Booking of Goods Traffic

Forms of forwarding notes, 1401. Execution of forwarding notes, 1402. Filling in by senders and examination and preservation of forwarding notes by railway staff, 1403. Filling in of forwarding notes for mixed consignments, 1404. Priority/Wagon demand registers, 1405. Priority register for 'Smalls', 1406. Rules for registration of indents and allotment of wagons, etc., 1407. Money receipts for wagon registration fee, 1408. Refund of wagon registration fee, 1409. Register of wagon registration fee collected, refunded etc., 1410. Lump sum deposits, 1411. Election of railway risk rate where an alternative owner's risk rate is quoted, 1412. Routing of traffic, 1418. Disposal of forwarding notes, 1414. Examination of goods with regard to commodity, 1415. Mis-declaration of goods, 1416. Surprise checks to detect mis-declaration, 1417. Examination of packing, etc. of goods, 1413. Marking of goods, 1419. Marking by consignors, 1420. Marking by the railway staff, 1421. Weighment of outward goods, 1422�1425. Stations unable to weigh consignments due to weighing machine being out of order, 1426-1427. Weight for charge for timber and other commodities in the absence of weighment facilities, 1428. Car and use of weighbridges, 1429-1430. Testing of weighbridges by Weighbridge Inspector, 1431. Care, adjustment and repair of  weighing-machines, 1432�1434. Testing of weighbridge and weighing-machines, 1435-1436. Surprise checks for detection of under-weighments, 1437. Rating of goods, 1438. Different forms of invoices for 'To-pay/Paid', local and through traffic, 1439. Custody and issue of invoice books, 1440 Numbering of invoices, 1441. Preparation of invoices, 1442-1448. Collection and accountal of freight, etc. charges 1449-1450. Grant of receipt foil of invoice to consignors, 1451. Submission of Accounts foils of invoices to Traffic Accounts Office, 1452-1453. Submission of invoice foils to destination station, 1454. Transit invoices to accompany the consignment, 1455. Goods received without transit invoice, 1456. Cancellation of invoices 1457. Issue of duplicate invoices' railway receipts, forbidden, 1458. Through goods forwarded by other than the invoiced  route, 1459. Copies of invoices, 1460. Alteration of entries in station books and records, 1461. Conveyance of explosives and other dangerous goods, 1462. Booking of contraband and offensive goods, 1463-1464. Booking of restricted goods, 146 5. Booking of valuable articles, 1466. Booking of live-stock, 1467. Booking of fodder or forage to famine-stricken areas, 1468-1469. Booking of metal scrap, 1470. Booking of consignments on the authority of kit pass, 1471. Quick Transit Service, 1472-1473. Refund of Quick Transit Service charges, 1474. Container services, 1475�1477. Freight Forwarder Scheme, 1478.


Loading of Goods

Securing of traffic in train loads and in wagon loads, 1501. Turn-round of stock, 1502. Loading and unloading of goods at places other than goods sheds, 1503. Placement and release memo, 1504. Placing wagons in position for loading, 1505. Selection of wagons for loading of goods, 1506. Precautions to be taken when loading a wagon, 1507. Other precautions to be observed while loading in wagons, 1508. Precautions to be taken when loading no a-water-tight covered wagons, 1509. Booking of consignments wherever provision of dunnage is required, 1510. Other checks to be exercised when wagons are loaded by owners, 1511. Tally books for outward goods, 1512-1513. Loading of bulky goods exceeding maximum moving dimensions, 1514. Loading of other bulky articles, 1515. Bulky articles to be securely lashed, 1516. Loading of long articles, 1517. Loading of rails, girders, etc., in open trucks, 1518-1519. Loading of carriages on trucks, 1520. Loading of damageable goods in open wagons, 152!. Open wagons loaded with goods liable to catch fire or goods packed in wooden crates or boxes, 1522. Tarpaulin to be strong and properly secured. 1523. Check lines on consignments of grain seeds, etc., loaded in open wagons, 1524. Loading of explosives and other dangerous goods, 1525. Loading of valuable goods of a damageable or fragile nature, 1526. Loading and unloading of valuable commodities, 1527 Loading and unloading of live-stock, 1528. Loading and unloading of goods in assisted or private sidings, 1529. Loading or unloading of goods by means of cranes, 1530-1531. Statement showing the use of the travelling crane 1532. Padlocking of wagons, 1533. Preparation of summaries of consignments loaded, 1534-1535. Paste-on labels, 1536. Wagon labels, 1537-1545. Caution and pictorial labels, 1546-1547. Pictorial labels on wagons containing explosives and other dangerous goods, 1548. Riveting of wagons, 1549-1550. Method of riveting 1551. Responsibility for ensuring riveting of all leaded wagons, 1552. Ellis Patent Locks, 1553-1563. Sealing of wagons, 1564. Wax seals, 1565-1565. Wire lead seals. 1567. Custody of seals, 1568. Examination of seals rivets and check lines, etc., on wagons, 1569. Action to be taken if seals are intact but rivets are missing, 1570. Action to be taken when seals of a wagon are found deficient or defective at the starting station, 1571. Action to bi taken at engine-changing stations and marshalling yards, 1572. Action to be taken at intermediate stations, 1573-1575. Action to be taken at terminals or stations at the end of Guards, run 1576-1577. General instructions, 1578. Transhipment at break-of-gauge stations, 1579. Transhipment register, 1580. Transhipment of contents of wagons damaged en route, 1581. Transhipment of P.Q.L. traffic, 1582. Tarpaulins, 1583-1584.


