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Function of the Department

Decision making process right from proposal stage to implementation. 

   Specific function of Medical Department-

(a)  provide quality  health* care service;

(b) constant up gradationof curative services in tune withthe latest technologies and within the resources available to Railways.

(c) provide regular C.M.E (ContinuingMedical Education)  inputs to medical and paramedical staff. d) combine efficiency witcourtesy and empathy

(e)establish effective base for disease prevention and health promotion services including industrial health;

(f)  meet the administrative needs of the Indian Railways;

(g)  work for the acceptance of as mall family norm by the staff;

(h)   ensureadequatephysicalstandardoftheemployeesatrecruitmentandduringtheirperiodical check up.

(i) provide and maintain accident relief medical equipment,including first aid boxes,to give prompt relief to passengers injured in railway accidents;

(j)attend the passengers injured or taken seriously ill in trains or at Railway stations, on payment, under certaicircumstances;

(k) providmedical facilities at par with serving employees to those retired Railway employees who have opted to becommemberof the RELH'97; and

(l)  administer medical treatment to outsiders, on payment,under certain circumstances.

A)M&P items:  1. CME/Plg. gives letter to Medical Department for requirement of fund for items under i) GMLS costing not more than 10 lacs & ii) Railway Board level costing more than 10 lacs.

2. Requirement taken from Divisions and CME/Plg. informed about total fund required.

3. After receipt of total fund from CME/Plg. priority list is prepared by CMD & Divisions are informed about selected items.

4. Divisions send their proposal against the selected items after local accounts vetting with 03 budgetary quotations.

5. Sanction of Railway Board through CME/Plg. or General Manager is obtained depending upon the cost of the item after concurrence of HQ/finance. The items appear in next financial year’s law book when it is sanctioned by the competent authority.  GMLS items remain valid for 3 years and Railway board item for 05 years.

6. Concern Division/consignee is asked to send the details specification of sanctioned item along with names of likely suppliers.

7. Requisition is prepared at CMD’s office and HQ/Finance concurrence is obtained.

8. Sent to COS for initiating procurement who issues PO to the firms to supply to the Division with a copy of intimation to CMD.

9. After successful installation, performance certification by Divisions the bills are passed from CMD’s office.

B)   PWP:  GM’s power sanction works under preliminary works programme is upto Rs. 1 cr. for works costing more than Rs. 1 cr. Railway Board sanction is required.  CPDE issues letters to all Divisions and HQ offices for uploading all new works through IRPSM.

GM finally approves the list of works after meeting with all PHODs, DRMs & CWMs.  The works then appears in Law Book after necessary vetting of HQ/Finance.  Separate estimate from Electrical, Civil and S&T side is also prepared and the same is also vetted by HQ/Finance.

For works costing more than Rs. 1 cr. - CPDE issues letters to all Divisions and HQ offices for uploading all new works through IRPSM.  After selection by GM, the selected works are sent to Railway Board, after concurrence of HQ/Finance, through CPDE for final approval of Railway Board. 

C)  Others: 1. User/Consignee initiate details proposal with details specification of items and takes administrative approval of CMD for annual indent of surgical items is prepared by respective Divisions duly vetted by local accounts and send to CMD office for initiating necessary procurement action.

2. Prepares details estimate and obtain local accounts concurrence and send to CMD’s office for HQ/finance concurrence through CMD.

3.  Sanction/approval of AGM/GM as per USOP is obtained and returned to the User/ Consignee for implementation.

4.  Sometimes sent to Railway Board for getting sanction/approval.  


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Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 13-06-2016