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Section/Sub-section of RTI Act, 2005

Matter to be submitted at this end.

Remarks of this office.


Function of the Department.

(a)Working as the Financial Advisor of the Construction wing of E. Railway (Civil), (Elec.) and (Sing. & Tele.)

(b)Keeping of the Accounts/Budget of the above department – preparation thereof.

(c)Acting as the bill passing wing (Contractors/Staff/Officers) of the above Deptts.

(d)Acting as the Personal Wing of the Construction Accounts Department(Estt.).

(e)Stock verification of the Store Depot.

(f)House Keeping.

(g)Management Information System.



Power and duties of the concerned PHOD and other officers.

(a)FA&CAO(Con) - Overall in-charge of the activities.

(b)FA&CAO(S&C) – Overlooking the survey work, computerisation, store.

(c)FA&CAO(Con)/Proj. – Policy Matter, Administration.

(d)Dy. FA&CAO(Con)/I – Overlooking Finance Estimate, Budget, Stock Verification, Administration.

(e)Dy. FA&CAO(Con)/II – Overlooking Expenditure.

(f)Sr. AFA/Con/Fin-I – Overlooking Finance, Cash Office, Budget.

(g)Sr. AFA/Con/Fin-II- Overlooking Finance.

(h)Sr. AFA/Con/Fin-III – Overlooking Estt. (Gaz. & Non-Gaz.) and Works Register, Effy.

(i)Sr. AFA/Con/Genl. – Overlooking Books, Stock Verification.

(j)Sr. AFA/Con-I/ASN – Overall in-charge of ASN/Con unit [Administration, Books, Budget, Expenditure & Tender Cases.

(k)Sr. AFA/Con-II/ASN – Overlooking Establishment, Effy., Audit and Suspense Sections.

(l)Sr. AFA/Con/BGP – Overall in-charge of BGP Construction Unit.

(m)AFA/Con/P – Overlooking Administration, Expernditure.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 20-08-2014