Clearance of Traffic in 'Smalls' and Working of Repacking and Transhipment Sheds

Traffic in 'Smalls', 1601-1602. Principles governing clearance of traffic in 'Smalls', 1603. Through Sealed Van (T.S.V.), 1604. Two Stations Sealed Van (T.S.S.V.), 1605. Section Sealed Van (S.S.V.), 1606. Juaction Sealed Van (J.S.V.), 1607. Section or Collecting Road Van (S.R.V. or C.R.V.) and running of van goods trains, 1608. Minimum weight for preparing a T.S.V., T.S.S.V., J.S.V. or S.S.V., 1609, General instructions for the preparation of Junction Scaled Vans and Section Road Vans, 1610-1613. Nominated loading, 1614-1618. Working of transhipment and repacking sheds, 1619-1631. Miscellaneous instructions 1632-1638.


Unloading and Reweighment of Inward Goods

Wagon exchange boot, 1701. Placing of inward loaded wagons, 1702. Placement and release mema 1703-1704. Wagon transfer registers, 1705-170S. Post system, 1709. Examination of seals, labels, etc., 1710-1711. Removal of rivets, seals and labels, 1712-1713. Preservation of seals and labels, 1714. Unloading tally books, 1715- 1717. Unloading of goods, 1718-1721. Stacking and marking of goods after being unloaded, 1722-1724. Packages found missing from wagons with seals, sheets, or check lines intact, 1725-1726. Packages found missing from wagons with seals, sheets or check lines broken, 1727-1728. Packages found missing from station yards, goods sheds and platforms 1729. Damages or deficiencies, 1730-1731. Damages and deficiency register 1732-1734. Packages found in excess, 1735. Unbooked, goods, 1736. Reweighment of goods at receiving stations 1737-1740. Discrepancies found on reweighment of goods, 1741-1742. Invoices or labels endorsed for weighment, 1743. Reweighment at the request of owners, 1744-1743. Delayed consignments, 1746-1751. Loss or serious delay in transit of arms, ammunition and explosives booked to or by the Defence Services, 1752. Collection and disposal of grain and other sweepings, 1753. 


