656-661. Reservation Against Cancellation. 662. Computerisation of reservation System, 663.



Daily train cash book-cum-summary, 701. Supply and pasting of "roneoed lists" and allotment of index numbers, 702. Allotment of "index numbers" to new series, 703. Posting of the daily train cash book-cum-summary, 704. Passenger traffic, 705. Other coaching traffic, 706-707. Total earnings and the cash on hand, 708. Deposit of earnings of each train in the station safe, 709. Deficiency in cash to be made good, 710-711. Closing of daily trains cash-book-cum-summary for the day, 712-713. Certification in the daily trains cash-book-cum-summary and correct remittance of daily cash, 714. Station accounts to be kept up-to-date, 715. Monthly summary of the daily trains cash-book cum-summary 716. Passenger classification, 717. Passenger classification for printed tickets, local and through, 718. Monthly summary of non-issued tickets, 719. Local passenger, classification for blank paper tickets, etc., 720. Through passenger classification of blank paper tickets, etc., 721. Sorting and entering of concession vouchers, 722. Return of Government passengers, baggage, etc. (local), 723. Cancelled soldier's tickets and check soldier tickets, 724. Return of Government passengers, baggage, etc. (through), 725. Excess fare return, local/through, 726. Posting of excess fare return, local/through, 727. Travelling Ticket Examiners' returns, 728. Statement of rail travel coupons, 729. Statement of Guard certificate books issued, 730. Statement of Guard certificates issued, 731. Returns of emergent police passes, 732.



Articles not accepted as luggage, 801. Heavy luggage not permitted to be carried in the chair car of the air-conditioned express and other similar trains, 802. Free allowance, 803. Booking of luggage, 804. Advance booking of luggage, 805. Booking of luggage on season tickets, 806. Addressing of luggage, 807. Packing of luggage, 808. Examination of luggage, 809. Weighment of luggage, 810. Weighment memo, 811. Luggage ticket, 812. Description of packages to be given on luggage tickets, 813. Booked route to be shown on luggage tickets, 814. Particulars of tickets/passes to be indicated on luggage tickets, 815. Marking tickets/passes on which luggage is booked, 816. Booking of luggage when passenger wants to break journey en route, 817. Recovery and accoun-tal of luggage charges, 818. Booking of certain valuable articles as luggage, 819. Booking of bicycles, tricycles and perambulators, etc. as luggage, 820. Labelling of luggage, 821. Expeditious despatch of luggage, 822. Transhipment of luggage at junctions, 823-824. Unbooked or partially booked luggage, 825. Re-weighment of inward luggage, 826. Luggage arriving in advance, 827. Free time allowed for luggage, 828. Delivery of luggage booked by brake vans, 829. Delay to luggage in transit, 830. Telegraphing for lost luggage, 831. Left luggage and cloak room ticket, 832. Delivery of left luggage when cloak room ticket is lost, 833. Disposal of unclaimed left luggage, 834. Cancelled luggage and cloak room tickets, 835. Lockers, 836. Recovery of hire charges, 837. Accountal of locker's fee and security deposits, 838.



