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  Stores Department

Stores Department, as a separate department made it's beginning in the year 1857 in erstwhile East Indian Railway. It was then headed by General Stores Keeper (GSK). The first GSK was Mr. T. F. Campbell. Subsequently, the designation was changed to Principal Store Keeper (1863-1866), then to Chief Store Keeper (1866-1886) and finally to Controller of Stores.

Store Department is making procurement of Stock/Non Stock items for all the departments required for safe running of train and proper upkeep/ maintenance of Railway assets including rolling stock. It also looks after  proper warehousing of stores purchased and their distribution to various indentors. Stores Department also disposes off scarp generated through various activities in Eastern Railway. At present the stores Department is headed by Controller of Stores and he is assisted by 72 Gazette Officers and 3352 Employees. Annual procurement of material worth Rs 1600 Cr (Approx) is made and on annual sale of Scrap worth of Rs 242 Cr (Approx) is being done.

Eastern Railway has the oldest Printing Press in Indian Railways which was established in 1855 to fulfill requirement of Tickets, Forms & Stationeries.


Function of the Department [4(1)(b)(I)]

Organisation Chart [4(1)(b)(I)] 

Duty List and Contact No [4(1)(b)(II)] 

Decision Making Process [4(1)(b)(III)]


List of Registered Vendors of Eastern Railway

List of Approved Vendors

List of Contracts Awarded

Vendor Development Cell

Eastern Railway has established a single window Registration system for the interested vendors. The vendors , who want to be registered on Eastern Railway can fill up the form as attached and submit the same to:

Sri  V Sekhar


Vendor Development Cell

Stores Department, PCMM Office

Fairlie Place

17 N S Road , Kolkata-1

Contact No- 033-22224825

Registration Form

These are the list of items (Board Categories) being procured by Eastern Railway. The vendors who desires to get themselves registered/approved for supplying above items,should mention the same in the Registration form.

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 07-09-2018