Delivery, Rebooting and Diversion of Goods

Notice of arrival, 1801-1804. Register of notices of arrival, 1805. Advance notices, 1806. Receipt of inward invoices, 1807. Examination of contents of consignments, 1808. Check of inward invoices, 1809-1810. Responsibility of stations for undercharges, 1811-1812. Inward invoice index register, 1813. Accountal of inward invoices, 1814 1816. "Current" and "arrear" undercharges, 1817. Overcharges, 1818. Posting of particulars of receipt of consignments in goods delivery books, 1819. Recovery of railway dues before delivery of goods, 1820. Delivery of goods on production of railway receipt, 1821-1822. Delivery of goods when railway receipt or invoice is not available, 1823. Indent and accountal of stamped indemnity notes, 1824-1826. Discrepancies between railway receipts and invoices, 1827. Delivery of goods when invoice is missing or when invoice shows freight To-Pay and railway receipt Paid or vice versa, 1828. Procedure when the invoice is not to hand, 1829-1833. Signature of person receiving goods, 1834. Defective condition of consignment delivered, 1835-1839. Open delivery of consignments, 1840. Open delivery of imported goods, 1841. Procedure for granting open delivery of goods. 1842. Assessment of damaged goods, 1843-1844. Important considerations in regard to assessment, 1845-1846. Record of qualified deliveries, 1847. Stoppage of delivery of goods, 1848-1841. Delivery of part consignments, 1850-1852. Gate passes, 1853-1856. Register of goods passed out, 1857-1858. Endorsement on railway receipts regarding non-arrival of consignments at destination, 1859. Numbering and filing of the railway receipts, 1860. Wharfage and demurrage charges, 1861. Rectification of errors in invoices, 1862. Invoices issued to wrong destination, or, after despatch of the invoice, goods reconsigned to another station or delivered short of destination, 1863-1864. Invoices issued to correct destination but with wrong description, weight or other particulars, 1865. Invoices issued To-pay instead of Paid and vice versa, 1866. Withdrawal of goods, 1867-1868. Goods invoiced twice to the same destination or the same invoice accounted for more than once, 1869. Overcharge sheet, 1870. Rebooking of goods, 1871-1872. Diversion of goods, 1873. Goods overcarried, 1874. Undelivered, misspent or unbooked goods, 1875. Disposal of perishables held up due to interruption of thro ugh communications, 1876. Disposal of excess off-loaded consignments. 1877. Punitive charge for over loading 1878. Delivery of excess bags found in a wagon at the deatination 1879.


Railway Materials and Stores

Rules and conditions of carriage of railway materials and stores,  1901 Rates for railway materials and stores by goods trains, 1902. Charges for private and railway sidings, 1903. Booking of railway materials and stores by passenger/parcel trains, 1904. Free carriage of railway materials, stores, publications, etc., 1905. Authority for despatch, 1906. Railway 
material consignment note, 1907-1908. Use of railway material consignment note, 1909-1911. Acceptance of railway material consignment notes, 1912. Marking, labeling, weighment, etc. of railway materials and stores, 1913. Indenting and supply of wagons for loading railway materials and stores, 1914, Examination of railway materials and stores tendered for dispatch, 1915. Issue of invoices for railway materials and stores, 1916. Numbering of invoices, 1917. Loading and unloading of railway materials and stores, 1918-1920-Outward Books for railway materials and stores, 1921. Placing of wagons, 1922. Notice of arrival, 1923. Delivery of railway materials and stores, 1924-1926. Wharf age,/ 'demurrage charges, 1927. Preparation and submission of returns to Traffic Accounts Office, 1928. Abstracts of railway materials and stores forwarded (local), 1929. Abstracts of railway materials and stores forwarded (through), 1930. Abstracts of railway materials and stores received (local), 1931 Abstracts of railway materials and stores received (through), 1932-1933. Summaries of railway materials and stores forwarded and received (local and through), 1934. Booking of railway coal, 1935. Demurrage on railway coal wagons, 1936-1938.


Initial Books and Returns in connection with Goods Traffic

Initial books, 2001, Initial returns, 2002-2003. Goods cash book, 2004-2007. Goods outward books, 2008. Goods delivery books, 2009-2012. Abstracts of through goods forwarded to or via non-Government railways, 2013. Abstracts of through goods received from or via non-Government railways, 2014-2016. Summary of goods forwarded to or via non-Government: railways, 2017. Summary of goods received from or via non-Government railways, 2018. Verification of totals of summaries, 2019. Machines prepared abstracts, 2020-2021. Comparison of entries in the goods delivery books with the machine prepared abstracts, 2022-2033. Demurrage and wharfage returns, 2034. Demurrage/wharfage charges foregone, 2035. Demurrage and wharfage charges accrued on goods consignments transferred to lost property office, 2036. Periodical testing of goods accounts, 2037. Testing of goods forwarded paid,2038. Testing of goods received and "Test balance sheet", 2039-2042. Gut standings in connection with test balances, 2043- 2047. Inventory book, 2048. Linking of inventory, 2049-2052. Goods balance sheet,2053. Debit entries of a station goods balance sheet, 2054. Credit entries of a station goods balance sheet, 2055. Special Credits, 2056. Closing balance of a station goods balance sheet, 2057. Classification of out-standings, 2058. Transmit mema of returns, 2059. Disposal of inward invoices, 2060. Courier system for submission of returns, 2061. Calendar of returns, 2062.