Forwarding notes, 901. Execution of forwarding notes, 902. Preservation of forwarding notes, 903. General forwarding note for coaching traffic, 904. Filling in forms of forwarding notes by consignor, 905. Examination of entries in forwarding notes, 906. Examination of parcels, 907. Packing of parcels, 908. Addressing of parcels, 909. Marking of parcels by railway staff, 910. Marking of parcels consigned in full vehicle loads and not requiring transhipment, 911. Risk conditions, 912. Charging of parcels traffic, 913. Weighment of parcels, 914. Different way-bills for 'To-Pay', 'paid', 'Local' and 'through' traffic, 915. Custody of parcel way-bill books, 916. Preparation of way-bills, 917. Parcels containing certain valuable articles mentioned in Part I of Schedule II of the Railways (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage charge Rules 1990) to be booked separately, 918. Erasures on waybills prohibited, 919. Booked route to be shown on the way-bills, 920. Booking of intoxicating drugs and other contraband articles, 921. Booking of bicycles, tricycles, motor-cycles, etc., 922. Booking of carriages, motors-cars, etc., 923. Loading of carriages, motor-cars, etc. in trucks, 924. Wagon transfer-register, 925. Outward 'Paid' parcel cash books, 926. Booking of betel leaves on fixed-value way-bills, 927. Percentage charges collected in respect of certain valuable mentioned in Part of Schedule II of the Railways (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage) Rules 1990, 928. Booking of newspapers under monthly/account system, 929. Booking and carriage of parcels containing dangerous goods, 930. Precautions for safe transit of arms and ammunition booked by licence-holders or Government departments, 931. Labeling of parcels, 932. Despatch of parcels, 933. Preference in loading and clearance of perishable traffic, 934. Clearance of luggage and parcels in brake vans of mail, passenger mixed, trains, 935. Arranging room for loading luggage in brake vans, 936. Care in loading luggage and parcels, 937. Handling of luggage and parcels^ 938. Locking of brake and luggage vans, 939. Preparation of luggage and parcel summaries, 940. Summaries for sealed vans and compartments, 941-942. Disposal of summaries, 943. Packages left behind for want of room in trains, 944. Transfer of packages from damaged luggage or brake van, 945. Custody of luggage and parcels, 946. Care in unloading parcels and luggage from sealed vans, 947. Custody of inward luggage and parcels, 948. Receipt of inward parcels, 949. Check of inward way-bills, 950. Re-weighment of inward parcels, 951. Surprise checks for detection of under-weighment of parcels, 952. Misdeclaration of contents of parcels, 953. Surprise checks to detect miss-declarations, 54. Accountal of inward way-bills, 955. Delivery of parcels against railway receipts, 956. Numbering and filing of railway receipts, 957. Delivery of parcels when the way-bills shows freight 'To-Pay' and the receipt shows 'Paid' or vice versa, 958. Procedure for delivery when railway receipt or way-bill is not available, 959. Station Master to obtain permission from Divisional Commercial Superintendent for granting delivery on Indemnity Note, 960. Delivery of perishables in absence of railway receipt and way-bill, 961. Responsibility of stations for undercharges, 962. Cash book for parcels, luggage, etc., 963. Delay to parcels in transit, 964. Rebooking of parcels, 965. Procedure for the rectification of errors in issue of way-bills, 966. Unbooked parcels, 967. Way-bills issued 'To-Pay' instead of 'Paid' and vice versa, 968. Booked parcels withdrawn by sender after despatch of way-bill, 969. Parcels twice way-billed to the same station, 970.Way-bills accounted for more than once, 971. Parcels over-carried, 972. Undelivered, mis-sent or unbooked parcels and luggage, 973. Procedure for disposal of perishable consignments held up due to interruption of through communications, 974. Record of qualified deliveries, 975. Transshipment advice, 976. Monetary Liability of Railway Administration 977.



Forwarding note for animals and birds, 1001. Responsibility of railway as carrier of animals and birds, 1002. Avoidance of cruelty to animals and birds, 1003. Booking of animals and birds at other than parcel rates, 1004. Recording of actual number of animals, birds and poultry, 1005. Labels for dogs, animals and birds, 1006. Labelling of horse boxes and cattle wagons, 1007. Loading of dogs and other animals in brake vans, 1008. Loading and unloading of horses and cattle, etc., 1009. Loading of camels, 1010. Despatch of breast bars, 1011. Loading and unloading of animals during night, 1012. Attendants accompanying animals, 1013. Telegraphic advice to be sent to stations of unloading, 1000. Telegraphic advice of despatch of animals, ate. to be sent to break-of-guage station, 1015. Advice of animals despatched to and received from other railways, 1016. Care of animals, and birds at stations and in transit, 1017. Goods train Guards to afford assistance to attendants, 1018. Live-stock wagons damaged en route, 1019. Check of horses, cattle, animals, attendants, etc., at junctions, 1020. Check of luggage, gear and fodder in horse boxes and cattle wagons, 1021. Making and taking over of animals and birds, 1022. Expeditious despatch of vehicles/wagons loaded with live-stock, 1023. Expeditious placement and unloading of wagons loaded with animals, 1024. Precautions to be taken for loading and unloading horses, 1025. Route, of carriage not to be deviated, 1026. Delivery of animals and birds, 1027. Disposal of unclaimed animals and birds, 1028. Feeding charges to be recovered before delivery, 1029. Carriage of animals suffering from infectious or contagious disease, 1030.



