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Jamalpur Workshop has the unique distinction of being the only workshop in Indian Railways to deal with all types of rolling stock of Indian Railways viz.



c.Coaches (Bogies)


e.Tower Cars

Except Sl. (c), Jamalpur undertakes manufacturing as well as repair of all 4 types of rolling stocks

The present activities of Jamalpur Workshop are divided in five major categories.

1.Rolling Stock POH

(Diesel Locomotives, Wagon, 140T Crane, 20T Crane, 4W-Tower Cars)

2.Rolling Stock Manufacturing

(Diesel Locomotives, Wagon, 140T Crane, 20T Crane, 4W-Tower Cars)

3.Other Manufacturing Activities

(Jamalpur Jack, ICF Bogies, TC Safes, Brake Beam, Gear Cases for Diesel Locos, HCC Bogies)

4.Other Repair Activities

                     (Loco & Wagon Wheels, CTRB, TC Safe, Diesel and Wagon assemblies and Spares)

5.Laboratory and Testing

Ultrasonic testing, Radiography, NDT & Destructive Testing and M&C Cadre Control

Source : Eastern Railway CMS Team Last Reviewed on: 21-09-2017