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EOI (Expression Of Interest) towards entering into tie-up with CGHS empanelled private hospitals for treatment of Railway Beneficiariesof Orthopaedic Hospital, Eastern Railway, Howrah through MOU (Memorandum of Undertaking) on Bill Payment system.





                                                                         Dated 16.03.16

Sub:- EOI (Expression of Interest) towards entering into tie-up

                                            With CGHS empanelled private hospitals for treatment of                             

                                            Rly. Beneficiaries of Orthopaedic Hospital E.Rly. HWH                        

                                            through MOU (Memorandum of Undertaking) on bill                              

                                            payment system.

 Office of the CMS/ER/HWH published a notice in Eastern Railway Website regarding subject matter but there was a lacuna at page 13 of 15 in Terms and Conditions. Sl. No.11 to 14 are missing from the Document. So it is rectified as below.


The empanelled Hospital is responsible for and obliged to conduct all contracted activities in accordance with the Agreement using state-of –the-art methods and economic principles and exercising all means available to achieve the performance specified in the Agreement. The Hospital is obliged to act within its own authority and abide by the directives issued by the Railway. The Hospital is responsible for managing the activities of its personnel and will hold itself responsible for their misdemeanors negligence, misconduct or deficiency in services, if any.


Health Care Organizations that are recommended for empanelment after the initial assessment shall also have to furnish a performance Bank Guarantee valid for a period of 30 months i.e. six months beyond empanelment period to ensure efficient service and to safeguard against any default.

Hospitals/Cancer UnitsRs. 10.00 lac

In case of CGHS empanelled private hospitals already empanelled by Railways, they shall submit a new performance Bank Guarantee after the validity of the existing performance guarantee is over.


In case of any violation of the provisions of the MOU by the health care organizationsempanelled under Railways such as

1Refusal of service.

2Undertaking unnecessary procedure.

3Prescribing unnecessary drugs/ test.

4Over billing.

5Reduction in staff/ infrastructure/ equipment etc. after the hospital has empanelled.

6Non submission of the report , habitual late submission or submission incorrect data in the report

7Refusal of credit to eligible beneficiaries and direct charging form them.

8If not recommended by NABH/NABL/QCI at any stage.

9Discrimination against Railway beneficiaries vis – a-vis general patients. 

The amount of performance Bank Guarantee will be forfeited and the Railway shall have the right to de-recognize the health Care Organization as the case may be. Such action could be initiated of the basis of a complaint, medical audit or inspections carried out by Railway teams at random. The decision of the Railway will be final.


a. The empanelled Hospital shall provide the services as per the requirements specified by the Railway in terms of the provisions of this Agreement. In case of initial   violation of the provisions of the Agreement by the Hospital such as refusal of service or direct charging from the Railway beneficiaries of defective service and negligence  the amount equivalent to 5% of the amount of Performance Bank Guarantee will be charged as agreed Liquidated Damages by the Railway. However, the total amount of the performance Bank Guarantee will be maintained intact being a revolving Guarantee.

b.In case of repeated defaults by the empanelled Hospital the amount of Performance Bank Guarantee will be forfeited and action will be taken a for removing the Health Care Organization form the empanelment  of Railway as well as termination of this Agreement .

c.For over-billing and unnecessary procedures, the extra amount so charged will be deducted from the pending / future bills of the empanelled Hospital and the Railway shall have the right to issue a written Warning to the health Care Organization not to do so in future. The Recurrence, if any, will lead to the stoppage of referral to that particular Health Care Organization or De-recognition from Railways.


Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 27-06-2018