As mentioned in Part I of Schedule II of THE RAILWAYS (Extent of Monetary Liability and Prescription of Percentage charge) Rules, 1990.Responsibility of the railway as a carrier of valuable articles, 1101. Declaration of value and contents, etc., in the forwarding note, 1102. Duration of liability, 1103. Powers to accept percentage charge on value, 1104. Maximum weights and dimensions for packages of fragile or damagable goods, 1105. Packing of such articles, 1106. Packing of jewellery and other valuables, 1107. Examination of packages containing such valuable articles, 1108. Booking of such valuable articles, 1109. Details of bookings of Government and private treasure, 1110. Labelling of insured packages, 1111. Safe custody of valuable articles at stations, 1112. Despatch of valuable articles by through trains, 1113. Carriage of gold, silver, jewellery and precious stones by Rail,1114. Handing of insured packages to Guard, 1115. Special guidance for insured packages, 1116. Special Guards, 1117. Telegraphic advice of despatch particulars, 1118. Particulars to be included in telegram, 1119. Relieved Guard to enter packages in his rough journal, 1120. Transhipment of packages containing valuable articles on which percentage charge has been paid, 1121. Examination of packages containing valuable articles at interchange junctions, 1122-1123. Action to be taken when valuable articles are found tampered with, 1124. Handing over of insured packages at destination, 1125. Opening by consignee of insured packages at receiving station, 1126. Advance intimation for booking Government treasure, 1127. Reserved accommodation for Government treasure and escort, 1128. Loading, unloading and transhipment of Government treasure, 1129. Station Masters to extend full cooperation to escorting party, 1130.



Conveyance of mails, 1201. Billing of charges for the haulage of postal vans and other coaching vehicles (i.e. non-postal vehicles) in which accommodation is reserved for conveyance of mails, 1202. Procedure for daily conveyance of mails under the 'Weighment system', 1203. Mail bags carried by Mail Peons, 1204. Adjustment of charges for the daily conveyance of mails, 1205-1206, Submission of half-yearly statement of mail bags to Traffic Accounts Office, i207. Rebate to the Postal Department on account of interruption of through communication, 1208. Conveyance of mail bags as occasional despatches, 1209. Unusual changes in the despatch of mail bags, 1210. Extra reserved accommodation for Postal Department, 1211. Charges for mail bags of High Officials of Government, 1212. Responsibility of the railway for carriage or mail bags, 1213. Seals on mail bags, 1214. Carriage in mail vans of articles on Postal Service, 1215. Licensed telegraph offices, 1216. Nature of telegraph traffic, 1217. Telegram forms, 1218. Numbering of messages, 1219. Payment of telegraph messages, 1220-1222. Telegraph money receipt, 1223. Custody of telegraph money receipt books and reply paid vouchers, 1224. Reply paid telegrams, 1225. Cash in telegraph office, 1226. Messenger hire, 1227. Statement of telegraph cash transactions, 1228. Sundry earnings, 1229. Amounts for Warded to stations by departmental officers, 1230. Cash transmit note of miscellaneous receipts, 1231. Retiring rooms, 1232. Bed-rolls/Travel Bag Service, 1233-1234. Ice containers, 1235. Collection of town duty or terminal tax on parcels/goods, 1236. Receipts for terminal tax oftown duty, 1237. Statement of terminal tax collections, 1238. Rail Yatri Niwas, 1239.