Claims for Compensation and for Refunds of Overcharges

Prevention of claims for compensation, 2101. General responsibility of the railway  administration, 2102. Liability after termination of transit, 2103. Liability in respect of consignments booked at owner's risk rate, 2104. Liability in respect of consignments booked to sidings, 2105. Adhering to rules and regulations for preventing claims, 2106. Thefts and 
pilferages, 2107-2108. Handing over of packages and wagons to foe staff of Railway Protection Force at night, 2109. Prevention of loss or damage to consignments at destination stations, 2110. Protection of loaded wagons in yard, 2111. Protection of goods in transit, 2112. Misdespatches and exchanges, 2113-2116. Connecting the unconnected consignments in wagon loads, 2117. Connecting the unconnected packages, 2118. Storage of unconnected packages/consignments, 2119. Transfer of unconnected packages to the lost property office, 2120. Maintenance of files for unconnected packages/consignments, 2121. Register of unconnected packages/wagons, 2122. Statement of unconnected packages/consignments on hand, 2123.Delay in transit, 2124 Prevention of damage by wet, 2125. Prevention of damage by fire, 2126- 2137. Maintenance of fire fighting, appliances, 2138. Rough handling. 2139-2142. Rough handling/shunting weeks, 2143-2144. Prohibition against grant of railway receipts before the actual receipt of consignments on railway premises, 2145. Forged railway receipts, 2146. Register of undelivered goods, 2147. Entries in books and documents, 2148. Settlement of claims 2149-2153. Missing and damaged goods report, 2154-2156. Claims for refund of overcharges, 2157. Refund of overcharges due to error in rate, classification, or computation of freight at the time of delivery, 2158. Procedure for refund of an overcharge by Station Master, 2159. List of refund of overcharges allowed at the  time of delivery, 2160. Refund of overcharges by Chief Commercial Superintendent, 2161-2162. Overcharges due to error in weight 2163-2164. Overcharges due to error in description of goods or routing of traffic, 2165-2166. Overcharges in, connection with amounts twice paid, 2167. Pay Order (Refund), 2168-2169. Pay Orders for compensation claims 2170-2171. Payment on pay orders, 2172. List of pay orders, 2173.


Lost of Property and Unclaimed

Examination of empty carriages at terminal stations, 2201. Lost, unclaimed and unbooked articles found in carriages or at stations or on the line, 2202. Check and registration of lost property at stations, 2203. Restoration of lost property to owners, 2204-2206. Disposal of lost property remaining undelivered, 2207. Disposal of lost property articles, of insignificant value, 2208. Disposal of arms, ammunition, intoxicating liquors, etc., 2209. Disposal of jeweler, bullion and valuable articles, 2210.Disposal of current coins and currency notes, 2211. Disposal of unbooked perishable articles, 2212. Disposal of unclaimed, unbooked animals and birds, 2213. Articles fallen off from trains, 2214-2215. Transfer of goods, parcels or luggage consignments lying unconnected at stations to the lost property office, 2216. Disposal of unclaimed booked consignments, 2217-2224. Unclaimed  railway materials and stores, 2225. Unclaimed consignments of fragile goods, 2226. Unclaimed consignments of jewellery, bullion and other valuable articles, 2227. Receipt of articles in lost property office, 2228- 2230. Accountal of invoices and way-bills, 2231. Disposal of unclaimed  goods in the lost property office, 2232. Periodical sale of articles in the lost property office, 2233- 2234. Auction sales, 2235. Removal of auctioned articles, 2236. Sale register, 2237. Statement of consignments sold, 2238. Auction of consignments at stations, 2239. Lost and un claimed articles and unclaimed booked consignments claimed and delivered to owners in the lost property office 2240-2242. Consignments claimed by owners and rebooked from lost property office to outstations. 2243-2246. Remittance of the cash, 2247. Lost property office balance sheet, 2248 2251. Working of the lost property office 2252. Inspection of lost property office, 2253. Lien for freight or any other sum due, 2254 unclaimed consignment, 2255


Handling of Goods, Parcels, etc.

