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                                    Signal and Telecommunication Department


The efficient upkeep of Signal and Telecommunication assets is the responsibility of the Signal and Telecommunication Department of the Howrah division in Eastern Railway.

Signaling Systems is for safe and smooth train operations and optimum utilization of line capacity as well. Howrah division is having a number of Signaling assets such as Block instruments, Signal Units, Point machines, Track Circuits, Axle Counters and IPS etc. These vital Signaling systems are essential and come under safety category for safe running of Trains.

Telecommunications plays important role in the division and is associated with Safety Communication, Operational Communication, Administrative Communication system and Passenger Amenities in the station. The passenger amenities provided in the stations are Platform Clocks (Analog and Digital), Public Address System (Manual and Microprocessor based), Train Information Boards, Coach Guidance display boards, At a glance coach guidance display boards and Divisional Train Enquiry system gives various types of information to the passengers. In the security front line, IP based surveillance system plays key role. In addition to these, various data networks like PRS (Passenger Reservation System), UTS(Unreserved Ticketing System)and FOIS (Freight Operations Information System) are being maintained by this division.


Sr. DSTE (Senior Divisional Signal and Telecommunication Engineer) is in charge of the Signaling and Telecommunication Branch of this division. He is responsible to the Divisional Railway Manager for the maintenance as well as the correct functioning of the installations under his charge.He is under the technical control of the Chief Signal and Telecommunication Engineer to whom he is responsible for a technical matters. He will be assisted by a team of officers in different grades.

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Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 10-03-2015