Initial books, 1301. Initial returns, 1302. Parcels delivery book, 1303. Abstract of'To-pay' parcels forwarded (local), 1304. Summary of 'To pay' parcels forwarded (local), 1305. Abstracts of 'To-pay' parcels forwarded (through), 1306. Summary of 'To-pay' parcel's forwarded (through), 1307. Abstracts of 'To-pay' parcels received (local), 1308. Summary of 'To-pay' parcels received (local), 1309. Abstracts of  'To-pay' parcels received (through), 1310. Summary of 'To-pay' parcels received (through), 1311. Returns of 'Paid' parcels received from non-Government railways, 1312. Returns of 'Paid' parcels received from Government railways, 1313. Return of undercharges collected on 'Paid' parcels received (local and through), 1314. Submission of way-bills, luggage tickets, etc., 1315. Returns for carriages, motor-cars, boats, etc. forwarded and received, 1316. Returns of luggage and specie forwarded (local), 1317. Returns of luggage and specie traffic forwarded (through), 1318. Summary of luggage and specie traffic forwarded (through), 1319. Returns of animals and birds, etc. (local), 1320. Returns of animals and birds, etc. (through), 1321. Summary of animals and birds, etc. (through), 1322. Demurrage and wharfage return, 1323-1324. Demurrage and wharfage charges foregone, 1325. Demurrage, wharfage or storage charges accrued on parcels or luggage transferred to lost property office, 1326. Books and returns for telegraph traffic, 1327. Periodical testing of coaching accounts, 1328-1329. Agreement of telegraph cash, 1330. 'Paid' parcels outward, 1331. Sundries, 1332. Excess in booking, 1333. Accounts and cash office debits, 1334. Testing of inward 'To-pay' parcels, motor-cars, boats, etc., 1335. Rectification of differences, 1336. Outstanding in connection with test balances, 1337. Coaching station balance sheet, 1338. Debit entries of a "Station coaching balance sheet, 1339. Credit entries of a station coaching balance sheet, 1340. Vouchers, 1341. Special credits, 1342. Closing balance of station coaching balance sheet, 1343. Classification of outstanding, 1344. Submission of coaching returns and documents, 1345. Transmit, memo for returns, 1346. Calendar of returns, 1347.


Appendix Particulars page
II/A Blank Paper Ticket for a party of more than four passengers 200
II/B Advice of Printed Tickets supplied 201
II/C Register showing account of Paper Rolls 202
II/D Register of faults in the S. P. Machine 203
II/E Blank Card Season Ticket Register 204
II/F Statement of Rail Travel Coupon books sold 205
II/G Requisition for the supply of tickets by Local Agents and receipt form 206
II/H Memo of amount remitted by Local Agents 207
IV/A Soldier's ticket  208�211
IV/B Register of check soldier tickets issued 212
IV/C High.Official Requisition  213-216
IV/D Police Warrant 217�219
IV/E Jail Requisition 220�222
IV/F Statement of Concession Certificates issued 223
IV/G Student Concession Certificate 224�225
IV/H Requisition for Emergent Police Pass 226
IV/J Emergent Passenger's Pass 227�228
V/A Journey Form of Members of Parliament 229
V/B Journey Form of Members of Parliament (Alternative Form) 230
V/C Cash Remittance Memo 231
V/D Money Receipt (for cash remitted by Ticket Collectors and Travelling Ticket Examiners) 232
VII/A Monthly statement of non-issued Blank Paper Tic-kets, etc. 233
VII/B Summary of Blank Card Season Tickets issued 234
VII/C Return of Blank Paper Tickets issued 235
VII/D Summary of return of Blank Paper Tickets, Season Tickets, etc. 236
VII/E Return of Platform Tickets, Reservation Tickets etc. 237
VII/F List of Concession Vouchers 238
VII/G Statement of Rail Travel Coupons 239
VJ.I/H Statement of Certificates issued by Guard 240
VIII/A Register showing utilization of Lockers 241
LX/A Specimen of Outward Paid Parcel Cash Book (Through) with sample entries 242
LX/B Distribution List of Newspaper Parcels to be despatched 243
IX/C Monthly Ledger Accounts-cum-Bill 244
IX/CI Consolidated Statement 245
IX/D Register of Deposits, for delivery of unconnected consignments of perishables, collected and refunded 246
IX/E Summary of Deposits, for delivery of unconnected consignments of perishables, collected and refunded 247
IX/F Register of qualified deliveries 248
XII/A Statement showing reserved accommodation supplied to the Postal Department 249
XII/B Statement of extra accommodation supplied to the Postal Department 250
XII/C Miscellaneous Receipts Transmit Note  251-252
XII/D Cash Transmit Note of Miscellaneous Receipts 253
XII/E Register of Retiring Rooms 254
XII/F Ticket for Bed Roll/Travel Bag supplied to passenger 255
XII/G Hire Receipt for Ice Containers 256
XIII/A Diagram showing the link between Initial Documents, Books, Returns and Balance Sheet pertaining to Coaching traffic 257
XIII/B Return of undercharges collected on Paid Parcels received 258
XIII/C Test Balance Sheet 259-260