Definition, 2301. Arrangements for loading and unloading of goods, 2302. Loading and unloading by railway staff, 2303. Loading and unloading by contractors, 2304- 2306. Labour employed by the contractor, 2307-2310. Responsibility of the contractors for loss or destruction of goods, 2311. Responsibly of the contractor for detention to wagon /goods -2312 Recovery of demurrage charges from contractors, 2313-2314. Accommodation, 2315. Free telegraph service, 2316. Supply of labour in an emergency, 2317. Subletting not allowed, 2318. Goods handling bills, 2319. Return of through goods handled, 2320. Statement of goods not handled by the contractor, 2321. Submission of bills 2322. Parcels and luggage handling bills, 2323. Lump sum bills, 2324-2325. Transshipment bills, 2326. Goods transferred from one wagon to another, 2327. Time limit for submission of handling bills, 2328. Disallowances by Traffic Accounts Office, 2329. Bills for handling by Station Masters, 2330.


Traffic Receipts and Remittances

Station receipts, 2401-2402. Acceptance of small change, 2403. Spurious and foreign coins, 2404. Currency notes, 2405 Defective and foreign currency notes, 4206. Oiled currency note?, 2407. Forged and fraudulently altered notes, 2408. Cheques, 4209-2412. Bank drafts, 2413. Credit notes for individuals ltd firms, 2414. Credit notes for Military Department, 2415. Civil credit notes, 2416. Credit notes for the Posts and Telegraphs Department, 2417. Credit notes for Railway Department 2418. Signing of credit notes, 2419. Correct entry of charges in credit notes, 2420. Use of a single credit note for a number of consignments, 2421. Credit notes to be tendered before dispatch/delivery of consignments, 2422. Full particulars to be given in credit notes, 2423. Register of credit notes, 2424. Utilization of station receipts for departmental expenditure, 2425. Collection of money by authorized persons only, 2426. Accountal of money immediately on receipt, 2427. Station money receipts, 2428. Keeping of private cash in station safe, etc. forbidden, 2429. Misappropriation of cash, 2430. Station remittances, 2431. Security arrangements at, stations, 2432. Responsibility for the safe custody, accountal and remittance of cash, 2433. Collection of cash 2434 2436. Handling and taking over of cash 2437. Remittance of cash, 2438. Remittance of cash to the cash office 2439. Remittance of coaching and goods earnings of different dates under one cash remittance note, 2440, Cash remittance note, 2441. Particulars to be entered in the cash remittance note, 2442. Remittance of coins and currency notes, 2443. Placing of cash and the cash remittance note in cash bags, 2444-2445. Safe custody of sealed cash bags and their deposit in the travelling cash safe, 2446-2450. Travelling cash safe not put in train, 2451. Travelling cash safe getting out of order, 2452-2453. Safe transit of cash, 2454. Sealing of loaded travelling cash safe, 2455. Making and taking over of travelling cash safes, 2456-2457. Opening of branch line travelling cash sales at junction stations. 2458. Unloading and custody of loaded travelling cash sales, 2459. Traffic Cash Witnesses, 2460. Responsibility for travelling cash safes and their contents, 2461. Opeing of the cash safes and shroffing of the cash, 2462-2465. Cash receipts received from cash office, 2466. Return of empty cash bags, 2467 2469. Mis-delivery of empty cash bags, 2470, Supply of extra cash bags, 2471. Remittance of cash into the Treasury or Post Office for Reserve Bank/State Bank of India, 2472-2475. Consolidated Treasury/Post Office Bank receipt, 2476. Opening of station cash safes when keys are lost, 2477-2478. Loss or theft of cash 2479. Prompt conveyance of empty cash safes, 2480. Custody of cash safes, 2481. Surprise checks, 2482.



Definition of assisted /private sidings, 2501. List of sidings, 2502. Siding agreement. 2503. Restrictions in booking over a siding, 2504-25005. Subletting of siding, 2506. Making and taking ever of wagons/vehicles, 2507. Siding vouchers, 2508-2510. Demurrange on wagons/vehicles placed in sidings, 2511. Shunting of wagons/vehicles within the siding, 2512. Procedure for booking and delivery of traffic in the siding, 2513-2515. Freight charges, 2516. Siding charges, 2517-2518. Register of siding charges, 2519. Accountal of siding charges, 2520-2521. Sumps and plot facilities within the station yard, 2522, Public sidings, 2523.


Out-Aggrades, City Booking Offices and other Ancillary services

Out-Agency, 2601. List of Out-Agencies, 2602. Working of Out-Agencies, 2603. Booking of traffic from the Out-Agency, 2604-2606. Booking of traffic to Out-Agencies, 2607. Transfer of consignments from Out-Agency to the serving station, 2608-2609. Transfer of consignments from serving station to Out Agency, 2610�2611. Out-Agency charges, 2612. Collection of wharfage charges, 2613. Accountal of traffic booked to and from Out-Agencies, 2614. Responsibility of the Out-Agents for fare, freight and other charges, 26f5. Remittance of cash and vouchers, 2616. Grant of refunds at the Out-Agency, 2617. Submission of returns, tickets, etc. 2618-2619. Abstracts of goods forwarded to Government railways (local/ through), 2620. Summary of goods forwarded to Government railways (local/through), 2621. Abstracts of goods received from Government railways (local/through), 2622. Summary of goods received from Government railways (local/through), 2623. Verification of totals of summaries, 2624. Out-Agency bills, 2625-2629. Out-Agency Division Sheets, 2630. City Booking Offices and City Booking Agencies, 2631-2633. Inspection of Out-Agencies/City Booking Agencies, 2634. Collection services, 2635-2640. Street delivery services, 2641-2647.


Station Outstanding

Definition 2701. Origin of cash office disallowances, 2702. Organ of Accounts Office debits, 2703. Time limit for raising debits against stations, 2704. Error sheets, 2705. Advice of internal check, 2706-2707. Accountal and scrutiny of the error sheets, 2708-2714. Acceptance or admitted debits by relieving of other staff before transfer, 2715. Acceptance of admitted debits by relieving or other staff after transfer, 3716-2718, Clearance of admitted debits, 2719. Recovery of admitted debits in cash, 2720. Recovery of admitted debits from pay bills, 2721-2723. Admitted debits outstanding at joint stations, 2724. Transfer of admitted debits to other stations, 2725-2729, Clearance of objected debits, 2730-2732. Objected debits admitted subsequently, 2733. Recovery of debits from staff leaving service, 2734-2735. Origin of freight out standings, 2736, Clearance of freight outstanding, 2737-2738. Origin and clearance of outstanding on account of demurrage and wharfage, 2739. Register of outstanding 2740-2742. Outstanding list, 2743-2744. Measures for preventing accumulation of outstanding 2145. Expeditious clearance of out standings, 2746-2747.


Catering and Vending Services

Scope of catering and vending services and arrangements therefore, 2801-2802. Attention to cleanliness and hygiene, 2803. Covering of thalis and trays containing meals, 2804. Staff employed on catering and vending units. 2805. Quantity and quality of food-stuffs, 2806. Articles authorized for sale and tariff therefore, 2807. Utensils and crockery, 2808. Drinking water, 2809. Cooking media, 2810. Vending at night, 2811. Bills, 2812. Display of advertisements, etc. 2813. Prohibition on communal distinctions, 2814. Bookstalls, 2815. Supervision and Inspection, 2816-2818. Complaints and suggestions, 2819. Supervisory Committees for catering and vending establishments, 2820.

Contractual Gesturing and Vending

Appointment of contractors, 2821-2823. Defaults of the contractor or staff employed by him, 2824. Termination and non-renewal of contracts,' 2S25. Responsibility for recovery of railway dues, 2826-2830.

Departmental Catering and Vending

Objectives, 2831. Organization, 2832-2833. Catering Inspectors, 2834. Central storage  depot, 2835. Classification of stores and other materials, 2836. Procurement of tools, plants and o her equipment, 2837. Procurement of block stock items, 2838. Procurement of consumable articles 2839-2842. Local purchases, 2843. Cash imprest, 2844. Utilization of safe proceeds for local purchases, etc., 2845-2846. Indenting articles from the central storage depot, 2847. Indenting articles from the approved suppliers, 2848. Monthly bills of the approved suppliers, 2849. Stock ledgers, 2850. Debit register, 2851, Loss due to deterioration of consumable stores, 2852. Wastage of cooked food-stuffs, 2853. Monthly stock checking, 2854, Verification of block stock items, tools, plants and other equipment on hand, 2855. Accountal of sales, 2856. Daily abstract of sale proceeds, 2857. Monthly summary of sale proceeds, 2858. Production analysis, 2859. Commission vendors and bearers, 2860. Sale through commission vendors, 2861. Sale through commission bearers, 2862. Sales tax, 2863. Cash book, 2864. Profit and loss account, 2865. Disposal and accountal of empties, 2866.


Commercial and Accounts Inspections

Commercial Inspections, 2901-2902, Object of commercial inspections, 2903. Frequency of inspections, 2904. Inspection by Station Masters, 2905. Inspection by Commercial Officers and Inspectors, 2906, Check of books and documents, 2907. Cleanliness and orderliness, 2908. Duty lists, 2909. Public complaints 2910-2911. Tariffs, manuals and circulars, 2912. Money value books, 2913. Other books, forms and stationery, 2914. Attention to correspondence, 2915. Fluctuation in earnings, 2916. Custody and handling of "cash and travelling cash safes. 2917-2918. Submission of returns, 2919. Preservation of records 2920. Recovery of rant, license fee, etc., 2921. Supply of drinking water, 2922. Licensed Porters, 2923. Public announcement system, 2924, Catering as rending services, 2925. Bookstalls, 2926. Stock of tickets in tubes and store, 2927. Booking Office, 2928, Reservation Office, 2929. Collection of tickets and Ticket Collectors Reports, 2930. Outward goods and parcels and luggage, 2931. Weighing machines and weighbridges, 2932. Reweighraent of consignments, 2933. Inward goods and parcels and luggage, 2934. Check of goods and parcels on hand, 2935. Recovery of wharfage and demurrage charges accrued, 2936. Station outstandings, 2937. Check of pay orders for petty claims, 2938. Checks for goods sheds and luggage and parcel offices, 2939. Additional checks for goods sheds, 2940. Repacking and transhipment sheds, 2941. Commercial Inspection Book, 2942. Commercial Inspection Report, 2943. Submission of the Commercial Inspection Reports, 2944. Accounts Inspections, 2945-2951. Accounts Inspection Book 2952-2953.



Advance statement of gross earnings and traffic handled, 3001-3012. Lease and Licence, 3013-3014. Licensed Porters, 3015. Accountal of Railway Recruitment Board application forms, time tables, tariff and other publication, 3016-3017. Telephones, 3018-3019. Maintenance of accounts at joint stations, 3020. Running power traffic, 3021. Procedure to be adopted in absence of specific instructions on the subject, 3022. Special procedure for booking, delivery, accountal , etc., of traffic at certain larger goods shed and parcel offices, 3023, Alteration in initial documents Ad books, 3024. Use of colored pencils, 3025. Complaint and suggestions, 3026-3028. Commercial advertising at stations, 3029. Stationery, books and forms for use of stations, 3030. Preservation of records, 3031. India-Pakistan traffic, 3032.

Responsibilities of Railway administration as carriers of goods

(Extract from the Railways Act 1989)

General responsibility of railway administration as carrier of goods 3101. Goods to be loaded or delivered at a siding not belonging to a railway administration 3102 Delay or detention in transit 3103. Traffic passing over railways in India and railways in foreign countries 3104. Good carried at owner's risk rate 3105. Goods in defective condition or defectively packed 3106. Responsibility of a railway administration after termination of transit 3107. Responsibility as carrier of luggage 3108. Responsibility as carrier of animals 3109, Exoneration from liability in certain cases 3110. Extent of monetary liability in respect of any consignment 3111. Extent of liability in respect of goods carried in open wagon 3112. Notice of claim for compensation and refund of over charge 3113. Service of notice etc. on railway administration 3114. Deviation of route in carriage of goods 3115. liability of railway administration for wrong delivery 3116. The Railway claims Tribunal 3117. Railways (Extent of monetary liability and prescription of percentage charge) Rules 1990 3118


Appendix  Particulars    
XIV/A Indemnity note (for refund of wagon registration fee)
XIV/B Summary of monthly transactions relating to wagon registration fee deposited, refunded, etc.
XIV/C Ledger account of indents against lump sum deposits
XIV/D Standard bracket label for wagons requiring weigh men� en route
XIV/E Memo of invoices submitted to the Traffic Accounts Office 
XV/A Placement memo
XV/B Release memo
XV/C Register of tally books issued 
XV/D Summary of goods consignments loaded
XV/E Paste-on label 
XV/F Seal Examination Register
XV/G Guard's report on running train theft 
XV/H Register of tarpaulins used
XV/J Register of tarpaulins received and their disposal
XVIII/A Register of notices of arrival issued 
XVII/B Register of invoices received
XVIII/C Certificate for undercharges detected on consignments of steel
XVIII/CI Form 1 (Form of Indemnity Note)
XVIII/CII Form 1-A (Form of Indemnity Note) 
XVIII/CIII Form I-B (Form of Indemnity Note)
XVIII/CIV Form II (General Indemnity Note) (For use of other than Government Departments)
XVIII/C V Form III General Indemnity Note (For use by State Governments)
XVIII/C VI Form IV General Indemnity Note (For use by Ministries or Departments of Central Government)
XVIII/D Register of indemnity notes received and sold 
XVIII/E Gate Pass 
XVIII/F Advice of excess goods unloaded from wagons 
XVIII/G Notice for disposal of excess goods unloaded from wagons 
XIX/A Placement memo for railway coal wagons 
XIX/B Statement of demurrage charges accrued on railway coal wagons
XX/A Diagram showing the link between initial documents, books, returns and balance sheet pertaining  to good traffic
XX/B Goods outward book
XX/C Statement of outward (machine prepared) abstracts 
XX/D Test balance sheet (inward to-pay goods) 
XX/E Certificate of check on the goods outstanding 
XXI/A Register of unconnected Packages/wagons 
XXI/B   Register of undelivered goods
XXI/C Form of a letter for preferring compensation claim
XXII/A Statement of free invoices/way-bills received in the lost property office
XXII/B Statement of lost articles and unclaimed booked consignments delivered at the lost property office. 
XXII/C Statement of lost articles and unclaimed booked consignments rebooked from the lost property office
XXIII/A Wagon Transfer Register in respect of transshipment of goods 
XXIII/B Handling bill for goods/parcels and luggage 
XXIII/C Return of through goods/parcels, handled by the contractor XXIII/D Statement of luggage received in brake van 
XXIV/A  Register of cheques accepted from Civil Departments XXIV/B Register of bank drafts accepted from the parties
XXIV/C Civil credit note
XXIV/D Postal credit note
XXIV/E Treasury remittance note
XXIV/F Consolidated treasury receipt
XXV/A Siding voucher
XXVI/A List of packages made over by Out-Agent 
XXVI/B List of packages made over to Out-Agent 
XXVII/A Statement of errors in goods/coaching account�Error sheet 
XXVII/B Advice of internal check
XXVII/C Debit Advice
XXVII/D Inter-station transfer memo
XXVII/E Credit advice note
XXVIII/A Register of recoveries of electric, water, etc. charges
XXVIII/B Local purchase voucher
XXVIII/C Statement of local purchases 
XXVIII/D Summary of local purchases
XXVIII/E Purchase order 
XXVIII/F Stock ledger of consumable Stories
XXVIII/G Dsbit register (for catering establishment)
XXVIII/H Sales register 
XXVIII/J Monthly summary of sale proceeds
XXVIII/K Production analysis report
XXVIII/L Commission vendor's accounts 
XXVIII/H Cash book (for catering establishments)
XXVIII/N Profit and loss account
XXX/A Advance statement of gross earnings and traffic handled, Part I (Passenger  traffic  including Government Passenger traffic).
XXX/B Advance statement of gross earnings and traffic handled, Part II (Other coaching  traffic including Government and ether coaching traffic).
XXX/C Advance statement of gross earnings and traffic handled, Part III (Goods train &c  earnings)
XXX/D Advance statement of gross  earnings and traffic handled Part IV (Sunday other earnings). 
XXX/E Advance statement of gross earnings and traffic handled, Part VI (Earnings, by important commodities).
XXX/E-I Statement showing details of revenue earning goods traffic booked from The Station 
XXX/F Register of licensed Porters 
XXX/G Statement of licensed fee, etc. collected
XXX/H Issue note (for time tables, tariffs, etc)
XXX/J Statement showing telephone charges
XXX/K Complaint and suggestion book